Chapter 29: 558x The Speed Of Light.

The personnel on the Frigate used for the test were very nervous right now. After all, it is the first test. If there is any accident, they can die.

"Beep beep~ Starting test, target is the Earth's orbit."

"Yes, the coordinates have been entered. Energy is being charged into the Warp Engine!"

"The Warp Engine has been activated, ready to Warp!"

"Beep Beep~ Warp!"

"Understood, Warping!"

The captain looked at his right hand that's holding the Warp Lever, he gritted his teeth and pulled it down!

The people who were observing on the research ship at this moment suddenly found that the Frigate in front of them suddenly twisted and disappeared.

"Quick, check the data!"

"Yes, Mr. Bai!"

A group of experts began to get busy.

"Mr. Bai, the experimental ship has been confirmed on Earth... the experimental ship is also intact!"

"What? So fast? Contact the experimental ship immediately and ask them to report the situation on the ship."


At the same time, in the Earth's orbit, the people in the experimental ship were collectively confused, especially the captain.

'What the... I just blinked my eyes when I pulled down the level, and when I opened it, the Earth is right in front of me? Did they just cross 200 million kilometers, in just a blink of an eye?'

"Beep beep~ Please answer if hear me, please answer when you hear me."

"This is the experimental ship. We have reached the orbit of the Earth, all crew members are safe!"

"Okay, great, immediately check the Warp Timer installed in the bridge to see what the number is."

"Yes... the number is 1.14!"

"What? 1.14? Are you sure you read it right?"

"Yes, there is absolutely no mistake, it is 1.14!"

The crew on the experimental ship didn’t understand what 1.14 meant, but the experts on the scientific research ship over on Mars were like ants on a hot brick.

1.14 is the total time of the entire travel. From Mars to the Earth, the current distance is 200 million kilometers and the experimental ship crossed that distance in just 1.14 seconds. Just what is this?

That's 585x the Speed of Light. Even the Stellar Path can only accelerate them at 3x the Speed of Light. With the Warp Engine, the speed of human interstellar travel is multiplied by nearly 200x, and they can just ignore the Stellar Paths and just Warp anywhere.

"Old Bai, what's going on? What does 1.14 mean?"

Lin Zhen looked at these crazed researchers, he couldn't help but ask Mr. Bai.

"President Lin, the distance from Mars to the Earth is currently 200 million kilometers. Didn't it take you several days to arrive here? However, our experimental ship only took 1.14 seconds to travel that same 200 million kilometers. Do you know what speed that is? 585x the Speed of Light, hahaha!"

Lin Zhen was shocked. Is Bai Zixuan really telling him that the experimental ship only took 1.14 seconds to travel to Warth? 585x the speed of light?

At this moment, he finally understood why these researchers had become so crazy!

"Old Bai, when will the Warp Engine be mass-produced for the Fleet?"

Liang Xingchen was also anxious like Lin Zhen. And what he cared about was when would the Fleet be equipped with Warp Engines. But Bai Zixuan's eyes just rolled when he asked!

"What do you guys think, do you think that the new equipment will be done with just one test? Can you ensure safety with that? I told you that we have to test it tens of thousands of times before we can confirm whether the safety is up to the standard and whether it can be mass-produced. The production is the final installation, so don’t even think about it for 2 to 3 years!"

"Uh, that's okay, we still have 7 years, and we can afford to wait for 2 to 3 years."

When Bai Zixuan said that it would take at least two or three years, Liang Xingchen was a bit disappointed, but then he remembered that there is now a 7-year truce.

It's a pity that Lin Fan on the side doesn't think so. After all, the System has informed him that the war will start again in one year at most.

Half an hour later, under Bai Zixuan's order, the experimental ship Warped again and returned to Mars. The time was still 1.14 seconds.

This allowed the researchers to finally determine the speed of the first-generation Warp Engine which is 585x the Speed of Light.

This is a terrifying speed. In perspective, the Solar System is about 4.22 light-years away from the neighboring Star System, the current travel speed is about 3,000 kilometers per second, and it would take about 1,000 years to reach it.

And if they use the Stellar Paths, they can arrive in about 17 months.

But now, with the Warp Engine, it would only take less than 3 days to arrive. What a huge improvement this is!

Whether it is in the civilian or military field, the Warp Engine will bring explosive development to mankind.

The results of this test have brought great confidence to the top leaders of the Federation. Lin Zhen has already decided to call all his staff to drastically revise future policies when he goes back. Many things that he didn't dare to think or do before can now be reconsidered.

After the initial test was over, Bai Zixuan immediately led the people to start manufacturing new Warp Engines. This time, ten units were to be manufactured at a time to speed up the testing speed.

Actually, Bai Zixuan was more anxious than Lin Zhen and Liang Xingchen. He immediately started construction after he came back and strive to complete the safety test completely within one year.

After half a month, the ten new Warp Engines were completed. Liang Xingchen was also very cooperative and he arranged 1 Battlecruiser, 1 Carrier, 3 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers, and 2 Frigates to Bai Zixuan for testing.

Although the progress on the Warp Engine is very gratifying, the Energy Shield project is a bit troublesome.

They have the complete technology, so why is it troublesome? That's because their energy source can't keep up, keeping the shield activated consume a lot of energy. However, the energy provided by the nuclear reactor on the Warships right now can't match the continuous consumption of the shield.

To put it simply, the recharging speed is slower than the consumption speed.

And this is in under normal circumstances. If in battle, not only they need energy to maintain the shield, but they also need energy to resist the attacks.

The nuclear fusion reactor that's supplying their energy right now is out of date and cannot keep up. This thing has been in the Federation for 58 years, with no new breakthroughs within this field.

However, Lin Fan didn't care about all this. At this moment, all he cares was holding his future wife in his room.

"Haven't you had enough? I still have something to do, let go!"

"It's okay, just relax here!"

Lin Fan pointed to his mouth and said to Liang Xue.

"You... ooh.. ooh"

It's a pity that Lin Fan blocked her mouth before she could say her sentence.

Liang Xue then widened her eyes with a look of disbelief as she tried to push Lin Fan away.

But what kind of physique does Lin Fan have? How could his body, that's been strengthened by the Gene Enhancement Medicine, budge? Not long after, Liang Xue's hands fell down and surrendered.

It wasn't until 2 minutes later that Lin Fan let her go. At this time, Liang Xue's face was completely red. She immediately fled away as soon as she got the chance.

"So cute!"

Lin Fan couldn't help but smile when he looked at the fleeing Liang Xue.

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