Chapter 93: Running Out Of Resources.

A whole day had passed since the human fleet entered the capital circle of the Ochs Empire...

In the orbit of the Planet Ochs, a giant fortress stood which was the base of the Royal Fleet.

The fortress was the culmination of the Empire's technology. They spent 50 years building it and its combat power can be compared to half of the Royal Fleet. If the Royal Fleet and the fortress cooperate in defense, then Lin Fan dare not attack them head-on even with warships with Energy Shields.

Of course, Lin Fan didn't even think about facing them head-on. At the moment, he was commanding the fleet to capture one Modified Life Planet and Resource Planet.

The capital circle where the home base is located is not comparable to other Star Systems. The planets are like a fortress. They are armed with all kinds of weapons, and even after removing most of them, there are still a large number of hidden ones.

But since this will belong to the Federation in the future, Lin Fan did not choose to completely destroy them. Otherwise, they would have to redevelop them and God knows how many years it would take.

With the three Commanders together and relying on mechs and warplanes to implement airborne attacks, they managed to control most of the planets. Not to mention that warships act as artillery units which can be requested by the ground troops at any time.


However, there is still a lot of resistance. In this regard, Lin Fan's order was not to fight hard. After all, they have plenty of time, they could just slowly push further into the territory.

In some of the more troublesome areas, they'll just clear them with warships directly. After all, the lives of their soldiers are still much more important. 


Three days later, the 12 Modified Life Planets and 27 Resource Planets have all been controlled. There was only some sporadic resistance left.

On the 5th day after the battle started, there was no more resistance on the 39 small planets.

At this time, Ramiro in the fortress was red-eyed. He had received several reports every day from the troops on the planets.

Their messages were all a request for help, before finally on the fourth day, all the planets had fallen.

"Damn humans, the 39 planets are given to you, so come over now and let's fight to the death!"

Ramiro mumbled to himself while gritting his teeth as he looked at the tactical screen of the capital circle.

The purpose of the humans was to capture the entire capital circle, so he just had to wait here, and the humans would have to come and fight with him in the end.

Unfortunately, although his idea was good, reality was cruel.

One day had passed and the 39 human fleets were still orbiting around the planets.

Three days passed, and it was still the same.

Ten days have passed, and there's still no movement from the humans.

It had been fifteen days since the war began, and Ramiro could not sit still.

What the hell are these humans doing? They had all the planets under their control, but they hadn't made a single move even after ten days?

"Your Majesty!"

A guard trotted up to Ramiro with some panic.

"What are you doing? What's wrong? Tell me immediately!"

"Yes, a report just came. Due to the supply from other planets being cut off for 15 days, we are about to experience a shortage!"

The Planet Ochs was well protected as it was the capital of the entire Empire, but the planet did not have any industrial bases and did not do any resource mining.

So this problem, that is the lack of energy, food, industrial products, etc., are dependent on other planets in the capital circle to supply it to them.

But now that the transportation chain has been cut off, Planet Ochs has not replenished its resources for fifteen days, and if this continues, problems will start to appear in all areas within a month.

Industrial products are fine, but once energy and food are depleted, the whole planet will be in big trouble.

"What's the rush? This is a time of emergency, tell them to conserve all kinds of resources as much as they can, and try to last with them longer!"


At this moment the annoyed Ramiro obviously hadn't realized Lin Fan's plan. In the forty-second day after the war started...

The guards came to Ramiro once again.

"Your Majesty, it was reported that the energy can still last for a while because it has been used in limited amounts, but the food problem can no longer hold out and we will run out tomorrow."


At this time Ramiro reacted a little bit and seemed to have realized something. But before he could think about it, Piero, the captain of the Emperor and also the Vice Commander of the Royal Fleet, came to him.

"Your Majesty, there is going to be a problem with the supplies on the fleet's side. The various supplies on the fortress currently can only sustain the fleet for another month at most."


The Ochs Empire is currently using nuclear energy, but the raw materials are completely non-existent on Ochs. They need to get it from the Resource Planets within the capital circle.


The problem is that the Resource Planets are occupied by humans, and the transport has already been cut off for a whole month and a half.

Not to mention the planet, even the Royal Fleet will be bound to encounter problems as time passes by. 


One has to realize that the humans have Warp Engines, so it is impossible for their warships to turn off their engines and dock in the fortress. So hundreds of thousands of warships are always in a state of readiness, which consumes huge amounts of energy every day. Under this consumption, the reserve energy in the fortress is only enough to last another month.

"Damned humans, why have they not moved for more than a month? They are clearly bidding time!"

"Your Majesty, we must think of a way to force the humans to fight with us, if we continue to delay this, we will collapse without the humans attacking."

Piero anxiously said to Ramiro.

On the other side, several astronomical units away, inside the bridge of the Uranus.

"Commander Liang, how long do you think they can hold out?"

"Well, according to our previous research on the warships of the Ochs Empire, what they are using is the same as ours before. Currently all of their warships have been in a state of readiness, and without supplies, I don't think they should last more than 3 months."

"But it's been so long, the other side should have understood our intentions, I'm rather curious what kind of countermeasures they will take?"

Lin Fan laughed, in fact, to counteract his shameless strategy, there are ways, just that...

Whatever the solution, Lin Fan had already prepared further countermeasures against them!

"Commander, the opposing fleet is moving out!"

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