Chapter 39: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 2).

Asteroid Belt Area 027, at the Flagship Uranus' bridge.

"Reporting, the main force of the Fourth Fleet is exchanging fire with the Ochs Empire Fleet in Area 016."

"Notify the Fleet and turn to Bearing 070."


"Use the No. 7 secret line to send a message, the content is as follows, 'Meet at Area 019'."


Although the staff had some doubts like is there reinforcement in Area 019, but since the Commander didn’t say anything, then they shouldn’t ask and just execute the order!

At this moment, on the main battlefield of Area 016, 5000 warships of the Fourth Fleet have formed a close formation, attacking at high speed in the direction of the transport ship.

This was a bit unexpected by Cody, the commander of the Vanguard Fleet of the Ochs Empire. After all, he had heard that Liang Xingchen’s daughter was on the transport ship. He thought that humans would not dare to focus on this direction that's why only 2,000 Warships were deployed.

While Cody was still hesitating whether to dispatch a Fleet to support the left side, the assault Fleet sent by Liang Xingchen had already opened fire.

The assault of 5000 ships against 2000 ships instantly caused the Ochs Empire to lose more than 200 Warships, and from time to time, energy bombs would flash past the transport ship that was escaping at full speed.

This scene made Cody's heart tremble. If the transport ship was hit, the Ninth Prince will be killed and they would not escape the fate of being executed by the Emperors even after they destroy humanity.

As a last resort, he arranged 10,000 Warships to support the left side, and the remaining Warships of the original left side were ordered to cover the transport ship as it left the battlefield and evacuate in the direction of Jupiter.

A few minutes later, the remaining 900+ Warships began to escort the transport back slowly, while the 10,000 Warships supporting from the center filled in the gaps and took on the five squadrons that came in by surprise.

At this moment, the battlefield has been divided into two. One is the right front of the Fourth Fleet. There are five squadrons that currently have approximately 4,700 warships, against the 10,000 warships of the Ochs Empire.

While the other is the main battlefield in the center. The main force of the Fourth Fleet is 10,000 warships, and it is battling against the 18,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire.

"Order the Assault Fleet to turn to Area 050 and make a roundabout arc!"


At the center, the fleets of both sides had drawn up their stance to bombard each other fiercely, but this was not something that could be decided in a short time. Moreover, Liang Xingchen do not expect the conventional bombardment to achieve them victory, the key now was whether the enemy fleet on the right front would take the bait.

The Assault Fleet received Liang Xingchen's order and immediately diverted its course, and started arcing towards the direction of Area 050.

This position is quite good. Why is it good? Because after the arc has passed, it will pass the 10,000 Warships ahead and go behind the escaping transport ship.

After discovering this situation, Cody also immediately ordered the 10,000 Warships on his left to turn around and catch up, biting the tail of the human fleet.

"Reporting, the 10,000 enemy ships in the direction of 010 have begun to turn, and they are biting the tail of the Assault Fleet. Once they are destroyed, the situation will become very bad."

"En, I know. Order the Main Fleet to abandon the frontal enemy, and also turn to 050 and hit them from behind."

After seeing the actions of the Main Fleet of the Fourth Fleet, Cody was a little dazed. What the f_ck is Liang Xingchen doing? Is he just going to expose his back just to chase after his side Fleet?

Indeed, if Liang Xingchen bites the tail of the 10,000 Warship, the Main Fleet led by Cody would alo turn and chase the tail of the Fourth Fleet.

However, what Cody did not expect was that the original 5000 warships that the Fourth Fleet initially used for assault did not actually continue chasing after the fleeing transport ship in an arc detour, but instead continued to fly in an arc until they circled back and biting the tail of the Main Fleet led by Cody.

Then a strange scene appeared. The battlefield formed a circle, and a total of 4 fleets on both sides were biting and chasing each other.

The Assault Fleet of the Fourth Fleet has 5,000 warships and is chasing after the 18,000 Warships led by Cody.

The 18,000 Warships led by Cody chased Liang Xingchen's Main Fleet if 10,000 Warships.

Liang Xingchen’s Main Fleet is chasing the 10,000 Warships that originally intercepted the Assault Fleet.

Then finally, the 10,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire chased the 5,000 Warships of the Assault Fleet.

The scene looked like four snakes biting the tail of each other, and the situation soon fell falling into a pure war of attrition.

"Commander, our number is smaller than that of the opponent, if we continue this war of attrition, it would be unfavorable for us!"

"I understand, but for the time being, follow my orders!"

Jiang Hai was very confused at this moment, why did the Commander want to engage in a war of attrition with the opponent. Now, they can't retreat even if they want to.

The four Fleets chased each other and none one wants to withdraw. That's because when they turn, they will inevitably expose their sides to the enemy Fleet behind them. In war, what does it mean to expose the sides of the Fleet? It means being freely bombarded by the enemy.

By maintaining this kind of a war of attrition, the Fourth Fleet will not lose immediately and it could be able to last for a long time - dozens of hours.

After all, the total number of Warships of the Fourth Fleet is still almost half compared to the opponent's fleet, and they will eventually be wiped out by the opponent's Fleet. Even if they're not, dozens of hours later, the backup Fleet of the Ochs Empire would already arrived on the battlefield. By then, the Fourth Fleet would not be able to escape the fate of complete destruction.

"The chessboard is set, it's up to you now, Lin Fan!"

Liang Xingchen spoke softly with a voice that only he could hear.

Without the pursuit of the Fourth Fleet, the transport ship hijacked by Wood and the 900 Warships that's escorting Wood flew unimpeded in the direction of Jupiter.

"Your Highness, the Fourth Fleet has been blocked by the Empire's fleet, and no one can pursue us anymore."

"En, Adam did a good job this time! You also did very good, what kind of reward do you want?"

"Your Highness, if I can, I want this woman!"

While speaking, Wood pointed to Liang Xue who was still tied on the side.

"This woman? Okay, I'll give her to you!"

Doren glanced at Liang Xue and agreed without thinking about it much. After all, the appearance of human beings is inconsistent with the aesthetics of the Ochs Empire.

Doren even cursed Wood in his heart for wasting his reward for such an ugly female creature.

Meanwhile, Wood looked at Liang Xue smug. He has been greeding over Liang Xue for a long time, just that be endured it until now that he got an opportunity.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Liang Xue stared at Wood with murderous eyes.

But the more Liang Xue was like this, the more it seemed to satisfy Wood's abnormal psychology, and the more evil the smile on his face became!

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