Chapter 35: Nuclear Fusion Reactor Activation.

Two months passed in a flash, and it is now 59th year of the Federal Calendar.

In the past two months, the busiest part of the entire Fourth Fleet is the research team led by Bai Zixuan. Currently, the team has more than 2,000 people, and many SSS-class top-secret projects are proceeding in an orderly manner.

First of all, the Warp Engine has undergone more than 3,000 short-range warp tests without any accidents. The first stage of testing has officially ended.

At this moment, Bai Zixuan is intensively preparing for the next phase, the long-distance warp test. The test target is set about 1 light-year outside the Tianyuan Star System.

After all, the Ochs Empire used Star Paths to navigate between Star Systems, so in the vast space outside the Star System, even if the Federation appeared there, it would not be discovered by it.

Secondly, the Gene Enhancement Medicine has also completed the first round of human trials. Although the effect is not as good as what is given to Lin Fan by the System, it still surprised everyone. The physical fitness of all aspects of the people that participated has improved by 120-150% on average, and their lifespan can reach 250-300 years.

The first Nuclear Fusion Reactor has also been manufactured and will be tested soon. If there are no problems, mass construction will begin, and humanity will enter the age of Nuclear Fusion.

Thanks to the Industrial Robot Technology provided by Lin Fan (officially called the Second-generation Industrial Robot in the Federation), whether it the Warp Engine, Nuclear Fusion Reactor or the Energy Shield, once these things are finalized and mass-produced, it would make the process much more efficient and fast.

"Lin Fan, you haven't handed me a memory card for a long time!"

When Bai Zixuan saw Lin Fan and Liang Xue walking into the research center, he immediately walked up and said to them, with a grudge on his face.

Lin Fan smiled helplessly after hearing this. I have not handed you a memory card for a long time? 

"Mr. Bai, aren't you too busy with your projects right now?"


Hearing the subtly in Lin Fan's words, Bai Zixuan's eyes immediately brightened.

But Bai Zixuan did not stare at Lin Fan, and instead was staring at the pocket of Lin Fan's pants. Lin Fan had taken out memory cards at thia same pocket five times already.

Seeing the spot where Bai Zixuan's line of sight was locked, Lin Fan felt helpless...

You're intuition is really scary old man.

"Give it!"

Lin Fan helplessly took out a memory card from his pocket and handed it over.

"Hahaha, I knew you won't let me down, what good stuff is it this time? Is it for attack or defense?"

Lin Fan feels that the changes in Bai Zixuan in the past two months have moved closer and closer to Li Fulai.

"Huh? Quantum Communication? Kid, none of the things you've brought is really simple. But this is just in time we can test it together with the second phase test of the Warp Engine!"

"Mr. Bai, shouldn't you ask for money from Commander Liang first?"

"Yes, I almost forgot!"

Immediately after he said that, Bai Zixuan called Liang Xingchen.

Lin Fan beside him had a smirk, he could already hear the classic line of Old Bai.

Old Bai's line was naturally the, "I, Bai Zixuan, need money and people!" Then  hang up.

It's a pity that Lin Fan suddenly felt a pain in his waist.

Looking at the smirk on Lin Fan's face, Liang Xue naturally knew what Lin Fan was doing, so she stretched out her right hand and pinched Lin Fan's waist, and then rotated it ninety degrees.

'Hiss... My wife, when have you learned such a fatal action?'

"I, Bai Zixuan..."

"Old Bai, you want to ask for money and people, right? What did Lin Fan give this time?"

Before Bai Zixuan finished speaking, Liang Xingchen interrupted him. Lin Fan and Bai Zixuan were both dumbfounded.

Liang Xingchen actually interrupted Old Bai? He interrupted Bai Zixuan's domineering declaration?

Unlike the two, there is one person who is snickering while covering her mouth, and that is Liang Xue.

Seeing what Liang Xue was doing, Bai Zixuan gave Lin Fan a fierce look. His meaning couldn't be more clear. 'Take care of your woman!'

"Ahem, Lin Fan has given a Quantum Communication Technology, and I think you should be very clear about the meaning of it."

"What? Quantum Communication? I'll arrange related professionals to report to you immediately."

After saying that, Liang Xingchen hung up the phone, leaving Bai Zixuan hanging.

Not only he interrupted him, he even hung up?

Looking at Bai Zixuan who was doubting his life, Lin Fan smiled. 

After that, the three of them came to an observation room. Today, Lin Fan came to watch the first start-up test of the Nuclear Fusion Reactor.

Through the huge tempered glass in the observation room, you can see a group of people in white coats being busy around a circular device.

"All lines have been checked!"

"The preparation for energy supply has been completed!"


"The inspection of the gravity field restraint device is complete!"

"Helium-3 has been loaded!"

"Preparation is complete!"

"All personnel leave immediately!"

Various inspection reports continued to be sent in the observation room, Bai Zixuan immediately ordered everyone to evacuate after all the inspections were completed.

Lin Fan and Liang Xue also came to the observation glass wall and looked at the device below.

"Start inputting energy!"

"Yes, energy is being imported, it's currently on 3%, the line is in good condition!"

"37%, no abnormalities!"

"89%, no abnormalities!"

"100%, Nuclear Fusion Reactor energy input is complete!"


"Yes, the Nuclear Fusion Reactor has been activated!"

When the Nuclear Fusion Reactor was activated, the large amount of energy that was inputted just now was exhausted in an instant, and then blue light appeared on the device.

At this moment, Bai Zixuan is a little nervous while staring at the Nuclear Fusion Reactor below without blinking.

The only one who is not nervous is probably Lin Fan. Is he not afraid of the failure of the things given by the system? No, because it's impossible for it to fail? Unless Bai Zixuan changed the design or cut corners in the production!

As time passed, the blue light in the Nuclear Fusion Reactor became brighter and brighter, and finally it turned into a blue ball that's about a meter in diameter.

"Reporting, activation is complete, the reactor is currently operating stably!"

"Don't relax, you have not completely succeeded, measure the power output immediately, and start timing!"

"Yes, the current power output is 100,000 kilowatts and it is rapidly climbing!"

"900,000 kilowatts, still increasing...3 million kilowatts...9.8 million kilowatts."

"Reporting, the power output has finally stabilized at 9.8 million kilowatts."

"Okay, the power output has reached the design standard. Let's see if it can be maintained. The highest human record has only lasted more than 200 seconds."

There is still this one last step. As long as it can be maintained for 1 hour, it can be confirmed that there is no problem.

And this waiting is definitely a torment for Bai Zixuan and others. Everyone is nervously staring at the constant feedback data on the testing equipment.

As the sound of the timer rang, one hour had passed. At this moment, the people present felt like a few years had passed.


After one exclaimed this word, it caused a chain reaction and the laboratory soon rang out loud cheers!

"We did it!"

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