Chapter 2: Preparation.

In the Interstellar Military Academy, the students who were busily coming and going stopped at this moment and looked at a scene in shock.

A male student was carrying a female student, steadily moving forward.

This is not actually uncommon. After all, most of the students here are adults. It is normal to have relationships. It is also common for boys to carry their girlfriends.

The problem lies in the identity of the two. The boy was Lin Fan, and the girl was Emma.

The students who stopped and watched were shocked, and even some gritted their teeth. They were envious.

In the female student's perspective: "Lin Fan, why did you get seduced by that vixen Emma?"

In the male student's perspective: "Goddess Emma? Why is it like this?"

On the other end of the spectrum, Lin Fan and Emma didn't care about the current thoughts of the students around them.

One is thinking that she is injured and can't walk, while the other is confused and blushing, and was afraid to look up.

"Emma, ​​I am going to graduate tomorrow. The dean has arranged to have my graduation assessment tomorrow!"

Emma, ​​who had her head buried down and God knows what she's thinking, was shocked by Lin Fan's words and immediately woke up from her stupor.



These questions repeatedly echoed in her mind. Emma didn't know what was wrong with her, but she felt very uncomfortable and her chest was stuffy.

Feeling Emma trembling after hearing his words, Lin Fan smiled slightly.

This girl is not honest.

"After graduation, I will join the Mars Base. When you graduate next year, you can find me at the Mars Base!"


Emma responded to Lin Fan. Just that her voice was as small as a mosquito that Lin Fan barely heard it.

Soon, the pair arrived at the infirmary. Lin Fan then handed Emma over to the nurse and left.

Emma did not play any tricks at this time. She thinks that Lin Fan is going to prepare for the graduation exam tomorrow.

Even though Emma's conjecture is a bit off on 'how' he will prepare, she is still generally correct.

Lin Fan really wants to go back and make preparations. After all, the opponent for the assessment tomorrow is Liang Xingchen, a Living Legend.

Lin Fan guessed that Liang Xingchen’s Command Abilities is likely to average at A, and his individual abilities could probably even reach S.

As far as the Federation is concerned, Liang Xingchen's ability can be called at the level of the God of War.

Lin Fan wants to see what he can do against such an opponent!

"System, simulate a Level 5 Skirmish."


[The virtual battlefield has been activated]!

[Level 5 opponent has been established]!

[Simulation style: Skirmish]

[Entering in 10 seconds (Please prepare)]

At Level 5, the opponent's abilities are all at A.

Lin Fan believes that if he wants Liang Xingchen to recognize him as worthy in the exam tomorrow, he must show enough ability to grab his attention.

After all, his System Tasks are depending on this. Only by performing greatly can he complete the Tasks faster.

After listening to the System's prompts, Lin Fan closed his eyes as he laid on his bed. He soon lost consciousness.

When Lin Fan regained consciousness and opened his eyes, he was already within the bridge of a battleship.

Lin Fan skillfully operated the pieces of equipment in the Captain's position and checked the situation of his fleet. It was a 100 vs. 100 battle. Lin Fan had long become accustomed to these numbers.

"According to the report, the enemy fleet is 50 million kilometres away."


During this time, Lin Fan can't even count how many times he was abused anymore.

The time ratio between the virtual space and reality is 10:1.

In other words, Lin Fan's 15 hours, in reality, is a total of 150 hours in the virtual space. He fought 29 battles back to back to back.

"Sure enough, a level 5 opponent is still a reach at my current level."

Early in the morning, Lin Fan who was lying on the bed opened his eyes and said helplessly.

Though it does not mean that one night of abuse was not without results. In the last virtual battle, before Lin Fan was defeated, he managed to wipe out nearly 40 battleships of the opponent.



[The host's Formation Command is now A]!

[Brain Development: +2%]!

Lin Fan felt that his thinking became clearer again.

"Open the Properties Panel!"

[Host: Lin Fan]

[IQ: 380]

[Brain development: 20% (18% Before Reward)]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (B), Evasive Command (C), Formation Command (A), Mecha Command (C)]

[Task 1: Become a fully-fledged fleet commander, and command at least ten warships. (Completion Reward: Arc Engine Technology)]

[Task 2: Raise rank to Colonel. (Completion Reward: Gene Enhancement Potion, activate the Bodily Function Attribute Panel)]

"En, not bad. In terms of Formation Command, I should already be considered a master among humans."

Lin Fan silently evaluated his latest ability level. He raised his hand and looked at the time on the tactical bracelet. It's already past seven o'clock, it's time to start.

He took out a can of nutrient solution from the System Storage and downed it. This was the reward given by the previous task. With only one can, it can supplement the energy that humans need in a day. It is very convenient.

After putting on the student uniform neatly, Lin Fan left his dormitory and went to the Academy's Warfare Simulation Building.

As soon as he walked out of the Academy's residential area, he saw a beautiful figure standing there, it was Emma.

"Why are you here?"

"As your competitor, I think I must observe your graduation assessment."

This girl... she still couldn't be honest can she? She's back in her old ways. This really won't work long term.

"The status of the examiner who will be giving me the final assessment is a bit special, you probably won't be able to observe it."

"Isn't it General Liang Xingchen? I have already talked to Dean Li Fulai, and he also agreed with me to observe."


What can else Lin Fan say? But then again, she is the young miss of the Campbell family.

Emma's grandfather, Horn Campbell, is the current deputy commander of the Federal Fleet, and Li Fulai naturally has to give face.

In addition to that, Li Fulai also heard about Lin Fan carrying Emma to the infirmary yesterday, and after that, Emma came to find him wanting to observe Lin Fan's graduation assessment.

As an oldie who had experienced life, how can Li Fulai not understand what is going on? He can only sigh, it's really good to be young...

Soon, the two arrived at the Warfare Simulation Building. Dean Li Fulai and Colonel Liang Xingchen had already arrived.

"Federal Interstellar Military Academy, 55th Command Department, Student Lin reporting. I am ready for the graduation assessment, please give instructions!"

Lin Fan immediately assumed a military posture that was more standard than anyone else, it was simply impeccable and saluted Liang Xingchen.

Li Fulai has seen this yesterday so he felt okay.

But Emma next to him was dumbfounded. Is this really Lin Fan?

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