Chapter 6: Friend. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

While thinking, Qian Lingfeng frowned slightly as he analyzed the strength gap between the enemy and himself, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides. Then Qian Lingfeng came up with an idea. That is, to use his Level 5 Skill [Super Smut].

This zombie’s health is 160 points in total, and the damage of [Super Smut] is 50 points of True Damage. From this alone, it's clear that a single blow is far from reaching a 'One Hit  Kill' effect.

However, if it's the zombie’s head that's hit, it will deal double damage and if he manages to activate the 50% damage increase effect of [Super Smut], the damage bonus in total could reach more than 3 times, and the zombie would be dead with one move! 

'In Resident Evil, weren't the zombies killed by headshots?' 

As this thought flashed through his mind, Qian Linfeng used [Super Smut]. 

"This zombie is only a Novice Guidance Task. The Novice Guidance Task's purpose is to familiarize myself with combat. I have to use my arsenal wisely, otherwise what would I do if I encounter real danger and difficulties? Will I just die then?" 

He exhaled a long breath and his eyes became firm, "Alright, let's try this."

Qian Lingfeng didn’t know how this zombie appeared on the balcony, but faintly, his instinct told him that there will be more danger! It seems that getting the Steel Shell System was not as simple as just being 'lucky'!

Putting down the thoughts in his heart, Qian Lingfeng cautiously faced the zombie again. Before, he was in a panicked state and hadn't looked at it properly.

Moreover, he has [Sage Eye]. Since he was fighting, there was no doubt that it was the correct decision to carefully observe his opponent.

Qian Linfeng watched the zombie hit the door forcefully. Although it made a huge noise every time it did so and it looked scary,  this door was quite strong and there were no signs of it breaking anytime soon.

He looked at the zombie from top to bottom, trying to find the zombie’s weakness. But as he looked at the zombie’s appearance, Qian Lingfeng suddenly felt it looked somewhat familiar  and frowned. So he looked carefully at its pale and deformed face. Although the big blood-stained mouth was quite scary, the feeling of familiarity became stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, an unpleasant feeling arose in Qian Lingfeng's heart, and the speculation that he had deliberately put aside seemed to have been verified. His face became ugly.

His heart trembled and finally recognized the zombie’s clothes. Although the clothes appeared to be quite tattered, but faintly, Qian Lingfeng can still determine the identity of the zombie. The zombie was "Little Aunt!"

"Little Aunt" was his dormmate who lives in the dormitory next to him. He's literally only one wall away. Because Little Aunt was from Sichuan, and he loves chasing after "Little Aunts," he was nicknamed as "Little Aunt." 

"Little Aunt" was a friend of Qian Lingfeng. Although it was true that Little Aunt lives in the dormitory next door, because the school had two dormitories sharing a balcony, the two of them usually come and go frequently as if they were in one dormitory.

Recognizing the identity of this zombie, Qian Lingfeng's mind was a mess again. As he was thinking about what could've happened, Qian Lingfeng's determination instantly withered.

"Little Aunt! Little Aunt!!!" Qian Lingfeng yelled hard, hoping for the tiniest bit of hope that Little Aunt would restore his humanity. 

The zombie heard his yelling, but not only did it not show the slightest sense of reason, it started to hit on the door even harder!

It seems that for it, Qian Lingfeng was just a delicious meal. 

Seeing the crazy response from "Little Aunt", Qian Lingfeng was taken aback, and a feeling of sadness dawned on him. At this moment, he didn't know what to do.

They were just laughing together not long ago, but his friend suddenly became a member of the walking dead. It was absolutely impossible to not feel sad about it. He was silent for a while. 

Qian Lingfeng finally understood the scene from Resident Evil II. In the movie, a person tied up a zombie, looking forward for the zombie to recover eventually... 

"F*ck it!!!" Qian Lingfeng roared wildly in his heart. His suppressed emotions erupted like a volcano, and the killing intent that had withered just now burst out again! 

"This is a monster, this is a monster! He's not Little Aunt! I have to kill him!!!" There was fire in his eyes. 

Qian Lingfeng opened the drawer of his desk, and took out a stainless steel fruit knife!


[Name: Fruit Knife] 

Effect: Increase attack power by 5-8.

Description: There is a certain chance to cause a continuous bleeding effect to the target hit.


The Basic Attack Power of a person is related to Strength. A weapon can increase a person's Attack Power. The higher the increase, the higher the damage caused.

Now having a sharp weapon in his hand, the inexplicable anger and killing intent of Qian Lingfeng intertwined. His courage suddenly increased by a lot. He watched the zombie hitting the door and felt sad for this former friend, but in the end, he made up his mind.

He opened the System, and used all the 500 Experience Points to Level Up his Level. If he chose to upgrade a Skill, the EXP needed would be too huge, so currently, there was no doubt that upgrading his Level is the best choice.

[TL: I probably missed the point of why his friend was called Little Aunt (or Little Menstruation), but it's not related to the story anyways so I didn't delve into it deeper.] 

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