Chapter 5: Zombie. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Qian Lingfeng, who was still in the middle of fantasizing, was startled. He reflexively followed the direction of the noise. But when he saw what the source was, he was shocked to the core!

A zombie-like creature that seemed to have come out of the world of Resident Evil, was hitting the door of the balcony! 

It was bloody, with its five fingers twisted unnaturally. It's face was pale and had white zombie-like eyes. Its mouth was wide open, and its lower lip had mostly disappeared somewhere, as if had been ripped off. There was a lot of blood in its mouth, and there seemed to be traces of meat!


There was another violent impact! The red blood splashed on the glass of the door. The glass that had just been polished for the school inspection, was instantly gruesomely sullied. 

Qian Lingfeng, who was originally excited about getting the System, forgot about it and just froze.

His two eyeballs were about to pop out, as he stared hard at the zombie-like creature hitting the door. He started breathing heavily and the sound of his heartbeat was clearly audible at this moment.

In some of his free time, Qian Lingfeng liked to watch horror movies. He has seen several major horror films such as "Reaper is Coming", "Resident Evil", "Black Friday" and "Silent Hill", and with this, he prides himself as bold and not easily frightened.

But that didn't mean a thing right now. Once you actually saw a blood-stained zombie in the real world, under such a strong visual impact, could you still remain calm as if nothing happened?!

Typically a protagonist would just take out a weapon and cut the zombies easily! However, such a realm of courage is not attainable by mere mortals. At least, was not the realm that an ordinary otaku like Qian Lingfeng can reach. 

Maybe a well-trained special force soldier can keep calm and take corresponding measures immediately, and maybe a forensic college student who is keen on dissecting dead bodies can also do the same thing; but Qian Lingfeng was neither of the two! 

Qian Lingfeng was really scared. He wasn't some protagonist that can't be measured with common sense. 

At this moment, a crisp "Ding" suddenly sounded in Qian Lingfeng's mind. Maybe it was because of the sound, he took a deep breath and he finally recovered!

His body's instinct felt the arrival of the crisis. Qian Lingfeng’s adrenaline was instantly pumped to the maximum, and he was relieved from his frozen/sluggish state. His brain also became empty.

However, this emptiness does not mean that he was completely scared out of his wits, but instead all the distracting thoughts disappeared. He became sober. 

Some people, under tremendous pressure, sometimes have a complete break through themselves; forget all distracting thoughts, and reach the point of extreme agility in thinking!

Just like in the college entrance examination, when some candidates start, for some reason, their minds are chaotic and unable to answer questions; but when the end of the exam is approaching and they are put under extreme pressure, some of them will suddenly forget everything and their thinking becomes extremely quick.

Many questions that they could not answer before, can be answered with just a glance. The correct answer to the question will appear in front of you! This was the superhuman state that a person can break through, to achieve self-realization under tremendous pressure! At this moment, Qian Lingfeng has entered such a state!

"Ding~ Novice Guidance Task Triggered!"

"Ding, automatically accepted the task: "Novice Guidance Task", this task cannot be given up and cannot be shared!”

[Task Goal: Kill a Strong Zombie! (0/1 Unfinished)]

[Mission Completion Reward: Unknown]

[Mission Failure Penalty: None]

It seems that the System already considered the user to be in a frightened state, hence the Novice Guidance Task was automatically accepted. But for the current Qian Lingfeng, he didn't have the heart to think about this right now. At this moment, the distracting thoughts in the Qian Lingfeng's mind have completely disappeared; only the Novice Guidance Task and the zombie in front of him were left!

His eyes flashed brightly, and he quickly browsed the content of the task. And before he knew it, all kinds of thoughts flashed in his mind. He quickly considered various situations, and after weighing them, Qian Lingfeng had made a quick decision to kill this zombie!

However, he didn't just rush in. He activated "Sage Eye", and the attributes of the zombie appeared in front of Qian Lingfeng's eyes instantly:

[Name: Strong Zombie (Zombie Type Creature)]

[Level: 3]

[Health Points: 160/160]

[Mana Points: 20/20]

[Hunger: 89/100]

[Strength: 15]

[Intelligence: 2]

[Stamina: 16]

[Agility: 5]

[Equipment: None]


[Skill: Elementary Devour (Active)]

[Description: Biting into flesh and blood grants life power and restore a certain amount of health. At the same time produce, 20 basic damage output to the target! This skill has a 90% chance of infecting the target creature with a Biochemical Virus. After swallowing a certain amount of fresh and blood, there is a chance to produce unknown evolution! No MP consumption. No cooldown.]


[Skill: Immortal Body (Passive)]

[Description: When other parts of the body, other than the head are attacked, there will be no reduction in HP! But if the head is hit, receive 2x damage. No MP Consumption. No Cooldown.]


Turns out that it was a Level 3 Zombie. It's physical (Strength and Stamina) attributes were above Qian Lingfeng's. At this moment, Qian Lingfeng felt the situation to be a bit tricky. The most important thing was the zombie's skills, "Elementary Devour" and "Immortality Body." Both were relatively difficult to handle. Fortunately, the agility of this zombie was very low. 

But even so, the Zombie still has 160 HP which is not small.

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