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Chapter 32: Murderous Intents.

Interstellar Military Academy, Uranus has steadily docked in the port.


As the hatch on the side of the Warship opened, a man and a woman walked down the ladder. The man was handsome while the woman was beautiful.

When the students below saw the two, they were a little confused.

The man is a bit familiar... and most importantly this man is already a Rear Admiral at such a young age?

Wait... isn't this Lin Fan? How come he already become a Rear Admiral just after two months? Isn't this promotion rate too scary?

As for the woman, no one knew of her. Though it doesn't really matter as they are still shocked by Liang Xue's look.

Her beauty is definitely no less than Emma and coupled with her unique temperament by being three years older than Emma and by being in the military for years, she was dazzling in everyone's eyes.

However, one of the students has a different feeling from everyone else.

It was Emma. As she stared at Liang Xue behind Lin Fan, she wondered if it's her woman's intuition but she felt threat from Liang Xue.

"Lin Fan, you have finally come. I have asked Liang Xingchen several times, but he told me that you were in a retreat..."

When the two got off the suspended ladder, Li Fulai immediately greeted them.

"I really apologize Dean, I was in retreat for a month and was concentrating on researching an important technology."

"It's fine. Alright, come, I will leave this group of students to your hands!"


After the two finished chatting, Lin Fan took Liang Xue to the front of the queuing students.

"Let me introduce myself first. My name is Lin Fan. I am 19 years old and have the rank of a Rear Admiral. I am currently the Commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet."

As he briefly introduced himself, Lin Fan heard the voice of someone taking a mouth of saliva.

After all, a 19-year-old Rear Admiral is too scary. He is definitely the youngest Rear Admiral in the Federation's history.

"I will try my best to share my experience in actual combat with you. One hour later, everyone will gather in the academy lecture hall. For now, you are adjourned!"

Amidst the gradually dispersing crowd, there was a female student still standing in place looking at Lin Fan, it of course Emma Campbell.

"Long time no see!"

Lin Fan came to Emma and greeted.

"It's been a long time... You said that you want to be a Star in the Federation within one year, but you just done it in two months!"

"I didn't expect it to be so fast!"

"Well... do you want me to fulfill our bets?"

'Er... When did this girl become so direct?'

At the beginning, Lin Fan made a bet with Emma. If he he became a Star within a year in the Military, then Emma would be his girlfriend.

If this was in a normal situation, Lin Fan would definitely say yes. It is his honor.

But at this moment, he can't say sh_t. He can clearly feel chills from behind him. Needless to say, Liang Xue is glaring at him behind.

Just when Lin Fan didn't know what to do, Liang Xue's voice came from behind.

"What bet? It seems quite interesting, please tell me about it!"

"Uhh, it's nothing... but Lin Fan did say that if he became the top Star of the Military within a year, I would be his girlfriend."

"Oh, how can you bet on a major event of your life? Isn't that a bit shameful? You should probably just forget about this bet."

"No, since I from the Campbell Family had already agreed, there is no reason to take it back!"

"Say... aren't you a little stubborn kid?"

"Speaking of, this is something between us in the younger generation, I think aunt doesn't need to join in!"

"Hehe, does this student not know the proper honorifics?"

"Really? I have been educated that a woman over 20 years old should be called auntie respectfully, otherwise it would be quite rude!"

"It seems that there is a serious problem with the Campbells' education!"

Looking at the two women 'chatting' with 'smiles', Lin Fan felt chills.

If you didn't hear what they say and only saw their expressions during the conversation, you would think that they are just sisters who have a good relationship chatting with each other.

But the point is, what they are saying! Each of their words contains murderous intents.

"Hey Lin Fan, when did you get together with Liang Xingchen's daughter?"

Li Fulai heard the conversation between the two women. He walked to Lin Fan's side and asked with a smile.

"Come on Dean, don't laugh at me. The matter between me and Liang Xue is more complicated. And as you can see, I can't even squeeze a word in."

"Then how are you going to stop this scene?"

Lin Fan was speechless as he looked at Li Fulai's smile. Anyways, he does have to stop them. 

"Student Emma Campbell, didn't you hear the order adjourned just now? Why aren't you going back and getting ready? Also, Lieutenant Liang Xue, are you planning on being idle and just keep talking here?

Lin Fan suddenly exuded the power of a superior. The two women were shocked by his sudden loud shout.

Both women's eyes widened in an instant, and they looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

Li Fulai beside Lin Fan secretly gave a thumbs up.

"I will go to the Mars Base after graduation, so I'll just temporarily lend Lin Fan to you for a few months!" Emma said.

"You're welcome to come at any time, I will be sure to train you there!" Liang Xue rebuked.

After the two had finished speaking, they looked at each other, then turned their heads away. The two then parted ways; Emma walked to the campus while Liang Xue came to Lin Fan's side.

Seeing the two separate, Lin Fan breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to call Li Fulai and enter the campus together, he heard a soft voice from the side that only he could hear.

"You are not allowed to touch me in a month!"


Lin Fan turned his head and looked at Liang Xue who was sulking. He felt a little helpless. It seems that having 'wives' is still a long way to go.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Fan came to the Academy's lecture hall. As soon as he stepped in, the System sounded in his head!


[Task Triggered: Shock the audience with your speech, various kinds of formation. (Completion Reward: Quantum Communication Technology)]!

Lin Fan immediately checked the task. To be honest, even for Liang Xingchen, such a requirement is very difficult. However, for Lin Fan, it is like the System giving him a Reward for free.

After all, Lin Fan has experienced at least thousands of battles ever since acquiring the System. Moreover, his opponents are simulated by the System based on various Interstellar Civilizations.

In this process, Lin Fan has seen more than a hundred types of formations and changes.

Lin Fan walked to the podium and looked at the students below, he spoke.

"Dear students, we have a lot to talk about today and it will even subvert the textbooks in your hands. Therefore, during the lecture, I only have one request!"

Lin Fan paused. He then took a deep look at Li Fulai and the instructors who were also listening, and then said something that made everyone go in an uproar!

"Forget the useless knowledge in the textbooks for me!"

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