Chapter 7: Lin Fan's Adjutant

Lin Fan was currently being stared at by Liang Xingchen...

"Commander, don't look at me like this!"

"Don't try to pretend kid, I understand that everyone has their secrets, but this regards the fate of humanity. You should already know from your family what we are facing right now!"

"Uh... well, Commander, I accept it! I will make good use of this base. Speaking of which, I just had a good inspiration recently so there should be good news soon."

"Alright, again, I don't care what your secret is, all I want is for you to provide help if you can in this critical moment. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Commander!"


"Come in!"

"Liang Xue reporting for duty!"

Right after Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen had completed a conversation that ordinary people could not understand, Liang Xue whom Colonel Liang Xingchen had asked to come, arrived.

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue. She was about 20 years old and her beauty didn't lose Emma.

When he looked at her shoulder, she had the rank of Major. This shows that achieving the rank of Colonel at such a young age is difficult, unlike Lin Fan who had the System. 

And she the type of cold beauty. Although Lin Fan likes this type, this one is too cold.

Lin Fan even vaguely felt that ever since Liang Xue came in, the temperature of the entire room had dropped a few degrees. This was not an exaggeration at all.

"Ahem... Lin Fan, let me introduce you to Major Liang Xue. She will be your adjutant in the future. You must cooperate well, understand?"

After watching Lin Fan and Liang Xue for a while, Liang Xingchen frowned and guessed what Lin Fan was thinking.

'Hey little girl, can't you warm up a little bit?' Liang Xingchen looked at his daughter helplessly.

"Yes, Commander!"

What else can Lin Fan say other than this? Judging from Liang Xingchen's expression, he was also helpless in this situation.

"I'll the 101st Mixed Fleet in your hands, don't let me down!"

"Yes, Commander!"


[Congratulations to the Host for completing Task 1: Become a fleet commander and command at least ten warships]!

[Obtained curvature engine technology]!


[Because the Host has over-completed the Task, the hidden reward is activated]!

[Obtained industrial robot technology]!

So there are hidden rewards? This is the first time have seen this. Naturally, Lin Fan was delighted. Not only did he have a fleet and a base for building warships, but he also obtained these two. This is perfect.

Wait, it’s actually still a bit far from perfection. It would be better if he had more scientific research experts. After all, he can’t change his career to engage in scientific research himself and he doesn’t have the time to divide his attention to.

"Commander, I have a request!"

"Go on!"

"Commander, can I deploy some experts to my base? After all, I don't want to become a full-time researcher."

"It has been arranged for you a long time ago. They are already waiting for you at the base."

"Thank you, Commander!"

"Alright, you two take the transfer order now, go!" Liang Xingchen waved his hand.

Lin Fan bowed and exited the office, Liang Xue followed him.

While walking, there was an awkward silence. Lin Fan was uncomfortable and couldn't endure the awkwardness any longer so he spoke first.

"Adjutant Liang, we will be working together for a long time in the future, can you tell me what you are good at?"


"Uh... Then let me change the question. In which aspect are you particularly good at?"


"...Well, then can you help me show the way? I'm not familiar with this place yet!"

As soon as Lin Fan said this, Liang Xue quickly took two steps forward and walked in front of Lin Fan.

She did not say a word and just walked forward.


This sister is really...

Lin Fan looked helplessly at Liang Xue. It seems that she is much more difficult to deal with than Emma.

Seeing Liang Xue who had already walked ten meters in front of him and didn't even turn her head for him, Lin Fan had no choice but to quickly follow.

Half an hour later, under the guidance of Liang Xue, he boarded a transport ship at the port and arrived at the 101st Mixed Fleet base; No. 27 medium-sized orbit Starport.

During the whole process, Liang Xue didn't say a word, even her expression didn't change a bit, which almost made Lin Fan collapse.

He thought that having an adjutant would make his life easier but no, he was met with torture instead.

At this time, Lin Fan cleared up his mind. After all, he has already arrived at the place. As the newly appointed fleet commander, he has to give a speech in front of all the officers and soldiers immediately. This thing can't be messed up, otherwise, it will be difficult to cooperate with them in the future.

After getting off the transport ship, Lin Fan looked at the 144 warships docked with a satisfied expression on his face, perfect!

No, this is also just 'almost' perfect. If the character of this adjutant of his can be changed, then it will be perfect!

"Adjutant Liang, order all personnel of the fleet to assemble here."


After Liang Xue replied, she raised her right hand, and after pressing a few times on her wristband, she spoke.

"Attention everyone, immediately gather at the dock, I repeat, gather at the dock immediately!"

Liang Xue's voice resounded in every corner of the base. Lin Fan nodded and raised his right hand. He started a timer.

According to the minimum requirements, after the assembly order is issued, the time for all personnel to arrive should not be longer than 10 minutes.

However, 10 minutes is not slow by any means. After all, this is a medium-sized starport. It will take you at least half an hour to run directly from one end to the other.

Fortunately, the crew’s dormitories are located close to the dock, otherwise, they couldn't even gather within half an hour.

About one minute later, all the personnel who were already on the dock had assembled.

Five minutes later, a large number of people ran into the dock from the inner area.

Seven minutes later, Liang Xue spoke.

"Reporting to Commander, all the personnel had assembled. All the 32,900 personnel are present."

'What the...' Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue with a little shock. This girl indeed has capabilities. Did she manage to check tens of thousands of people? This is really something.

After Lin Fan saw that everyone had gathered, he took two steps forward and adjusted the wristband on his right hand to amplify his voice. He started his speech.

"My colleagues, my name is Lin Fan, I am 19 years old this year, and I am also the new commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet."

Regarding what Lin Fan said, the officers and soldiers couldn't accept it.

19 years old? Colonel? The new fleet commander?

Is this a joke? Which big family arranged this?

The front line is in shambles right now and they are still fooling around and sending people like this as commanders?!

Actually, they are not to blame. After all, a 19-year-old colonel is just too abnormal. A 19-year-old fleet commander is even more abnormal.

For a while, everyone's eyes looked at Lin Fan in a bad light.

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