Chapter 38: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 1).

At the edge of the Asteroid Belt, Area 016.

Except for the Warships that's currently in a mission, the remaining 15,000 Warships of the Fourth Fleet have all assembled here.

The transport ship that Wood had hijacked was already in sight, but the Fourth Fleet had to stop because at this moment, the Ochs fleet hidden in the asteroid belt has exposed themselves and blocked the Fourth Fleet.

Such a big Fleet totalling 30,000 Warships managed to pass through the Asteroid Belt without the Mars Base knowing? There are a large number of detectors deployed by the Federation in the Asteroid Belt, so how...?

"Scott Family..."

Inside the Flagship of the Fourth Fleet, Liang Xingchen gritted his teeth.

Liang Xingchen would not believe it even if he's killed that he Scot Family isn't the one that did this. Moreover, Wood’s rescue of Doren already made it blatantly obvious that the Scott Family has sided with the enemy.

"Commander, if we fight with the 30,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire here, the chances of winning are low!"

Liang Xingchen's Adjuntant, Jiang Hai, said with some worry.

"I understand. However, at this point, this is no longer a rescue mission but rather the fate of the Federation lies on this battle. If we can't defeat them here, the Ochs Empire can continuously reinforce their Fleets and more will arrive. By then the Federation will be over..."

Liang Xingchen could understand very clearly. Although the Scott Family could only make 30,000 Warships arrive undetected, which shows that the Scott Family does not have enough power inside the Mars Base to let all the Ochs Empire Fleet pass, but the Ochs Empire is no longer hiding and exposed themselves. Meaning that the Ochs Empire could continue sending backup Fleets.

Based on the Fleet speed of the Ochs Empire and the current distance between Jupiter and Mars, Liang Xingchen calculated that the opponent's backup fleet would arrive in 42 hours.

In other words, the Fourth Fleet must defeat the Fleet in front of them within 30 hours in order to have enough time to prepare against the backup Fleets and gain a chance!

If they are in the Asteroid Belt at this moment, Liang Xingchen is very confident about defeating the 30,000 Ochs Empire Fleet in 30 hours.

But with their current position, the odds of winning are not very big, even if they win, they will definitely be disabled, let alone fight the opponent's backup Fleet.

But can he retreat? Obviously not, once mankind loses the Asteroid Belt, there will be no more place where they can defend, and the Federation would just wait to perish.

He has to admit that Adam really played this very beautifully. Not only did he rescue the Ninth Prince, but he also broke the stalemate on the frontline that has been in existence for 7 years.

"Jiang Hai, let the first to fifth squadrons form an assault formation and turn to Area 010! Give me a breakthrough!"

"Commander, but that direction is!"

Jiang Hai widened his eyes and looked at Liang Xingchen with a shocked expression. What's in that direction? That is the direction of Wood's transport ship.

As Liang Xingchen’s Adjuntant, he obviously knew that the Commander’s daughter is currently on the transport ship, and it would be difficult to guarantee that the transport ship would not be injured by the full breakthrough of 5,000 Warships.

"Stop talking, this is not the time to think about my daughter, execute the order!"


After he finished speaking, Liang Xingchen closed his eyes in pain, and whispered in a voice that only he could hear.

"I can only hope that the importance of the Ninth Prince is great."

This is a gamble, but for Liang Xingchen, which time is not a gamble in the war against the Ochs Empire?

Their equipment is not comparable, their quantity is not comparable, and every time they can only rely on the Asteroid Belt and use various tactics!


At Earth's Federation Presidential Palace, the sudden incident at the Mars Base has also reached Lin Zhen's ears at this moment.


In the office, Lin Zhen slammed the table heavily!

Originally, he just thought that the Scott Family infiltrated the Fourth Fleet just to seek greater power, but what is this?!

"Ed, immediately arrest everyone in the Scott Family. Be sure to figure out within 30 hours what they are doing and why was the Ochs Empire able to avoid our monitoring in the Asteroid Belt."

"I'll go right away!"

"Remember, you are permitted to use any means, the sooner we make them speak, the greater the chances we will survive this crisis."


Seeing Ed walking out, Lin Zhen was lost in thought. There were still many doubts in the whole matter.

The thing that puzzles Lin Zhen the most is, since they rebelled, why do the main members of the Scott Family still stay on Earth? Waiting to get caught?

It seems that only by bringing them back and prying their mouths can the answer be known.

However, what Lin Zhen didn't know was that there was already a mess in the Scott Family at this moment!

Obviously, they, who are powerful figures in the army, have also received relevant information.

But they obviously only arranged Wood and some cronies to give Doren a chance to escape and not actually 'help-help' him escape. And then they were going to put the blame on Liang Xingchen's head. After that, Liang Xingchen would get stripped off his position and the Scott Family would replace him from someone in their family.

Why did Wood rescue Doren, and escaped with hin?

Furthermore, the Family blocking the Asteroid Belt was purely to allow Doren to escape smoothly. So when did it become a rebellion and lead the Ochs Empire's path?

"Court it be that Wood...?"

Harvey Scott, the head of the Scott Family thought of something. Speaking of which, Wood proposed the whole plan and he was the one in charge.

Immediately afterwards, Harvey thought of another event seven years ago, and a more terrifying guess appeared in his mind.

"So it turned out to be like this, Wood, hahaha, I didn't expect my Scott Family to be destroyed in the hands of my son, hahaha!"


Just when everyone looked at the Patriarch who suddenly just started laughing wildly and didn't know why, the door was knocked open!

"Put your hands up high, do not move!"

A large number of heavily armed personnel rushed in and soon took control of the Scott Family.

"Harvey, see what good things you did?!"

After Ed came in, he punched Harvey directly!

"Ed...If you think I did it, will I be here waiting for you to catch me? I want to fight for power, but I would never betray the Federation nor betray humans!"

"Then is it a fake that Wood rescued Doren, kidnapped Liang Xue and led the Ochs Empire Fleet?"

"No, I will tell you the whole thing now, I hope it's still not too late."


Ten minutes later.

"This is how the whole thing happened, I have nothing to hide!"

"Then how do you explain Wood's behavior? And how do you explain that the Ochs Fleet used your arrangement to send the 30,000 Warships directly to our side?"

"I just figured this out! Do you remember how Wood returned to the Scott Family back then?"

Hearing Harvey's words, Ed's eyes suddenly widened, and a chill rose from his back!

"Could it be said that that was actually 7 years ago?"

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