Chapter 8: Warp Engine.

(TL: Previously translated as Curvature Engine)

At the 27th medium-sized orbit Starport

Lin Fan looked at the tens of thousands of officers and soldiers who were looking at him with strange eyes. He smiled and continued his speech.

"Are you thinking, how could this guy become a Colonel at the age of 19, or how could this guy become the Commander of a fleet?"

"Are you wondering if this guy came from a big background and rich family?"

"Are you also thinking about why does this guy have the right to command us?"

Lin Fan looked around all the staff.

"Well then, I declare from here on out. As long as anyone can defeat me in a fleet simulation battle, he/she will be the new fleet commander!"

When tens of thousands of staff heard Lin Fan's words, they were immediately shocked. No fleet commander in their right mind would do that, right?

Could it be that they misunderstood and this overly young Colonel has real talent?

Come to think of it, Lin Fan... Why is this name so familiar?

The staff reacted at this time and felt that the name Lin Fan was familiar. They felt that they had heard it somewhere.

It was then...

A major standing in the front row suddenly remembered something, and a touch of excitement appeared in his eyes.



"I want to ask, did the Commander have a mock battle with Colonel Wood Scott last year?"

"Yes, I did have a mock battle with Wood Scott last year!"

The Major who asked the question got even more excited after getting Lin Fan's answer.

At this time, the other people also realized it.

Isn’t this the Lin Fan who wiped the floor with Colonel Wood Scott with only slight damage to his fleet last year? He is known as the terror of the Military Academy that only appear once in a thousand years.

No wonder he is a Colonel at the age of 19 and is also the Commander of a fleet.

Everything now makes sense. To think that they thought bad of him the first time...

"Anyone else who would like to ask a question?"



"I once heard that the artificial gravity generating device we are using is designed by the Commander. Is this true?"

"Yes, I made it!"

Everyone's shock increased even more. Most officers and soldiers don't care about these technical matters, let alone who designed the things. Only some who have some in technology will seek it out themselves.

Therefore, most people didn't know that Lin Fan had designed the artificial gravity generating device. Now that they come to know of it here, they were extremely shocked.

What is this? Not only is he a terror in commanding fleets, but he's also a terror in scientific research?

The previous unwillingness on everyone's faces completely disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with enthusiasm and admiration.

With such a Commander, they felt that their future is looking positive.

"If no one else has any questions, then this will be the end for today! Everyone return to your posts. I will let Adjutant Liang give specific orders later."


"Adjutant Liang, take me to see the research team arranged by Commander Liang!"


She still had an unchanged expression. She immediately turned her head after responding and left without any delay.

Lin Fan shook his head. He had a long way to go and immediately followed.

Soon after, the two came to a huge building in the centre of the StarPort. At this time, several white-haired elders were directing more than 100 people to unpack and debug various equipment.

Liang Xue led Lin Fan to an old man in a white coat who was about 70 years old.

"Professor Bai, this is the Commander of the base, Colonel Lin Fan."

"Oh? You are the Lin Fan that Liang Xingchen said to me? The designer of the artificial gravity generation device? This old man is named Bai Zihui."

"Hello Professor Bai, I will trouble you a lot from now on."

"Don't worry, I already agreed with Liang Xingchen that if you can't bring me any surprises, I will turn my head and leave!"


Lin Fan wondered how the people Liang Xingchen sent to him all had such bad tempers. Oh well, at least they are people who had abilities.

"No fret Professor Bai, I have a new design right here. I have prepared all relevant technologies. But since I am the Commander and I don’t have time for subsequent manufacturing and testing, please excuse me!"

"Huh? Let's take a look, let's talk about it!"

"Yes, I believe this will give you enough surprises!"

Lin Fan put his right hand into his pocket, took out a memory card and handed it to Bai Zihui.

This was prepared a long time ago, all the technical information has been stored in it.

After Bai Zihui took the memory card, he raised his right arm and inserted it into his wristband. He immediately read the information inside.

Looking at the neatly arranged various data folders, especially the names on those folders, Bai Zihui was taken aback.

Warp Engine design drawings, detailed explanation of space folding technology, related materials and formulas...

This... Bai Zihui has to admit that he was shocked. He immediately clicked on the Warp Engine design drawing and viewed it. He zoomed in through the holographic projection.

A few minutes later, Bai Zihui suddenly took a big step and came to Lin Fan. He stretched out his hands and grabbed Lin Fan's clothes directly.

"Uh... Professor Bai, calm down..."

"Calm down? Boy, do you know what you have just researched?"

"Of course I know!"

"Then you are taking this too lightly! This thing is enough to make you the greatest scientist in the Federation!"

Bai Zihui didn't just blabber nonsense and exaggerated things. What is the Warp Engine? This thing could allow the Federation's fleet to quickly navigate the universe without relying on the stars, meaning the distance between Star Systems will no longer be a problem.

With this, not to mention the others, at the very least, it can give the Federation's fleet the upper hand in the battle with the Ochs Empire.

At this time, the expression of Liang Xue changed for the first time. Who is Bai Zihui? He is a stubborn character who didn't even give her father Liang Xingchen face.

But now, he was so excited and he said that Lin Fan is the greatest scientist in the Federation?

What information did this guy show to Bai Zihui?

Liang Xue looked at Lin Fan, and suddenly a trace of curiosity appeared in her heart.

"Hello, Liang Xingchen?"

Bai Zihui has already contacted Liang Xingchen.

"Professor Bai, what's the matter?"

"What are you still doing? Immediately deploy manpower for me. I want more than ten times the current manpower."

"What happened?"

"What happened? This Lin Fan just gave a whale! It can't be done with just 100 people!"

"Lin Fan brought a whale?"

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