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Chapter 33: Rigid.

"Forget the useless knowledge in the textbooks for me!"

When Lin Fan said this, it immediately caused an uproar.

Li Fulai frowned in confusion.

'What the heck is Lin Fan doing? The textbooks are useless? Are you planning to offend people here?'

The other instructors also looked at Lin Fan a little uncomfortable.

'You only done 2 battles, and you came here with such an attitude?'

However, all the types of reactions from the audience were within Lin Fan's expectation.

"Quiet! If you have any opinions or ideas, you can raise it after the lecture. As for those that want to deny what I just said, then I can only say that you are sitting on a well and only watching the sky from the limited opening. That's basically closing off your mind and you do not want to make progress."

"Anyways, what we are going to talk about today is Fleet Formation, which is also the most basic quality a commander should have. Again, the current information in the textbooks can be thrown into the trash can."

"First of all, what do you think a formation is? Who can answer? You, the student right there!"

Lin Fan looked at the student who was in the middle of the audience that had raised his hand.

"Reporting, a formation is to maximize the effect of the number of Warships, and executing specific arrangements in the positioning of the Warships."

"Very good, sit down! That is to say, a formation is for tactics. However, the guiding ideology in the current textbooks is that tactics serve the formation which is basically making the cart pull the horse!"

"Why is this? Because humans have limited the formation to ten useless formations, which are the so-called Ten Formations. They are rigid and cannot be changed. Hence you can only follow the formations and locking yourself."

"So let me ask you, you have seen Commander Liang’s battle in the asteroid belt 6 years ago, and my two previous battles. Now do you think that Commander Liang and I have used the Ten Formations as the basis for our tactics?"

Everyone was silent, and they all entered a state of contemplation.

That’s right... when formulating tactics, they will inevitably use the Ten Formations as the basis, and build upon this foundation.

However, whether it was Liang Xingchen's asteroid belt battle 6 years ago or Lin Fan's two battles more than a month ago, they indeed did not see any shadow of the Ten Formations.

Everyone is studying the tactics of these two men, but no one has ever thought about it this way. They now understood, the reason why their tactics became a classic and is so brilliant that it was used for teaching, is because they both did not allow their tactics to be restricted by the formation. They instead let the formation revolve around tactics.

Listening to Lin Fan's words, they realized that these two people don't have any fixed formations. Instead, they are constantly changing their tactics. The formation of their Fleet is also constantly changing, and there has never been a Formation in the Ten Formations used.

It's actually quite jarring to think about it. Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen have completely abandoned the Ten Formations fron the textbooks.

"Alright, most of you should have already understood what I mean so I will continue. Today I am going to talk about the Flexible Formation!"

"What is a Flexible Formation? First of all, you have to abandon those thoughts based on the Ten Formations in your mind, and split the formations into smaller formations and details."

"For example, it's like you play with building blocks. I gave you ten parts built with building blocks. How many things can you combine with these ten parts? I don't think there are many!"

"But when you disassemble all these ten parts and restore them to the original building blocks, how many things can you make out of them? I think, as long as your brain is big enough, you can make countless things!"

"So, the first thing you have to do is to no longer use the Ten Formations as your basis, and instead break it all up and only use the more detailed parts as the basis."

"This way can you create countless formations at any time. And since you have countless formations, when you make your tactics, you don’t need to use the formations as basis instead the tactics establish the corresponding best formation."

"The above is just the general outline of the Flexible Formation, now I will go on in more detail!"


For six full hours, everyone was utterly intoxicated. It was only until nine o'clock in the evening that people remembered that it was time for dinner.

After six hours, Lin Fan was only able to talk about 50 kinds of Formations so he had to make a report to Liang Xingchen and that he would stay in the Academy for one more day to talk about the rest.

The students were very excited, especially those with high talents who benefited a lot. Although Lin Fan only talked about half of it, for these students, it was like opening a new door.

After the first lecture, everyone gathered in the cafeteria in twos and threes. They had a meal while discussing their gains happily.

Some highly talented students immediately analysed how Wood would lost to Lin Fan and why he lost so badly.

They felt that as long as they comprehended Lin Fan's tactics, they would be able to defeat Wood.

What nonsense youngest star of the Federation? Compared with our Lin Fan, he is simply an ant!

"Lin Fan, you are really good. I thought you were going to create some scandal today, but after listening to what you said, I realized that there are indeed too many problems with our teaching materials."

"Dean, you are too polite. There has never been a perfect teaching. Maybe soon, someone will come up with more advanced ideas than me? The key is that we have to solve the problems the moment we find them instead of sitting on a well and sticking to the old ways. We should accept more advanced ideas. Only in this way can continuous progress be made, right?"

"Well, what you said is correct. Btw, I want to put all the formations you said into a book and it will be a compulsory course in the future. What do you think? Of course your name will be signed in the book!"

"If the Dean thinks it is necessary, I don't have any objections. I really don't care about having my name on it."

"This won't work, your name must be there!"

"Okay, you have the final say! I'll just follow your lead."

"Okay, then you enjoy your meal. This old man will go back and sleep first..."

"Husband, here's a piece of meat!"

Not long after Li Fulai left, Liang Xue picked up a piece of beef and fed it to Lin Fan.

'What's going on? Didn't this girl say that she wouldn't let him touch her within a month? Why has she suddenly changed her face now?'

Although he was confused in his heart, Lin Fan still opened his mouth and bit the beef that Liang Xue fed.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly found Emma standing next to their table with a lunch box, and immediately understood what Liang Xue was up to! He sighed slightly.

'It seems that my plan of a harem is still far away!'

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