Chapter 94: It Worked!

An hour before, Planet Ochs, in the orbital fortress.

"Your Majesty, we must think of a way to force the humans to fight us, if we delay any longer, we will collapse before the humans attack."

Piero said eagerly to Ramiro.

"Piero, what do you have in mind?"

"Your Majesty, I've read the report on the humans' capture of our other planets and found that the humans seem to value casualties and would rather advance slowly. They ensure an extremely low casualty rate!"

"Good, this should be related to the small number of humans, after all, they have been suppressed by us on their planet for a long time, so their population is naturally large."

Hearing Piero's words, Ramiro nodded his head.

"Yes, I think so too, so I think we can take advantage of this!"

"Hmm? Tell me, how exactly would you do that?"

"Your Majesty, currently all humans have a large number of ground troops on the planets, take Ochs II for example, there are at least hundreds of thousands of human troops there, we can take a gamble and attack there!"

Ramiro considered this suggestion and found that there were still a lot of problems with it.

For example, it would take nearly 2 hours for the Royal Fleet to arrive, that would be enough time for the humans to withdraw all their troops to the warships and leave. They would hurt no one other than themselves!

Also, if the whole fleet goes to Ochs II, once the other side warp and directly attack the fortress as well as Planet Ochs, then the Royal Fleet is as good as done.


Piero looked at Ramiro. He understood Ramiro's concerns, and continued to speak.

"Your Majesty, we can pretend to strike in anger, then when the human fleet flees, we pretend to chase the humans instead of rushing directly to Ochs II. That way, the humans will not think that our target is Ochs II, and they will not withdraw their ground troops. Instead they would choose to try and lead us away like they did the first time."

"I see, what you mean is that we pretend to chase the human fleet first, then seek the right moment to suddenly turn towards Ochs II so that the humans don't have time to pick up their troops back to the warships? But there is another problem, when we are 2 hours away from the fortress, what if the human fleet directly attacks the fortress as well as Ochs II?"

"Your Majesty, this is a gamble on whether the humans will warp directly to Ochs II and fight us for the sake of their people, or whether they will abandon their people and leap to Ochs while they have the chance! This is the only gamble we can take at the moment, because in another month, we won't have the capital to gamble even if we want to!"

Ramiro understood that what Piero said is correct, while they still have the chance, they should gamble. Otherwise, in due time, they would not be able to do so.


Also, based on the humans' behavior from before, the probability of winning this gamble is not small.

"Okay, we'll gamble. If we lose, at most we'll meet death. If the Ochs people die, they die standing, never on their knees!"

Ramiro fiercely stood up, his eyes flashing with a fierce light.

"Piero, go and get ready, the entire Royal Fleet will depart in one hour."



An hour later, back inside the bridge of the Uranus.

"Commander, the Ochs Empire's fleet is moving out, they are targeting Ochs II."

"Looks like the other side is going to make a move, and it's the stupidest of the five counter tactics!"

"Liang Xue, pass the order to the 37th Sub-fleet, follow the 3rd scheduled plan!"


The 37th Sub-Fleet is composed of the 1st Sub-Fleet of the Federation's 1st Fleet as well as the 2nd Sub-Fleet, with Chris as the frontline commander. Lin Fan knew from the beginning that there was a high possibility that Ochs II would be the key to the battle, so he placed Chris, whom he was most at ease with, there.

It is worth mentioning that of the ten squads within the 1st Sub-fleet, in addition to Emma, there is another acquaintance assigned there, that is, Li Cangdou.

After returning to the academy several years ago to further study in the command department, he returned to the First Fleet three years ago, and in these three years he became a Commander (rank), with only a squad size fleet.

Emma, on the other hand, already has become a Captain (rank), and will likely be promoted to Rear Admiral after this battle, becoming the Commander of a Sub-fleet.

Orbiting Ochs II, the 37th Sub-Fleet.

"Commander, latest orders!"

"Read it!"

"The enemy's main force is coming, follow the 3rd scheduled plan!"

Hearing the Adjutant's report, Chris' eyes up.

After so many days, the time had finally come to have a showdown.

"Order the ground troops to execute immediately according to the 3rd scheduled plan!"


On Ochs II, hundreds of improvised bases have been established during this period of time, and these bases rang out the assembly order at this time! 

All the base leaders received the order from Chris, execute the 3rd scheduled plan!

"Quickly, quickly, all people move quickly, you only have half an hour. Those who dares to fall behind, do not blame me if I personally send you to court martial!"

Shouts like this kept ringing out in every base, and at this moment, everyone's tactical wristband had already displayed the content of the 3rd scheduled plan, so everyone acted quickly.

Half an hour later, a large number of mechs came out of the simple hangars in each base and came to the various defensive lines of the base in a ready-for-battle posture.

Meanwhile, the orbiting 37th Sub-fleet's 2,000 warships began to evacuate in the opposite direction of the Royal Fleet. The Fleet First circled around Ochs II and using the planet's gravity to make an acceleration, they broke away from Ochs II to quickly escape!

The Royal Fleet of the Ochs Empire, in the flagship the Emperor.

"Your Majesty, the human fleet is starting to withdraw!"

"Have they picked up their ground troops?"

"No, Your Majesty, we have not detected any objects within the planet breaking through the atmosphere into space, nor has the radar detected any targets rendezvousing with the human fleet!"

"Very well, the humans should still think we gonna be doing the same thing as we did a month or so ago. Now, let the show begin as scripted, the fleet shall pursue the human fleet at full speed!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

With that, the Royal Fleet also began to accelerate, chasing towards Chris' 37th Sub-fleet at maximum speed!

At this moment, both Lin Fan and Ramiro were looking at the tactical screen, smiling faintly, and the same words echoed in their minds!

"It worked!"

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