Chapter 34: Traitor.



[Completed Task: Shock the audience with your speech, various kinds of formation]!

[Obtained Quantum Communication Technology]!



[The shock caused by the host far exceeds the Task Requirements, you have one chance to increase one of your Personal Abilities as a Hidden Reward]!

The next night, Lin Fan finally finished his lecture and the System sounded in his mind. He got the Quantum Communication Technology which can solve the problem of ultra-long-distance real-time communication.

At their peak, the Federation occupied the three Star Systems Proxima, Tianyuan and Barnard, but the timeliness of communication and the efficiency of interstellar voyage have always been the biggest headaches for mankind.

The Warp Engine solved the efficiency problem of interstellar voyage while the Quantum Communication Technology will solve the problem in communication.

For this reward, Lin Fan couldn't be more satisfied.

So the Hidden Reward stunned Lin Fan. According to the instructions of the System, he can choose one of his Personal Abilities to upgrade.

But he only has Mecha Piloting right now, does he even have a choice? Should he upgrade it to S?

In the end, Lin Fan decided to keep it for now and use it later when he needed it.

After their objective was settled, Lin Fan and Liang Xue were ready to return to Mars Base. In the Starport, Li Fulai personally saw them off.

Of course, besides Li Fulai, Emma was also there.

However, Emma didn't say a word to Lin Fan and only whispered something with Liang Xue.

Not only did Lin Fan didn't know what the two talked about, his brain also short-circuited on what he heard after.

"Sister Xue, take care of Lin Fan, I will go to Mars Base next year!"

"Okay, next year I will directly arrange for you to join the 101st Mixed Fleet."

Huh... Lin Fan really felt weird. Although he would like to see the two go along with each other, this situation is still very weird.

After all, the two of them even fought each other fiercely last night. So why did they become good sisters today?!

"Boy, you really have skills, you got it done in one night?"

Li Fulai patted Lin Fan on the shoulder, and whispered.

Before Lin Fan could react, Emma walked over and continued to stun him.

"Hey Lin Fan, you are not allowed to bully Sister Xue, otherwise we'll see what I'll do to you next year when I go there! You hear?"


"Okay, you should go!"

Lin Fan walked into the Uranus with a question mark above his head.

"Wife, what's going on with the two of you?"

"It's nothing, I just went out to chat with Emma last night!"

"What the heck did you guys talk about, why did your relationship change like this overnight?"

"I won't tell you what we talked about, but Emma happened because of your amnesia..."

"I'm sorry!"

Lin Fan didn't know what to say. He could only step forward and hug Liang Xue.

"Alright, there's people waiting, let's hurry to the bridge."

"Okay, you decide how we'll go about."

Although Lin Fan still doesn’t know what Liang Xue and Emma talked about last night, it’s not important anymore, is it? Now it is the best result, there is no need to get to the bottom of everything.

Three days later, the Uranus returned to Mars Base No.27 Medium-sized Orbit Starport. Right after disembarking the ship, Lin Fan saw an unexpected visitor, Wood Scott!

'Strange, why is he here?'

The Scott Family is a big family comparable to the Campbells. The difference is that the Campbell Family's influence is in politics, while the Scott Family's influence is in the Military.

Wood Scott is the son of the current Patriarch and the first heir of the future Scott Family.

The reason why Wood Scott is so famous in the Federation is mainly because of the Scott Family behind him.

It's just that the Scott Family didn't expect that when Wood went to the Academy to spread their fame, he would end up being beaten.

After this incident, the Scott Family used its influence in the military to try and destroy Lin Fan, but they were warned by Lin Zhen and Liang Xingchen before they could actually do it. They didn’t know until then that Lin Fan is actually the President's son.

The one who issued the warning was the current President of the Federation, and the other was the God who's controlling the only main fleet of the Federation.

That's why the Scott Family didn't dare to do any tricks and had to stop what they are planning.

"Lin Fan, long time no see!"

"En, long time no see, why are you here at the Mars Base?"

"This has something to do with you!"


"Well, you know, I grew up under the Scott Family. Being in that environment all the year round, made me proud. I really thought that I was a genius who can compete with Commander Liang. When you defeated me, you've taken me out of the well that had been narrowing my view all my life."

"So you are here in the front line for experience?"

"Yes, I also specifically applied to Commander Liang to join to your fleet. This is the transfer order. Please advise me more in the future!"

Lin Fan took the transfer order and took a look. Liang Xingchen indeed personally signed it.

"There is no problem with the transfer order, welcome to the 101st Mixed Fleet!"

"Yes, thank you Commander!"

Wood Scott stood in a standard military posture and saluted to Lin Fan.

'It seems that he was really woken up from that defeat,' Lin Fan thought in his heart.

After chatting with Wood for a bit, Lin Fan left with Liang Xue.

However, what Lin Fan didn't was that when he left, Wood's expression changed.

Wood then took out a very strange device from his clothes and put it in his ear.

"Lord Adam? This is Wood Scott. I have already sneaked into the base of 101st Mixed Fleet as planned."

"Very well, remember that your first mission is to rescue the Ninth Prince, the second mission is to assassinate Lin Fan, and the third mission is to kidnap Liang Xingchen’s daughter Liang Xue, but if there is a conflict with completing the first mission, the other two can be abandoned, are you clear?"

"Yes, Lord Adam."

"Alright, as long as you complete this mission, I would submit a recommendation to make you an honorary citizen of the Ochs Empire. In the future, when we finish stomping the Federation, I will make you the governor of Earth."

"Yes, thank you Lord Adam, I will definitely complete the mission!"

"Well, that's it!"

After finishing the call, Wood looked fierce.

"Lin Fan, just you wait, as long as there is a chance, I will kill you myself!"

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