Chapter 37: Liang Xue's Crisis.

At this time, Wood was already one step into the ship. He slowly turned his head and found that it was Liang Xue who was questioning him.

"Adjutant Liang, this is requested by the research lab to be sent to the headquarters, I also don't know what it is!"

"Nonsense, the research lab has always been in a 3S level confidential state. If you don't know what it is, they won't let you send it!"

"Adjutant Liang, I really don't know. Why don't you check what it is?"

Looking at Wood, who looked aggrieved, Liang Xue was puzzled. Did the research lab really send something out? Then why doesn't Wood know what it was?

Although Liang Xue was very puzzled, Wood's expression seemed genuine. So without much precaution, Liang Xue walked into the transport ship.

"Wood, is this the box?"

"Yes, this is it. As for what it is, I really don't know. You have to ask the research lab."

Seeing that Wood did not look like he was lying, Liang Xue stretched out her hand to open the lid of the box, but she suddenly felt pain in the back of her neck and fainted 

After knocking out Liang Xue, Wood immediately closed the hatch.

"Dead woman, you brought yourself to the door!"

"Your Highness Doren, you can come out now, thank you for your hard work!"

Wood opened the lid of the box and immediately flattered 

"Why didn't you kill her?"

Doren heard what happened just now in the box, and he almost thought that the escape plan had failed.

As soon as he came out, he wanted to kill this human woman who caused him fear and uncertainty.

"His Highness, please calm down your anger, this woman is of great use, he is Liang Xingchen's daughter, and she can be used as our card on the way just in case!"

"Huh? Liang Xingchen's daughter?"

"Yes! She is very useful."

"Okay, then keep her. Alright, can we go now?"

"Yes, we will set off now! Your Highness, please follow me."

They then came to the bridge. There were 9 people in the bridge, but one of them was lying in a pool of blood. It was the original captain of the transport ship.

After dragging the corpse of the captain away, Doren sat in the captain's seat, with Wood standing beside him. As for Liang Xue, she was just thrown on the floor on one side.

"This is transport ship number 0287. We have completed our transport task. We need to return. Waiting for sailing approval."

"Transport ship number 0287, your ship's return has been confirmed, you can leave the dock!"

Everything went as planned. 

The transport ship will leave and return according to its mission, that's why the monitoring did not have the slightest doubt and approved.

As the engine started, the transport ship slowly left the Starport and headed towards the Mars Base headquarters. However, after traveling a certain distance, it suddenly changed its course and flew towards the asteroid belt.

At this time, Lin Fan was processing documents in his office when suddenly the alarm sounded!

At the same time, Lin Fan's communicator also rang. Lin Fan saw that it was Will, his chief of staff, calling.

"Will, what happened?"

"Reporting to the commander. Doren bas escaped. Two guards died, and 4 crew members were also killed in the surveillance room of the base!"

"What? Have you called the monitoring and checked?"

"It has been checked. The monitoring shows that 20 minutes ago, Staff Officer Wood and two other people walked out of the guard room with a box, and finally boarded a transport ship numbered 0287 in the Starport, which has already left the port."

"Get the fleet ready for departure!"

"Yes! Commander, there is one more thing that I need to report to you!"

"Say it!"

"According to the monitoring, when Wood and the others carried the box on the transport ship, they were stopped by Adjutant Liang, then Adjutant Liang walked into the transport ship, and never came out again..."


At this time, Lin Fan was really furious, Liang Xue is like his reverse scale. 'Wood, don't you dare do something to Liang Xue!'

"Will, gather the fleet immediately. Prepare for the attack in the shortest time."


After cutting off the call, Lin Fan contacted Liang Xingchen as he was walking out.

"Lin Fan, what happened there? I received a notice saying that the first-level combat readiness alarm was sounded in the Starport?"

"Commander, Doren has escaped with Wood Scott's assistance. They are currently on the transport ship numbered 0287, less than ten minutes away from the port."

"What? Damn that Scott Family! I have already arranged so many people to monitor them and this still happened?!"

"Commander, there is one more thing. According to the monitoring, Liang Xue should have been caught on the ship by them too!"

"You say it again, who did they catch?"

"Commander, it's Liang Xue!"

"Lin Fan, listen, no matter what you use, you have to rescue Liang Xue for me."

"Understood, I will definitely rescue her, but Commander, I hope that the Fourth Fleet will also be ready to attack. Now that we know that the Scott family is connected with the Ochs Empire and they helped rescue Dorren, I believe Adam will definitely be waiting in the asteroid belt."

"Alright, I will arrange the preparation of the Fleet right now. In the meantime, you catch up with them immediately and stop them!"


Three minutes later, Lin Fan had arrived at the dock and walked into the Flagship Uranus.

"Depart the Fleet immediately! Report the current position of the transport ship."

"Reporting, the transport ship is currently heading towards Area 016. The maximum speed of this type of transport ship is only 1,000 kilometers per second. According to the speed of our Fleet, it can be intercepted in half an hour."

"Area 016 is on the edge of the asteroid belt. I suspect that the Ochs Empire must have arranged a response force in the asteroid belt. Adjust the course, and let the Fleet advance to Area 027."

"Commander, Area 027 and Area 016 are not in the same direction."

"That's an order!"


Lin Fan knows very well that a Fleet rescuing Doren will definitely not have less than a few hundred warships. So if he rushes directly to Area 016, his 100 warships will definitely not win and they would get completely destroyed. And, Liang Xue would not be saved.

Therefore, Lin Fan needs to take a detour and Liang Xingchen's cooperation.

Lin Fan did not directly communicate this plan with Liang Xingchen yet. After all, he didn't know whether the Scott Family still has an eye watching. So Lin Fan edited a plan and directly transmitted it to Liang Xingchen's personal communicator.

At this time, inside the transport ship number 0287.

"Reporting, there is a message from the inside. The Fourth Fleet has been dispatched, and it is expected to intercept us in 40 minutes!"

"Hehe, in 40 minutes? It's too late, by then we will already have rendezvous with Lord Adam's fleet in 30 minutes. But I'm very curious, why didn't Lin Fan catch up? Could it be that you didn't mean much to him? What do you think Lady Liang?"

Wood jokingly looked at Liang Xue, whose hands and feet were tied up and and a gag in her mouth. Ever since she had woken up, she was glaring at Wood.

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