Chapter 3: Tactics.

Looking at Lin Fan's appearance, Li Fulai curled his lips.

Why isn't this kid like this when he's with me? Tsk, little bastard.

"Student Lin Fan, are you ready?"

"I am ready! Commander Liang, please start the assessment!"

Lin Fan responded loudly.

"Very well, let's start now. The scale of this simulated battle is 100 warships versus 100 warships. Both fleets are mixed in federal standards. Do you have any problem with this?"

"Replying to Colonel, there is no problem!"

"Very good, now enter the simulation command position, the assessment will start in 5 minutes!"


The Warfare Simulation System of the Academy uses holographic simulation technology. Although it is not as real as the virtual technology given by the System, it still gives a good sense of immersion.

A two-person simulation room is used in this assessment, there is two simulation cabin inside.

The observation deck is in the holographic hall on the second floor. The circular area surrounds a holographic projection of ​​about 600 square meters.

When Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen entered the simulation cabin, Li Fulai took Emma to the holographic hall and turned on the holographic projection device.

Soon, a starry sky appeared in the middle of the observation area. At the same time, there were two small fleets.

Lin Fan, who was in the simulation cabin, frowned.

"The asteroid belt! This is the most undesirable terrain!"

If it was in an open area, it would simply test one's abilities in Artillery Command, Evasive Command, and Formation Command. There are not many tactical aspects to it. After all, this is not the ground with various terrains for you to use. It is simply cut the opponents route, surround and so on.

That's why even if Lin Fan loses, Liang Xingchen will win a Pyrrhic victory.

But if they are in the asteroid belt, the main test here is the tactics that one uses, such as brainstorming various ways to outdo the opponent using the debris.

Lin Fan guessed that Liang Xingchen must have seen a lot of his warfare simulation data, and knew that his weakness was combat in the asteroid belt, that's why he deliberately chose this place as the assessment location.

"So you want to see what I can do in a terrain that I am not good at?"

After thinking for a while, Lin Fan roughly understood Liang Xingchen's intentions.

Indeed, Liang Xingchen's purpose was to see what method Lin Fan would use under the terrain that he was not used to.

However, there is one thing Liang Xingchen got wrong, and that is although Lin Fan is not good at battling in the asteroid belt, that was in the past.

How could Lin Fan, who has a System as a cheat, allow himself to continue to have such a big weakness?

Therefore, Lin Fan once asked the System to arrange a large number of asteroid belt combat simulations. It can be said that today, Lin Fan has already experienced hundreds of battles in such a terrain.

During this time, not only did Lin Fan come up with a variety of tactics, but he also became familiar with a large number of sophisticated tactics used by opponents.

If there is an ability rating for combat in the asteroid belt, Lin Fan believes that he is at least a B+ or even A- level.

"Let's start then!"

Lin Fan relied on his super-high intelligence and 20% Brain Development and thought about all possibilities and tactics that he could use. He then quickly issued orders to his crew.

On the second floor, in the virtual observation hall.

"Dean, what is Lin Fan planning to do? Before he found the enemy, he already sent out all the mechas and drones from the 5 aircraft carriers?"

"I also can't see through his plan, does he want to spread his mecha out for use as a scout? This little guy shouldn't be so stupid to do that, is he?"

The two looked at the screen projected in the observation hall. They were a little startled. They didn't understand what Lin Fan wanted to do.

A few minutes later, three thousand mechas and tens of thousands of drones were deployed in different formations in front of the fleet.

"Oh my god, this kid is such a genius. So the mecha and drone units can be used like this! How come no one has ever thought of it before? This is unprecedented!"

Looking at the mechas and drones, Li Fulai suddenly understood Lin Fan's intentions.

This is simply a mind-boggling idea. If it succeeds, Liang Xingchen might get overturned!

Looking at Li Fulai, who was flushed with excitement, Emma was a little confused.

"Dean, what is going on?"

"Hehe, haven't you seen it yet? You have to realize your problem, that is, you are too textbook and rigid. You have to learn from Lin Fan on this point."


"Don't try to deny it. Look at Lin Fan's mecha and drone units. What is the formation like?"


Emma looked at Lin Fan's fleet again. After a few seconds, her eyes suddenly widened, her face full of disbelief.

"It seems that you've now understood. That's right, Lin Fan used the mechas and drones to form formations that are shaped like the warships in his fleet."

"In other words, if you don't get close enough, when these mechas are detected, it is very likely that they will appear as warships on the radar."

"However, it will still depend on Lin Fan's layout and whether Liang Xingchen will be fooled by it."

Soon, Lin Fan's fleet divided into three groups, which were hidden in several dense asteroid areas nearby.

As for the camouflage fleet composed of mechas and drones, it was slowly moved to the right side.

Soon, Liang Xingchen's fleet in the observation area slowly approached.

"Look, the show is about to begin!"

"Lin Fan won't defeat General Liang Xingchen, will he?"

Emma felt surreal. What if Lin Fan wins? Colonel Liang Xingchen is the Legend of the Federal Fleet after all.

Li Fulai glanced at Emma and said lightly.

"Little girl, you think too much. Maybe Lin Fan can make Liang Xingchen eat defeat once, but it is still impossible to win."

On the third floor, inside the simulation room, in one of the cabin.

Liang Xingchen was looking at the radar in wonder.

He just sent a scout and easily discovered the position of the opposing fleet.

What made him even more puzzled is that the opponent's fleet is advancing slowly without any concealment, as if they were taking a stroll in the park. 

This is interesting. Even ordinary students should know that hiding themselves is the top priority when fighting in a complex environment such as the asteroid belt.

Did I look at him too highly? Liang Xingchen couldn't help but have some doubts. After all, he couldn't see any problems and all 100 warships of the opponents displayed on his radar.

Anyways, now that he has found the opponent, he has no reason not to attack.

Immediately after, Liang Xingchen commanded his fleet to move forward in concealment, going around behind the opponent's fleet.

More than ten minutes later, Liang Xingchen's fleet has appeared behind the 'Lin Fan's fleet', occupying the best attack position.

At this very same moment, in another simulation cabin not far from Liang Xingchen.

Lin Fan looked at the data given by the radar and smiled.

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