Chapter 4: Exam Completed.

In the simulation cabin, Liang Xingchen looked at his fleet that had occupied the best attack position on the tactical panel, however, Lin Fan's fleet still did not respond.

He had always felt that something was wrong, just that he couldn't figure out the problem. Liang Xingchen encountered this situation for the first time.

No matter what, the meat is already in front of him. 

But when Liang Xingchen was about to launch an attack, he suddenly found that his fleet was attacked, and the firepower came from his right side.

Through the radar, Liang Xingchen discovered that three divisions (of a fleet) suddenly appeared on the right side of his fleet. There are 100 warships in total.

What's going on? Why does Lin Fan have 200 warships?

With doubts, Liang Xingchen once again took a look at the fleet upfront on the radar. It was then that his eyes suddenly widened.

The 100 warship-shaped dots on the radar were starting to disintegrate.

It can be vaguely seen that each warship-shaped dots is composed of dozens or even hundreds of small dots.

"So it's like this? Have I been calculated by you from the very beginning? Old Man Li has never enjoyed himself like in years now!"

"However, it is not that so easy to win!"

Liang Xingchen did not turn his fleet to the right and face the enemy but instead ordered his fleet to accelerate forward at the fastest speed.

At the same moment, in another simulation cabin not far away from him, Lin Fan was frowning.

In his prediction, Liang Xingchen would turn his fleet and face against his fleet. And in the process of turning, he will destroy at least 30% of Liang Xingchen's warships.

By that time, he would have the number advantage, and Lin Fan would have the confidence to win.

But Liang Xingchen didn't turn and instead accelerated forward.

After Lin Fang made work of his 20% Brain Development and calculated that if Liang Xingchen flees in a straight line, he will destroy at least 40% of the warships from the side during his escape. He could then go in pursuit.

And in the end, he would win this battle more easily!

But precisely because it's easier that Lin Fan was confused, is Liang Xingchen so incompetent? This way of fighting is very similar to the style of some incompetent people in the Academy!

A few minutes later, Lin Fan checked the radar feedback. The opponent had already lost 42 warships and was about to rush out of his attack range.

Although Lin Fan had a lot of doubts in his mind, the current situation does not allow him to think long. If he did not act immediately, he would not be able to give chase.

He temporarily put aside all the doubts in his heart and ordered his fleet to advance at full speed and start the pursuit.

100 intact warships chased 58 warships that were mostly injured. 

No matter how you look at it, Liang Xingchen has no hope. But Lin Fan just feels uncomfortable and always feels that he is missing something.

Soon Lin Fan's fleet caught up and was just right behind. But when he was about to launch another attack, he suddenly found an abnormality on the radar.

Behind his fleet, a large number of dots suddenly appeared, the number of which was at least 3,000, and they were quite close.

"Damn it, no wonder he didn't turn and sped up. He wanted to lead me into this position!!!"

Lin Fan suddenly understood Liang Xingchen's strange moves. When the opponent was accelerating. Whenever an asteroid blocked the opponent's fleet, it would release mechas and hide them there which ultimately lead to this situation.

No wonder Liang Xingchen was able to defend humanity singlehandedly. Lin Fan still has a lot to learn.

As for the result of this battle, Lin Fan has already calculated that his fleet would be slaughtered without resistance.

The guns on his warships are all types with slow firing speed and high power. Isn't it a joke to try and hit ultra-highly mobile mechas at close range?

Moreover, his mecha and drone units have gone too far, and it is too late to call them back. Even if Lin Fan want to attack Liang Xingchen's fleet, it is not that easy.

After all, the 5 aircraft carriers in Liang Xingchen's fleet are still intact, and there are still tens of thousands of mechas inside.

Mechas are the nemesis of warships once the former gets in close range.

If he continues pursuit and approaches the opposing fleet in a straight line, he will be destroyed by the opposing warships in the process, and the remaining half will be wiped out by Liang Xingchen's 10,000 mechas.

"I lost... hehe, this is the first time since crossed over to this world. He's indeed a military god!"

Looking at his warships being destroyed one after another, Lin Fan could only sigh and accepted his first defeat in this life.

Ten minutes later, the simulation was over. Liang Xingchen wiped out Lin Fan's 100 warships at the cost of losing 42 warships.

"Lin Fan, you are very good. This is the first time someone can make me suffer so much!"

Liang Xingchen walked out of his simulation cabin and said to Lin Fan who was saluting.

"Compared to Commander Liang, I am still far behind. The commander's last move was especially beautiful."

"What you lack is facing life and death. Only after you have experienced it, your tactics will mature. But then again, an Academy is an Academy. Come to the Mars Base where you can temper yourself!

"Yes, Commander!"

Lin Fan changed from calling him Commander Liang to just Commander. Although it was only one word less, it clearly expresses what Lin Fan means.

It means that he is willing to join the Mars Base and fight at the forefront of mankind!

Liang Xingchen looked at Lin Fan with satisfaction and nodded.

"Very good, I will sign your transfer order later, and I will grant you the title in the Academy in the afternoon. After that, you will return to the Mars Base with me after the award is completed."


Then the two came to the virtual observation hall together.

"How about it Little Liang, were you satisfied?"

Li Fulai had a smug look on his face.

"Teacher, don't tease me like that. Lin Fan is very good. I will give him the title in the afternoon and take him back to the Mars Base."

Liang Xingchen looked at Li Fulai's expression and smiled helplessly.

Teacher? Lin Fan and Emma were a little confused, is the Dean Commander Liang’s teacher?

Looking at the two in shock, Li Fulai said with a smile.

"You two don't need to look so shocked. He is in the 32nd batch of the Academy. He is your senior. But then again, the information of this guy is with 3S confidentiality, so it's normal that you don't know."

Right... Lin Fan felt that this explanation was reasonable.

Li Fulai then cleared his throat and put away his smirk, he spoke formally.

"I hereby announce that Lin Fan, a student of the 55th Fleet Command Department of the Interstellar Military Academy, has completed the graduation exam perfectly and passed!"

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