Chapter 31: Back To The Academy.

When he came to the research room, Lin Fan saw the busy Bai Zixuan.

"Old Bai!"

"Huh? You finally came out kid? I tell you, you should really take care of your Adjutant. I have been chased out by her several times, and her attitude is extremely bad!"

"Uh, Mr. Bai, don't blame her for this. I was the one who ordered her not to let anyone disturb my retreat. It's my fault!"

"So? How is it? Are there any results?"

If it was someone else who had been researching Nuclear Fusion in just a month, Bai Zixuan will never ask him what he has achieved.

After all, even many top scientists working together has not been able to produce results for more than 100 years, so how can one person do in a month?

But this was Lin Fan. Bai Zixuan had infinite expectations of him, after all, this young man was too outstanding.

"En, that's why I'm here!"


Although Bai Zixuan had infinite expectations for Lin Fan, when he actually saw a memory card being handed to him, Bai Zixuan's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

He is too familiar with this action of Lin Fan. After all, this is the fifth time he has encountered it. This action represents the birth of a scientific achievement that will shock the Federation.

'Did he really?'

Bai Zixuan received the memory card with trembling hands and took a look at what's inside.

Nuclear Fusion... he understands too well what this means.

Five minutes later, Bai Zixuan hadn't moved his Body, he was just like an old monk entering epiphany.

He remained like this until more than an hour later.

"That's it, so it's this way, we have always gotten the wrong point to overcome, it's no wonder that we haven't been able to succeed..."

After Bai Zixuan read the core part of the data, his emotions got a little out of control.

After all, Bai Zixuan's mentor used to study Nuclear Fusion for a lifetime, but there was still no breakthrough. That's why this made Bai Zixuan emotional.

"Mr. Bai, you should control your emotions, your Body is important!"

"It's okay, just leave me alone for a bit. You can go ahead and rest."

"Alright then I'll leave first! Pay attention to your Body!"

Lin Fan is really worried about Bai Zixuan. After all, he is isn't young anymore and such a big shift in his emotions is not good for his health.

Fortunately, Lin Fan already gave him the Gene Enhancement Medicine before. Once it is successfully manufactured, there is no need to worry. By then, Bai Zixuan would be able to return to his middle-age.

At this time, Lin Fan, who had just walked out of the research room, heard Bai Zixuan's roar from behind.

"Hello, Liang Xingchen?"

"I need money and people!"

And then phone was hung up. Lin Fan was taken aback after hearing this. He couldn't help but sympathize with his future father-in-law.

He's a military god but he's just being called just to be asked for money and people before being hung up by the caller immediately. It's really pitiful.

At this moment, in the Mars Base headquarters not far away, Liang Xingchen was wearing a bitter smile. This old man is really not giving himself face as usual.

But wait... Mr. Bai is asking for money again? Could it be that Lin Fan left his retreat and the Nuclear Fusion Technology is done?

Perfect timing, Li Fulai had been urging me for a month already to come over at the Academy.

Liang Xingchen left his office immediately and was preparing to go to the 101st Mixed Fleet Base.

On the other side, Lin Fan also returned to his office. As soon as he stepped into the office, he saw Liang Xue with a little bit of resentment in her eyes.

"Uh, wife, I think there is something stuck in your eyes!"

"So, is it comfortable to sleep for a month?"

"I was researching, how can you say that I slept for a month?"

"If I hadn't confirmed that your body was fine every day and you had eaten all the meals I sent, I really thought you had become a vegetable."

As she said this, Liang Xue looked a little aggrieved.

Speaking of this, this month has really been bitter for Liang Xue. Although she could see Lin Fan every day, the two of them never said a word. Every time Liang Xue came, Lin Fan was sleeping, oh no, it was training in the virtual space of the System.

Every day she would check Lin Fan’s Body with horror and fear in case something bad really happened. She also followed Lin Fan’s orders and prevented Bai Zixuan and others from entering. She was even cursed by the violent Bai Zixuan and was pointed at in her nose for a long time.

"Thanks for your hard work!"

Lin Fan walked forward and gently hugged Liang Xue, he whispered in her ear.

With only this short sentence, all the bitterness of Liang Xue in the past month has disappeared. One has to admit that this girl is actually very easy to satisfy.


However, their sweet reunion was interrupted by a coughing sound from the door of the office!

Surprised, the two separated immediately.


Lin Fan turned around and saw Liang Xingchen standing in front of the office, his first reaction was to stand at attention and salute.

However, Liang Xue beside him stared at Liang Xingchen with murderous eyes.

She and Lin Fan have finally had such a warm moment after a month, and you disturbed it!

Being stared at by Liang Xue like this, Liang Xingchen was a bit speechless.

I'm your father, is it really necessary to stare at me with that kind of eyes?

"Ahem... Don't worry I'll leave after a few words. Lin Fan, the Interstellar Military Academy invites you to go and give a lecture in the Command Department. We'll go today, be ready! Currently, I have to go to the research room and find Mr. Bai so in the meantime you two continue, remember to lock the door next time!"

After he finished speaking, Liang Xingchen exited the office and closed the door.

But they were already interrupted, the two of them have lost their interest to continue.

"You get ready, I'll go prepare the Uranus."

"We don't need to bring the Flagship, do we?"

"This is your visit to your alumni, of course we have to dispatch the Uranus!"

"Okay okay, wife, you have the final say!"

A giant silver-white warship sailed out of the Starport. Its streamlined hull had a different charm compared to any current Warship in the Federation. Anyone would never forget it after seeing it once. This will be Lin Fan’s vehicle, the Flagship Uranus.

Three days later, at the Lunar Interstellar Military Academy, all the instructors and the students of the Command Department were gathered in the Academy port.

The students were curious. What the instructors just said to them was that there will be someone that will give a lecture on the Command Department today and that everyone will greet them at the port.

But who is it? Who is it for the Academy to make such a big deal? Most of the students have speculated that it was Liang Xingchen as he has the capability to give a lecture and the reputation for the Academy to give such a big face.

"Look! What Warship is that?"

A student suddenly pointed out loudly. The other students and the instructors looked over, even Li Fulai looked over and then all of them were stunned by what they saw.

What kind of Warship is this? 

At this time a giant silver-white Warship is slowly approaching the port.

When the Warship got close enough, everyone finally saw the warship's name engraved on the ship's body.


That's right, this was Lin Fan's vehicle, the Flagship Uranus.

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