Chapter 36: Incoming Crisis.

The laboratory was full of joy.

Lin Fan looked at the excited crowd and also felt moved.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, oil has become the lifeblood of mankind. However, hundreds of millions of years of the oil accumulated on the entire planet have been squandered by mankind in just a hundred years.

After the emergence of nuclear energy, mankind entered a new era. The oil crisis slowed down. However, the use of nuclear energy still has serious limitations and hazards.

After mankind entered the age of nuclear energy, there have been many accidents, and every accident is enough to scare everyone.

Therefore, human beings need a clean, safe and nearly permanent energy source, so the theory of nuclear fusion was put forward, and it was immediately sought after by mankind as the ultimate energy source.

But it is a pity that theory is just a theory, and it is still a long way to go if it is to be applied in practice. After more than a hundred years, mankind still cannot open the door to nuclear fusion and step into it.

It was only until this moment that mankind has officially entered the age of nuclear fusion.

Its significance is not weaker than that of human beings entering the Interstellar Age.

Soon, the report of the successful nuclear fusion was placed on Lin Zhen's desk.

At the moment, Ed Campbell was also sitting in front of Lin Zhen's desk.

"Lin Zhen, as long as this news is released, you will definitely secure the re-election the next year!"

Yes, you've read that right, there is an election. In order to maintain policy continuity in the Federation, each term of the President is 12 years, and can be re-elected for up to 3 terms. Lin Zhen’s first term is one year away.

The success of nuclear fusion is definitely boost for his re-election, not to mention that the main researcher is his son. As long as this matter is made public, then absolutely no one can prevent Lin Zhen from being re-elected!

"I didn't expect this brat to be so skillfull to be honest, I can't understand him anymore!"

"Okay, don't sell yourself short when you've got the advantage. Now, the problem is stepping up the Helium-3 Mining Program on the Moon."

"This has already been arranged, don't worry. I am more worried about the Scott Family, and their actions have been weird recently!"

"Hmm... the Scott's? I also received some news recently. They seem to have arranged a lot of people to go to the Fourth Fleet. They look like they are going to do something!"

"I think so too, that's why Liang Xingchen and I specially arranged a group of people to monitor those who entered the Fourth Fleet from the Scott Family, but nothing has been discovered in the past few months."

"I really hope that we are just overthinking!"

"I hope so!"

It is true that the Scott Family has been very active recently. And their purpose is to control the Fourth Fleet. Therefore, they have used a large number of connections to transfer a large number of people in the family to the Fourth Fleet.

Of course, Liang Xingchen is not stupid. After discovering the actions of the Scott Family, he immediately took action with Lin Zhen. At the same time, he put all these people in non-powerful positions and also arranged a large number of people to monitor them.

It's a pity that the two of them still didn't know that the Patriarch of the Scott Family was fooled and already became pawns on of the much bigger enemy...

Six months later.

At this moment, the Federation is thriving. A large number of Nuclear Fusion Reactors have been established, and the original nuclear power plants have been dismantled. Mankind now has clean and safe energy.

To add to that, due to the low cost but high output power, it directly led to a sharp drop in electricity bills, even to the point where the Federation is considering whether citizens will no longer charge for electricity use, and only charge corporations and companies. That's how cheap it is!

As for the research team led by Bai Zixuan, success has also been reported in the past six months. The long-distance warp test of the Warp Engine has come to an end, and it is no longer far away from the finalization and actual installation.

And tested together with the Warp Engine was the Quantum Communication Technology. The effect was perfect. During the test, more than 10 light years away, communication can still be carried out without delay. Such an effect is gratifying.

At the same time, the Warship version of the Nuclear Fusion Reactor has also been designed, and the first prototype is being manufactured. It will soon enter the testing phase.

Everything seems to be moving in a better direction. However, everyone did not notice that a huge crisis is approaching.

Mars Base, the station of the 101st task force, the detention room.



The two guards looked at the man in front of them who just shot them with wide eyes, before finally falling unwillingly in their pool of blood.

Wood Scott took two cronies of the Scott Family and came outside the cell. They entered the code and opened the cell door.

"His Royal Highness, I was arranged by Lord Adam to rescue you back to your home planet, please leave with me!"

Looking at Wood in front of him, Ninth Prince Doren Ochs had doubts.

What's happening? The people in front of me are obviously human!

"His Royal Highness, I have been loyal to the Ochs Empire since 7 years ago. If you have any doubts, please wear this!"

Seeing Doren’s doubts, Wood immediately handed over the device for communicating with Adams.

Seeing this device, Doren knew what it was and skillfully put it in his ear.

"This is Doren!"

"His Royal Highness, This is Adam. Wood can be trusted. He will take you to escape. I am ready to respond in the asteroid belt!"

"Okay, I see!"

Hearing what Adam said, Doren felt relieved and returned the device back to Wood.

"You are good, once we go back, I will certainly reward you!"

"Thank you, but for the time being, I need to be rude with His Highness and I ask you you to please lie down here."

Wood then pointed to a box carried by the two men.

Doren is not comepletely stupid. He knew that he couldn't just walk out like this. Hence, he didn't unreasonably refuse with his pride and nodded and walked towards the box.

After Doren laid in the box and closed the lid, the two men carried the box and followed Wood out.

Along the way, many people greeted Wood, and Wood responded with a smile.

For the past eight months, Wood has been wearing a gentleman and an enthusiastic mask in the Fourth Fleet. He has a very good relationship with everyone.

Of course, there's inevitably someone that would get curious about what Wood was carrying, so Wood had already prepared the answer. It was a test equipment from the research lab and must be brought to the dock for transport immediately.

Ten minutes later, Wood and his men arrived at the dock. The two men then carried the box to a transport ship.

However, just as Wood was about to enter the ship, a question sounded from behind!

"Wood, what were you carrying just now?"

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