Chapter 6: Mars Base.

"Dear students, today, one of our students have completed the graduation assessment ahead of schedule and he will be personally awarded by Colonel Liang Xingchen!"

After Dean Li Fulai spoke, Liang Xingchen stepped onto the stage, and the audience instantly boiled.

"Who is the student? The Federation Army God will personally award him?"

"Colonel Liang Xingchen, humanity's hero! He's in front of me!"

"Isn't the information of Colonel Liang kept a secret? Is it okay for him to appear here?"

"Secrecy is for the outside world. We are from the military academy, and we are part of the federal fleet!"

"If I take photos, will I be arrested?"

"What do you mean?"

Watching Liang Xingchen take the stage, the audience was in chaos, and the whole auditorium is filled with murmurs.

"Be quiet!"

Dean Li Fulai yelled, and it soon turned silent. The Dean still has his Majesty, despite acting humble in private.

"You are soldiers. Have you forgotten the basic discipline of being a soldier? Alright, may I invite Lin Fan from the 55th Fleet Command Department to please come on stage."

So it was him? No wonder the Academy claims that he is a talent that is seen only once in a thousand years. No wonder Colonel Liang Xingchen personally came to award him.

Everyone immediately understood everything. After all, Lin Fan had long been known by everyone.

No one can compete with Lin Fan, even the instructors can't do it. He even abused the famous Colonel Wood Scott and that is just right next to Colonel Liang Xingchen.

Lin Fan's fame also doesn't just come from this. What's more terrifying is that in addition to his commanding ability, his researches also blinded everyone. And the researches were also not just in one subject but in each subject.

His most famous one is the artificial gravity device.

There was no gravity in the Academy a few years ago. But after Lin Fan designed an artificial gravity device, the Academy became no different from Earth.

Even the artificial gravity currently used in the Federal Fleet comes from Lin Fan's design.

Of course, regarding such situations, Lin Fan said that he didn't want any recognition. It just so happens that the System would give him technology every time he completed a task.

At this moment, Lin Fan had put on the black uniform of the Federal Fleet. He came to Liang Xingchen and saluted.

Liang Xingchen looked at Lin Fan and nodded in satisfaction. He turned around and picked up the medal from the tray held by his adjutant, and put it on Lin Fan.

"Congratulations! Starting today, you are an official soldier!"

"Thank you! I will live up to the Colonel's expectations."

At this time, everyone watching noticed something and was stunned. The medal on Lin Fan's shoulder is of that a Colonel!

Lin Fan is only 19 years old and he's a Colonel? No one has ever heard of a 19-year-old Colonel?

But thinking about it again, the students felt that it was reasonable. After all, whether it is Lin Fan's commanding ability or his contributions with his researches, he deserves it 

No one had any objections. All they felt were awe.

After the long silence, the whole auditorium burst into applause.

Lin Fan on the stage also got a little excited because the System prompt rang in his ears.


[Congratulations to the Host for completing Task 2: Raise rank to Colonel]!

[Obtained a vial of Gene Enhancement Potion (the Host can find it in the System Storage)]!

The Gene Enhancement Potion is something that has always been portrayed in various novels, film and TV shows, so how can Lin Fan not be excited?

But no matter how excited he is, he can't take it out now, and his expression also maintains seriousness.

Emma stared at Lin Fan on the stage blankly. While applauding, she spoke softly with a voice that only she could hear.

"I will go to the Mars Base and find you next year!"


At four o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen embarked on a journey to the Mars Base.

Three days later, the Haiyan-class Destroyer that Lin Fan boarded arrived at the Mars Base.

This is the first time that Lin Fan has come to Mars ever since he crossed worlds. The entire base is built on the orbit of Mars. It consists of a small space city with 38 large orbital starports and countless small and medium-sized ones. The Federation Fleets; including the 20,000 warships of the Fourth Fleet and countless civilian ships were stationed here.

Why are there so many civilian ships? The main reason lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is the only source of the Federation's current resources, they must make full use of it.

However, under the current situation, mining in the asteroid belt is dangerous.

Although the two sides have not fought since the 52nd year, the Ochs Empire is still sending small fleets into the asteroid belt to carry out sneak attacks. The main target of such attacks is the Federation’s resource mining ships.

Therefore, one of the main tasks of the Second Fleet is to patrol the asteroid belt and provide protection for the resource mining ships. Therefore, in the past six years, there have been countless small-scale battles in the asteroid belt.

Out of the 38 orbiting starports currently on the Mars Base, 18 are used by the resource mining and transport ships.

"Is this the Mars Base? It's spectacular!"

Lin Fan looked at the scene in front of him through the window of the warship. There were no less than 1,000 warships docked and it spreads as far as he could see.

Thinking that there are 19 of such military ports, Lin Fan couldn't help feeling excited.

Soon, the Destroyer docked in the port of the space city which was the headquarters of the Mars Base.

After getting off the ship, Liang Xingchen took Lin Fan to his office and asked his adjutant to notify Liang Xue to come.

Lin Fan didn't know who Liang Xue was, and didn't care too much either.

"This is your appointment, have a look."

After the adjutant went out, Liang Xingchen sat in his seat and handed over a document to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan took the documents and glanced at them. He was shocked, Liang Xingchen actually gave him a fleet right off the bat!

The content of the document is that with the recommendation of the commander of the Fourth Fleet, Colonel Liang Xingchen, Lin Fan was exceptionally promoted to Colonel of the Federal Fleet, and at the same time, he is assigned as the commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet of the Fourth Fleet.

"The 101st Mixed Fleet is the latest experimental fleet of our Fourth Fleet. There are 144 warships in total, which includes 9 Carriers, 9 Battle Cruisers, 18 Cruisers, 36 Destroyers, and 72 Frigates."

"In addition, the Mars Base will also allocate a medium-sized starport as the exclusive base for the 101 Mixed Fleet."

Hearing this, Lin Fan had doubts. A medium-sized orbital starport can dock 50 Battle Cruisers and 500 Destroyers.

And Liang Xingchen is telling him to use a medium-sized orbit as the exclusive base for the 101st Mixed Fleet?

This is quite strange. Do 144 warships need such a large starport?

"You are wondering why such a large starport is used as the exclusive base for the fleet, are you?"

"Yes, Commander!"

"This is because this new port was once an experimental port for warships, and it can only dock more than 100 warships. The area is full of all kinds of production workshops, understand?"

While talking, Liang Xingchen showed a meaningful look at Lin Fan.

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