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Chapter 28: Warp Engine Test.

Federation's 5 Star Fleet Admiral Commander Liang Xingchen.

Despite being the Commander of the Mars Base and Commander of the Fourth Fleet, he has a rather unique habit. Every day he spends at least half an hour browsing through the forums.

While browsing through, be a hot post at the top of the feed, the title was "Shocking Scene At The Dining Hall!"

Curious, Liang Xingchen opened the post.

What he saw indeed shocking. The post had a video with his daughter in it. But that is not important. What's important was that in the video, Lin Fan and Liang Xue were sitting side by side!

Moreover, Lin Fan was feeding a piece of chicken to Liang Xue's mouth while Liang Xue also consciously opened her mouth, before showing a happy expression.

Liang Xingchen's eyes widened in disbelief! Did Lin Fan recover his memory?

Liang Xingchen immediately thought of the possible reason. If Lin Fan hadn't recovered his memory, how would it be possible that their relationship would develop to this level in just a few hours?

He played the video over and over again. Seeing the happiness on Liang Xue's face after eating the chicken, Liang Xingchen felt very emotional. This was the first time he saw this expression of Liang Xue.

But soon Liang Xingchen thought of that Campbell girl and had a headache.

It seems that he has to find some time and have a good chat with Lin Fan. Since he is now at this point with his daughter, what would he do to that Campbell girl? He must ask for an explanation!

From this day on, Liang Xue slowly adapted to Lin Fan's treatment to her. The two of them would held hands everytime they go to the dining hall and then act like a couple on a date whole eating.

From this, it seems that Liang Xue is changing in a good direction, and she is no longer the ice block that she was before.

Three days later, Liang Xingchen brought more than a dozen Warships to the 101st Mixed Fleet's Base.

In addition to bringing the replenishment of Warships and personnel, as well as the promotion order to Rear Admiral, he also brought Lin Fan an unexpected surprise.

It was a silver-white Warship, larger than a Battlecruiser and almost the same size as a Carrier.

This is a customized command ship. It was originally the new flagship given to Liang Xingchen by the Federation. However, Liang Xingchen gave it for his daughter and future son-in-law and make it the new flagship of the 101st Mixed Fleet instead.

Lin Fan immediately fell in love with this big guy at first sight. Its streamlined hull and silver-white paint... it was just a beauty!

After the addition of this new Flagship, the 101st Mixed Fleet has increased their numbers by one, and they now have 145 Warships.

But before Lin Fan could finish enjoying his new ride, Liang Xue had already assembled the entire 101st Mixed Fleet and Liang Xingchen presided over the award ceremony.

As soon as Liang Xingchen promoted Lin Fan to a Rear Admiral, the System sounded in Lin Fan's mind.



[Task Completed: Increase Military Rank to Rear Admiral. (Obtained Primary Gene Enhancement Medicine Technology)]!



[New Task 1: Raise Military Rank to Vice Admiral. (Completion Reward: Brain Development Medicine Technology)]!



[New Task 2: Become the Commander of a squadron with more than 1,000 ships. (Completion Reward: Detailed explanation of level 1-6 Civilization)]!



[New Task 3: Destroy 3000 Ochs Empire Warships. (Completion Reward: Complete Star Map of the Orion arm, including the distribution of forces)]!

Hiss, these rewards are amazing. The Brain Development Medicine will greatly enhance the Federation's research and development capabilities.

The detailed explanation of level 1-6 Civilizations is also very important. It would allow mankind understand how the cosmic civilization is divided into levels. It is an important reference for how the Federation plans for future development.

And the most important thing is the complete Star Map of the Orion Arm. To top it all, it will also contain the distribution of forces, which is simply invaluable!

With this, mankind do not need to blindly find their way in the dark when they leave the Solar System. They can formulate the most appropriate strategy based on the star map and the distribution of forces.

But there is still the very important question. How would he destroy 3,000 Ochs Empire Warships...? System, there is a 7 year armistice, are you kidding me?

[Ding! The System has detected that this truce will only last one year at most, please don't get ahead of yourself.]

Uh, what does the System mean? Does it mean that there will be changes in the Ochs Empire? It seems that he has to prepare in advance.

As for the Primary Gene Enhancement Medicine Technology he obtained just now, Lin Fan thought about it for a moment, and decided that it is better to send it to Bai Zixuan after one or two weeks.

Why one or two weeks after? Because that would be too abnormal. After all, it hasn't been a month yet and he had already sent 3 copies of Heaven-defying Technology.

Soon, Lin Fan's award ceremony was completed, and then it was the others' turn.

After the two battles, everyone gained their merit, and many people who are on the verge of promotion before the two battles achieved it now.

In the end, a total of 319 people from the 101st Mixed Fleet were promoted it took a full 2 ​​hours to complete.

After all this is completed, Liang Xingchen and Lin Fan checked the progress of the Warp Engine. Bai Zixuan said that the test could be carried out in three days.

Liang Xingchen expressed his satisfaction with this, but he was quickly driven out by Bai Zixuan.

Though Liang Xingchen did not say anything, anyway, isn't he used to it? He left a word to Lin Fan regarding on treating his daughter well and then left.

Time flew by. Since they are currently in the truce, Lin Fan lived a regular life, doing only three things every day.

The first is dealing with daily official duties, the second is to train in the System, and the third is to enhance his relationship with Liang Xue.

But today is different. Today is a big day. This the day of the test of the first Warp Engine prototype. Lin Zhen will also observe the test in person.

In the dark space, a Frigate with the Warp Engine inside was stationed.

The test will be the travel from Mars to Earth. The distance between the two planets is about 200 million kilometers.

In a research ship not far away, Bai Zixuan is leading hundreds of experts to continuously check various data and make the final preparations before the test.

"Old Bai, all inspections have been completed, there is no problem!"

"Well, President Lin, we will start!"

Bai Zixuan can not give Liang Xingchen face, but he must give Lin Zhen face, and it is because Lin Zhen is Lin Fan’s father.

This made Liang Xingchen speechless on the sidelines. You didn’t even give the President face before but now that you knew that the President is Lin Fan's father, you became so polite?

Looking at Liang Xingchen's speechless expression, Lin Fan almost suffocated from laughing. He naturally guessed what Liang Xingchen was thinking.

"Okay, let's get started!"

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