Chapter 7: First Kill.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

The 500 EXP made Qian Lingfeng's Level jump from 0 to 3. Due to insufficient EXP to level up more, he still has 90 EXP remaining. He also now has 12 AP (Attribute Points).

Qian Lingfeng thought for a moment, and then decided to do half and half. Six went to Strength, while the other six were added to Agility.

His Strength stat then changed from 9 to 15, and his Agility stat changed from 13 to 19. Qian Lingfeng suddenly felt a force spread throughout his body and he felt as if he was brimming with power! 

He gently skipped and he suddenly bounced twice. Power was evident, and sudden lightness filled his body. His current stats overwhelmed the enemy, and felt that he could easily tear that zombie to pieces!

But he didn't open the door immediately and rushed over. Although he had leveled up and used his AP, he still doesn't know how strong the zombie in front of him was. Sometimes stats and data does not mean everything. If he were to suddenly rush out, with his miniscule combat experience, he would easily die in the opponent's hands. When that time comes, it will be too late for regret.

Qian Lingfeng thought. 'Should he open the door, let the zombie in and then fight? Or should he jump out from the window that's next to the door and then fight?’

But at this moment, Qian Lingfeng suddenly had another idea. 

"Motherf*cker, don’t zombies love chasing sound? If that’s the case, I can take advantage of this! This zombie should be relatively easy to kill...” Thinking about this, Qian Lingfeng’s eyes flashed a glint. 

He quietly walked to the window next to the door leading to the balcony, and then knocked the glass on the window twice with the handle of the fruit knife. The sound of the knife handle and the glass hitting against each other was clear and crisp. Qian Lingfeng also tried to use his voice to lead the zombie away from the door and towards the window.

According to the usual trope from anime, novels, TV, and movies, and basing on the zombie's poor intelligence on the its stat list, they are generally blind and dumb, but quite sensitive to sound.

Hence he used sound to lead the zombie to the window to kill it, an undoubtedly a safer method than his two previous ideas. At least it is much safer than facing the zombie head on. 

Hearing the sound he's making, the zombie suddenly stopped hitting the door, and then awkwardly moved towards the window.

The zombie then slammed the window, making a loud noise. This scared Qian Lingfeng. Fortunately, the window was relatively strong and is made of the same material as the door, and didn't shatter immediately. Although Qian Lingfeng was surprised by the power of this zombie, he didn't dare to hesitate anymore.

Looking at the blood stains on the transparent glass and the horrible face of the zombie, Qian Lingfeng knew that his good friend was really dead, and this 'thing' was just a mindless zombie!

He gritted his teeth and opened the window halfway. After hearing the sound of the window opening, the zombie slammed its head again excitedly. But unlike before, there was no glass to hit and its head just went straight through the opening of the window. Its head got stuck as it continued to move forward, but it was useless since its body was blocked outside.

Due to the violent force of the zombie slamming in, the zombie's upper body rammed into the wall, making blood spatter on Qian Lingfeng's face. 

But despite the blood and stench on his face, Qian Lingfeng's instinct seemed to have ignored these subconsciously. Without any more hesitation, he seized the opportunity and stabbed the head of the zombie! 

One strike! Two strikes! Three strikes!

White brain matter, dark red blood mixed with minced meat and spewed out of the zombie's head, splashing on Qian Lingfeng's face! 

He still didn't care about these though. He stabbed the zombie three times, the first strike dealt [51 points of damage], the second strike dealt [65 points of damage], and the third dealt [92 points of damage] which was in red text in Qian Lingfeng's eyes!

After three stabs, the zombie's body hung on the window motionless. The blood and gore stained the wall.

After successfully killing the zombie, the courage and strength that Qian Lingfeng showed just seconds before suddenly disappeared, and his mind was now in chaos. He staggered back and fell sitting on the ground!

When he fell to the ground, there was red text [-3] floating in front of his eyes, but Qian Lingfeng didn't feel pain in his butt. Instead, not to mention feel anything, his whole consciousness seems to have flown out of this world. 

It was his first time killing someone. Moreover, the person he killed was his friend, whom he just laughed and joked around with just not long ago. Although his friend had become a zombie and Qian Lingfeng also made up his mind when he killed it; but now that the killing is over and as he looked at the corpse hanging on the window, Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but be stunned and blanked out.

However, after staying frozen and looking at the blood and brain matter stupidly for a while, Qian Lingfeng's expression suddenly changed. He immediately became anxious. He straightened up abruptly and took out his phone.

"If Little Aunt became a zombie? What about the others? How are my parents?!!!"

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