Chapter 30: Nuclear Fusion Technology.

After watching Liang Xue flee, Lin Fan came to his desk and thought about what Bai Zixuan said to him in the afternoon.

Their energy source is too weak and behind, which makes the energy shield impossible to sustain. This problem is a headache for all researchers.

To put it simply, the energy required to maintain the shield is far greater than the energy output by the Nuclear Reactor on the Warships.

The Energy Shield can only last for only 30 seconds. This is still on the premise that the Warship does not fire and the shield is not attacked. Therefore, such an advanced technology has become completely useless in the hands of humans.

Hey, System, you gave me an energy shield so why don’t you give me an energy source technology? This is not funny!

[Ding! It is detected that the Host is dissatisfied with the System rewards. After self-examination, the Energy Shield Technology reward is indeed unreasonable. A temporary task has been released.]



[New Temporary Task: Upgrade Artillery Command and Evasive Command to A within one month. (Completion Reward: Nuclear Fusion Technology)]!

What the— is the System so user-friendly?

But then again, the System always gives out rewards to solve his problems. It made an error so it makes sense for it to give a solution.

With the Nuclear Fusion Technology, the energy demand of the shield can be fully met, and there would even be a lot of surplus left.

However, it is not easy to upgrade the two abilities to A. It also hasn't been long since he have upgraded to B.

Well, he'll just used the excuse of going into a retreat to study Nuclear Fusion Technology, and train hard for a month.

After making the decision, Lin Fan first went to the research room and handed the memory card containing the Gene Enhancement Medicine to Bai Zixuan.

After Bai Zixuan took it cautiously, he didn't say anything, and just directly checked the contents.

Although he has already learned from the past three times and Bai Zixuan was mentally prepared to what he is about to read this time, but he was still taken aback by the content.

Primary Gene Enhancement Medicine which can greatly increase the human body's abilities, and most importantly, it can also increase human lifespan.

"Old Bai, don't be so shocked. I am mainly here to tell you that in the next month I am going into a retreat and study Nuclear Fusion Technology to solve the current energy supply problem of the Energy Shield."

"What? You want to study Nuclear Fusion? Are you sure? The entire mankind has been studying this thing for a hundred years and had only gotten to this point!"

"I gave you four technologies and you know what I am capable of. Trust me!"

"You are right... And if you really do it, the issue of the Energy Shield will be solved."

"Alright, then you should concentrate on the Gene Enhancement Medicine this month, this is also very important!"

"Okay, you go, just leave the Gene Enhancement Medicine to me, don't worry!"

As he looked at Lin Fan walking out, Bai Zixuan contacted Liang Xingchen.

"This boss wants more money and people!" And then he hanged up.

Liang Xingchen was stunned, what is this? If you want money, you have to tell me how much you want, how many people you want, and what kind of professionals are they?

Helpless, Liang Xingchen had to go to the 27th Medium Starport in person. After all, he could roughly guess that Mr. Bai askiny for money and people is probably because of that kid Lin Fan. It's better to take a look at what's he up to this time.

Lin Fan, who returned to his office, called Liang Xue.

"Uh, why are you standing so far away from me?"

"To keep you away!"

This girl is still scared from the previous time? Aiii, it seems that there is still a long way to go and he still need to work hard.

"Well, then you just stand there. I just want to inform you that I will go in retreat to research Nuclear Fusion for the next month. You will bring me food every day. Besides you, no one is allowed to enter my office."

"A month? That long?"

"Why? You can't bear not being with your husband? Don't worry, wouldn't you see me from time to time when you come to deliver the meals? And if that's not enough, you can also sleep with me at night!"

"Bah, who wants to be with you! I want you to stay in seclusion for the rest of your life."

Liang Xue then went out, but Lin Fan was not worried, he had already figured out Liang Xue's character. She had listened to all the things he had just ordered, and would follow them.

Lin Fan got up and went to the bedroom. It seems that this month, besides eating, he is sleeping all the time. 'I hope that the System will regulate my body. I don’t want to be crippled or something because I've stayed still for too long...'

[Ding! Don't worry, the host's physical attributes are permanently locked, even if you sleep for ten years without moving, it will not have any impact!]

'System, haven't you become a lot more enthusiastic recently? You are taking the initiative to answer the questions I have in my mind.'

But there was no more response. 'This System is really sassy.'

At 6 o'clock in the evening, Liang Xue walked into Lin Fan's office with a lunch box.

'Where is he? Isn't he in retreat and researching?'

When Liang Xue walked into the bedroom, she saw Lin Fan lying on the bed sleeping comfortably.

She got so angry that Liang Xue just directly put the lunch box on the side table and walked out.

One hour later, when Lin Fan finished his training session and opened his eyes, he saw the lunch box on one side of the table and could roughly guess what happened.

Liang Xue must have came in and saw that he was sleeping, and dropped the lunch box in a fit of anger and left.

After giving a wry smile, he got up and took the lunch box and started eating. He didn't waste any time. After only 3 minutes, he finished the food, and then went back to sleep!

Soon, one month passed.

In the past month, Liang Xue hasn't seen Lin Fan awake everytime she comes. She always see him sleeping, but no matter how angry she is, she has done everything what Lin Fan ordered.

Even Bai Zixuan and Liang Xingchen that wanted to enter Lin Fan's office were blocked by Liang Xue.

Lin Fan, who was sleeping on the bed, slowly opened his eyes at this time.



[Evasive Command upgraded to A]!

[Brain Development: +2% (Current Progress: 28%)]!




[Temporary Task Completed: Upgrade Artillery Command and Evasive Command to A within one month]!

[Obtained Nuclear Fusion Technology]!

"System, open the properties panel!"

[Host: Lin Fan]

[Power: 350]

[Agility: 350]

[Response: 350]

[Physical strength: 350]

[Spirit: 350]

[Intelligence: 380]

[Note: Normal people have attributes between 50-100]

[Lifespan: 500 years]

[Brain Development: 28%]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (A), Evasive Command (A), Formation Command (A), Mecha Command (B)]

[Personal Abilities: Mecha Piloting (A)]

[Task 1: Raise Military Rank to Vice Admiral. (Completion Reward: Brain Development Medicine Technology)]!

[Task 2: Become the Commander of a squadron with more than 1,000 ships. (Completion Reward: Detailed explanation of level 1-6 Civilization)]!

[Task 3: Destroy 3000 Ochs Empire Warships. (Completion Reward: Complete Star Map of the Orion arm, including the distribution of forces)]!

Seeing the changes in his Abilities, Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction.

"En, not bad! Now it's time to find Old Bai!"

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