Chapter 5: The Truth Of The Front Lines.

Lin Fan received the graduation certificate from Li Fulai and was told that the Academy would hold an award ceremony for him at 3 pm. Lin Fan and Emma left the Warfare Simulation Building together.

"Are you leaving today?" Emma walked to Lin Fan's side and asked softly.

"En, the Colonel said he would take me away after the end of the afternoon."

"But the front line is right now... is..." Emma wanted to say something but Lin Fan stretched out his hand and covered her mouth.

"I know about the front line, I probably know more than you."

Emma stared at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes. She didn't understand why Lin Fan would know these. After all, such news should be blocked completely. It would be impossible to learn them if you're not in a big family like Campbell.

Although the Federation looked calm right now, it's actually not like that at all.

When mankind formed the Federation and began to journey the space, within a short period of more than ten years, the three star systems Proxima, Barnard, and Tianyuan have already been incorporated into the Federation.

For a while, mankind was like a navigator, finding and occupying stars left and right. But what they did not expect is that only a few years later, they will encounter the powerful Ochs Empire (previously translated as Ox).

It doesn’t matter who occupied a territory first as the universe is under the law of the jungle. Attacking another civilization doesn’t have the so-called 'righteousness' nor morality in its dictionary.

In the following thirty years, the Federation and the Ochs civilization fought countless wars.

From Tianyuan to Barnard, and then from Barnard to Proxima.

Finally, the three fleets outside the Federal solar system were wiped out, and at the same time, the three star systems of Proxima, Barnard, and Tianyuan were all lost.

At this point, the four main fleets of the Human Federation only have the fourth fleet stationed in the solar system.

The overall number of warships has also dropped sharply from 150,000 at its peak to 30,000, including 20,000 from the Fourth Fleet and 10,000 from the Guard Fleet.

While the Ochs Empire were marching forward towards the Federal solar system with 200,000 warships.

In the 52nd year of the federal calendar, the Ochs fleet entered the solar system. At that time, Liang Xingchen, who had just become the Colonel of the Fourth Fleet, withstood the pressure and ordered all the fleets to retreat to the Mars Base.

Liang Xingchen knew that with ten times the combat power difference, there was no chance of victory in the face of such an overwhelming enemy.

No matter how strong each troop they have, in a head-on battle, each troop can only at most go 1 vs 3. So their only chance is to use the asteroid belt and find opportunities to break through the enemy.

Soon, the Ochs Empire's fleet reached Jupiter. Only the asteroid belt kept the two sides apart.

Three months later, the 200,000 warships of the Ochs Empire entered the asteroid belt, and Liang Xingchen finally found an opportunity for an ambush.

The battle lasted for 3 days and finally ended with the loss of 8,000 warships from the Fourth Fleet and a loss of 80,000 warships from the Ochs Empire which made them retreat to Jupiter.

It was this battle that established Liang Xingchen's position as a God in the army.

For the sake of stability, the Federation purposely changed the number of destroyed enemy warships to 200,000 and publicized that they had defeated the Ochs Empire. This worked and made the people believe that the war was finally over.

However, the truth is that although the Ochs Empire suffered a great loss, there are still 120,000 warships stationed in Jupiter, and humans are still trapped in the asteroid belt and cannot get out.

Liang Xingchen's guessed that the reason why the Ochs Empire has not organized a second offensive in the past few years was because they are probably waiting for reinforcements.

Therefore, the current situation of human beings is quite unfavourable. Completely opposite of the peace that the Federation made it out to be.

"Don't worry, maybe when you come to the Mars Base next year, I will already be a star of the army."

"Hehe, you are 19 right now, next year you are only 20 and you want to be a star? You're thinking too much! Even Colonel Liang Xingchen became a Colonel at 28!"

"Then let's make a bet, if next year you arrive at the Mars Base and I have become a Colonel, be my girlfriend!"

"Who... who wants to make this bet with you!" Emma's face turned red. She turned around and ran away.

"Aiii, really dishonest! Anyways, I'm leaving in the afternoon, I have to tell old man the news!"

Lin Fan returned to his dormitory and was ready to pack up. But first, there is something he must do before packing and that is calling his father.

Soon, the communicator was connected, and a majestic voice sounded.

"Lin Zhen here!"

"It's me."

"Say it!"

"I just completed the graduation assessment in advance. After the awarding in the afternoon, I will follow Colonel Liang Xingchen to the Mars Base."

"Did you?"

"Really old man? Can you not cherish your words like this every time?"

"I have a lot to say to you brat, but I can't. I'm very busy, so hurry up!"

"When are you not busy?"

"Do you think I am like you? Don't think I don't know, you stinky boy sleep all day in the Academy!"

"What's wrong with sleeping, sleeping makes me happy, sleeping makes me strong, and no matter how much I sleep, I am still first!"

"You!! Stop annoying me."

Although he was angry, Lin Zhen really couldn't refute it. Despite Lin Fan always sleeping, he is indeed better than anyone else in the Academy.

This guy is always looking for opportunities to sleep all the time, but the problem is that this guy really gets stronger while sleeping. After a few years of sleep, even all the instructors of the entire Academy are not his opponents.

Lin Fan was a very well-behaved and hard-working child, but it has become like this when he grew up.

Lin Zhen became angrier the more he thought about it.

"Okay, old man, I'm here to say goodbye to you, who knows if we will have a chance to talk again in the future, right?"

Lin Zhen was silent. Others don't know. But how could he not know what's going on the front line? He is the president of the Federation for God's sake!

Regarding Lin Fan, Lin Zhen does not want his status to have a bad influence on Lin Fan’s growth, so he kept Lin Fan’s information confidential. The information disclosed to the outside world is revised and false data.

Hence, even Dean Li Fulai did not know that Lin Fan was the son of the Federal President.

For a while, neither of them spoke, and it was just silence.

"Be careful, I don't want somebody bringing back a corpse."

"You should pay more attention to your body!"


The conversations between Lin Zhen and Lin Fan had always been like this. Although it seems that they are fighting all day long, they are actually very concerned about each other. To put it simply, this is their unique way of communication.

After that chat, Lin Fan began to clean up. Seeing that he still had time left, he laid down on the bed and went to sleep, oh no, it was training!

At three o'clock in the afternoon, in the central auditorium of the Academy, all the students and instructors were gathered for the award ceremony.

From the students perspective, they are quite dazed. Isn’t the award ceremony only held once a year? Why are they having another ceremony now? Who is being awarded?

Not to mention the students, even the instructors are all confused.

When Dean Li Fulai came up on stage, everyone quieted down. 

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