Chapter 4: Delicious Experience Dan. 

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According to Qian Lingfeng's many years of experience in playing video games, a novice gift typically contains a novice suit (armor) and a recovery potion. Also, the quantity should never be just one item, it should be a complete set!!!

Qian Lingfeng chewed the Experience Dan as if he was eating candy. 

"Ah~ It's chicken flavoured. It's crunchy and crispy~" While Qian Lingfeng was relishing the savory taste of the Experience Dan, the words "Experience Points +500" floated before his eyes. 

He re-opened the character status page, and saw that after using/eating the Experience Dan, his [Available Experience Points] changed from A Cute Egg (0) to 500.

From 0 to 500, this was an amazing jump. Qian Lingfeng was very happy from this progress. 

The needed Experience Points to Level Up was only 40, Qian Lingfeng had the urge to try and Level Up.

But in the end, reason defeated his curiosity and impulsivity. Qian Lingfeng had experience in not acting rashly. After all, as a veteran otaku, he knows that the use of Experience Points is sometimes more than just for Leveling Up.

For example, skills also needed to be Leveled Up with Experience Points. There were just many small intricacies that will inevitably show later. So if he acted rashly, he will certainly miss something. Since he had just obtained the Steel Shell System, it is most important to be familiar with it for the time being. He can always Level Up at any time later anyways, there was no need to rush.

Despite this gain of EXP, Qian Lingfeng was still depressed. That one Experience Dan was far from enough to satisfy him. 

"Can't there be more ? And it was so delicious too... F*ck you, you stingy f*ck!"

After cursing and pulling out his middle finger at the System, Qian Lingfeng opened the [Skill's] Page.


[Talent Skill: Sage Eyes (Support Skill)]

Level: 1 *100 Experience Points is required for Level Up

Description: User can get insight of the basic information of creatures less than or equal to 10 levels of the user's own level. No MP consumption, no cooldown.


[Skill: Rough Learning Efficiency (Passive Skill)]

Level: 2 *240 Experience Points is required to Level Up

Description: This is a passive skill. It has a 20% trigger rate. Each time you complete the final kill, you will get 3x Experience Points. No cooldown.


[Skill: Desperate Glut (Active Skill)]

Level: 3 *620 Experience Points is required to Level Up

Description: After using this skill, HP will be instantly restored by 20% of the total HP. Cooldown is 200 minutes, MP consumption is 30 points, Hunger will be reduced by 10%.


[Skill: Super Smut (Active Skill)]

Level: 5 *2840 Experience Points is required to Level Up

Description: After casting this skill on a target, the target will receive 50 points of True Damage! Cooldown is 120 minutes, MP consumption is 40 points.

*If the target is female, the damage of this skill is increased by 50%. If the target is male, the damage of this skill is reduced by 50%.


"I have four Skills right off the bat!" This discovery made Qian Lingfeng overjoyed. After all, based on general game knowledge, it's already considered good if you have 1 initial Skill!"

But what made Qian Lingfeng feel pain was that the Experience Points required for the Skill Level Ups were too terrifying! 100 Experience Points was already needed for the first Level Up, what about the next ones? To think that he got cocky just for a mere 500 Experience Points, he was really naive. 

"Fortunately, my current Skill levels are not low, I don't need to level them up for the time being." Qian Lingfeng sighed and comforted himself. Though, there was actually still the other half of the sentence that he did not say: 'Even if I want to level them up, I don’t have that many Experience Points...' 

Anyways, going back to the four Skills and looking at their effects, Qian Lingfeng thinks that all of them were pretty good. More importantly, these Skills seem to be a set!

The Sage Eyes Skill can help him probe enemies or things, while the Rough Learning Efficiency Passive Skill can speed up his level increase. Both were technically Support Skills. His Active Skills, Desperate Glut and Super Smut were both a Healing Skill and a Damage/Attack Skill respectively. Moreover, Super Smut was already at Level 5! 

Basically, his four skills covered all aspects: from Information, to Leveling Aid, to Healing and Attack. They were very good as a set.

Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but nod to himself in delight. As the name suggests, the Talent Skill like his Sage Eyes should be determined by the person's talent, while the other three Skills are like professional skills. Example, his student profession. 

What made Qian Lingfeng somewhat surprised was that being a student actually gave him a Skill. From his years of gaming experience, the Learning Skill of being a student will come in handy in the long run! 

After checking the [Skills] Page, he checked the last one, the [Task] Page. After clicking on it, he was surprised that the entire light green screen was empty.

"It seems that I haven't gotten any tasks yet." Qian Lingfeng thought. 

As he got more familiar with the System, Qian Lingfeng felt excitement. In the dream, what the Voice explained was only the basic operations, such as how to open the operation interface and the purpose of each page. The Voice really didn't delve deeper, and it's still just the basic stuff. Qian Lingfeng still has to explore the nook and crannies himself.

And although the kind, honest, and friendly Qian Lingfeng admits that the self-proclaimed "Steel Shell Fairy BX137768's" voice was very sweet that it made his bones soft, but unfortunately, her language isn't clear and her wording was strange. 

At this moment, when Qian Lingfeng was thinking about how to dig deeper into the functions of the System, how to improve his level, and so on and so forth, a loud bang suddenly came from outside the dormitory balcony! 

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