Chapter 92: Ramiro Being Played.

Inside the audience room, Ramiro listened to the guard's report, still unperturbed.

"What's their current location?"

"Your Majesty, according to the observatory's report, the human fleet has split into 39 Sub-fleets and is heading towards our Modified Life Planet as well as the resource Planets respectively!"

"Alright, go and get the shuttle ship ready, I will personally take command in the Emperor!"


The guards were a bit dumbfounded, shouldn't His Majesty be furious at this moment and then order the Immediate Guard Legion to attack?

But now... what is this situation? He didn't react much at all!


Although puzzled, the guards immediately followed Ramiro's orders.

The Emperor was a warship that was bought by the Ochs Empire from the Babawi Civilization. It was also Ramiro's seat and the flagship of the Immediate Guard Legion.

The guards moved quickly and prepared the shuttle ship for lift-off in five minutes.

However, opposite to their enthusiasm, Ramiro boarded with a hundred guards without haste. The whole operation took half an hour before they arrived inside the Emperor.

Seeing Ramiro walk into the bridge, the Commander immediately moved towards Ramiro.

"Your Majesty, the humans have currently arrived in orbit around our planets and are targeting the military facilities!"

"No hurry, open the tactical map of the capital circle!"


Soon, a huge tactical map of the capital circle was shown inside the bridge. From the map, it could be seen very clearly that the entire capital circle, except for the Planet Ochs, all the planets had a human fleet in its orbit at this moment.

There are groups of 1000, 2000 and 3000 warships; the 65000 warships were split into 39 Sub-fleets.

Ramiro frowned, what are these humans trying to do?

They are treating him as nothing! How could he tolerate this?

"Since the humans are so confident, let's attack them individually. Order the entire fleet to attack. Target those in the Modified Life Planet – Ochs II."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The entire 205,000 warships sailed in unison, heading towards Ochs II.

Ochs II was very close to their current location. With the speed of their fleet, it would take them less than 2 hours to arrive.

However, when the fleet had just advanced for half an hour, Ramiro noticed from the tactical panel that the 2,000 warships located in Ochs II started to move and tried to flee quickly in the opposite direction of his own.

"Your Majesty, although the speed of our fleet is faster than the human warships, according to the calculation, it will take us at least 30 hours to catch up. Should the Aegis Fleet give chase?"

The Commander bowed to Ramiro and said respectfully. The Aegis Fleet he referred to was the Quasi-level-4 warships bought from the Babawi Empire. Its name was given by Ramiro, and the warships were also given the name Aegis Warships.

Although the ordinary warships of the Immediate Guard Legion are more advanced than the main fleets of the Empire, they are still in the category of a Level 3 Civilization, and their speed is still only 7,000 kilometers per second.

The Aegis Warship is different. Other than for the lack of a Warp Engine, it is already in the category of a Level 4 Civilization. Although the performance of the warship has been nerfed by the Babawi Empire, it is still within the Level 4 Civilization category.

The Aegis Warship is equipped with an anti-gravity engine which allows it to sail without a tail flame. Its speed can reach an appalling one tenth of the speed of light; 30,000 kilometers per second! And this is the nerfed version of the warship! The Babawi Empire's warship can reach speeds up to two tenths of the speed of light.

Hence, although the humans have Warp Engines and Energy Shields, they are still from a Level 4 Civilization in other aspects. At present, they can only be called a Pseudo-Level 4 Civilization.

Hearing the Commander's words, Ramiro fell into thought.

"No, the humans are acting rather strange. I suspect that they are bluffing. The Aegis Fleet can not break off alone and give chase! Order the fleet to turn and head to Ochs IV, see if the human fleet there reacts the same way!"

"As you command Your Majesty."

With that, the entire fleet ignored the fleeing human fleet and started to turn towards Ochs IV!

5AU away, in the orbit of Ochs VII, the Uranus and 3000 warships were stationed there.

Inside the bridge, the virtual figures of Liang Xingchen and Jiang Hai were being projected in front of Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan, it looks like the enemy didn't take the bait."

Liang Xingchen said to Lin Fan with a smile.

In order to avoid chaos in terms of command, the entire battlefield command was currently agreed upon and issued by the three together.

The four fleets that were split into 39 Sub-fleets are under the unified command of this virtual command.

"Well, this is expected. The following would be the main event, waiting for the 37th Sub-fleet to return to Ochs II. At the same time let the 39th Sub-fleet see the right time to bail out!"

Lin Fan's plan can be simply described by one point, I will never engage you.

I'll run when I see you!


Since you don't have a Warp Engine, I'll warp and use the Warp Engine to play with you.

If you stop chasing me and go find another fleet, I'll go back and continue fighting against your planet.

In short, it was either you (the Ochs Empire) separate from your fleet, or you retreat back to Ochs. Now matter how pissed you get, you can't do anything about it!

If you dare to stray too far from the Planet Ochs, I can even mobilize the entire fleet and warp there and destroy your nest!

In the distance, in the flagship of the Immediate Guard Fleet, the Emperor.

At this moment, Ramiro was gritting his teeth in hate. He no longer has the calm disposition from before.

He turned around and went to Ochs IV, but before he got very far, the human fleet went back to Ochs II and started targeting important targets on the surface of the planet while the human fleet on Ochs IV started to run away!

This was too shameless! 


Should he send the Aegis fleet to attack? If they do that, they can definitely catch up.


But the Aegis Fleet is their biggest trump card, Ramiro did not dare to take the risk easily.

"Return the whole fleet to Ochs!"


In the end, Ramiro can only helplessly give such an order, otherwise what else can be done?

He hated humans so much and wanted to destroy them, but the latter won't even face them. It was impossible to engage in combat!

Ramiro has already seen the humans' intentions, but he can't do anything about it. 

Would he spend dozens of hours chasing thousands of warships? And once they have been led far away, won't the humans attack their nest – Ochs? 

Ramiro believes that there is no need to consider the above!

In this regard, he can only curse the enemy's shamelessness.


Fine, the outer planets are all yours, but once you have taken them, you will eventually have to come to Ochs, so I will wait for you there!

More than half an hour later, the fleet led by Ramiro returned to the giant fortress in Planet Ochs' orbit.

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