Chapter 8: The Situation Outside. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Qian Lingfeng tremblingly turned on his phone and stared at the screen motionlessly. Currently, it was showing more than 20 missed calls and dozens of short unread messages!

"When I got the System, I should've fainted for a whole day. And during that time, Little Aunt became a zombie. I'm afraid that this is definitely not a coincidence. Something bad is probably happening in the whole world right now!"

Thinking of the situations that happen in apocalypse novels he had read, and the many missed calls and unread text messages, Qian Lingfeng's hands that's holding the phone trembled. His parents... He quickly read some of the details of the messages and calls first.

It was as he thought. In the more than 20 missed calls, most were from his parents, and a few were from relatives and friends. In addition, there were two that were unknown numbers.

He felt anxious. Qian Lingfeng guessed that something must have happened to his parents, otherwise they wouldn't have called him so many times! They were worried about him because they encountered a problem themselves!

Thinking of this and thinking of how his parents immediately thought of him whilst in danger, Qian Lingfeng couldn't help feeling sour, a mixture of worry and anxiety filled his mind.

He opened his contacts and immediately called them, but even after three seconds the call didn't start. Qian Lingfeng looked at his phone and he almost threw his phone down from what he saw. 

"Motherf*ckers, you lot are motherf*cking bloodthirsty leeches when it comes to phone bills, but you provide sh*tty service! What the f*ck do you mean that there is no signal?!!! Bullsh*t!"

Without signal, Qian Lingfeng couldn't call them. After cursing, he bowed his head downcast, that's when he suddenly thought of something. He quickly began to read the pile of unread text messages.

There were many senders, but the most frequent messages were from his parents and the telecommunications company.

In the short messages sent by his parents, they told Qian Lingfeng about the situation from the beginning of the chaos and their situation step by step. Of course as they narrated, they worried about their son and also asked Qian Lingfeng about his situation, and urged Qian Lingfeng to reply. However, the signal was now interrupted and Qian Lingfeng could not reply to any of the messages anymore.

As for the short messages sent by the telecommunications company, the first one showed that he needs to recharge as soon as possible. But that's not important, as the next few messages were. The messages surprised Qian Lingfeng as they all relayed the chaos that was happening, and reminders to the public!

After reading all of this, Qian Lingfeng finally understood the general situation.

He doesn't exactly know when the chaos started, but he guessed that it may have started at noon yesterday, around the same moment the System loaded.

The end had come and the apocalypse descended on Earth. It was relatively okay at the beginning, but suddenly some people seemed to go crazy. Their eyes turned red, and they began biting at the people around them. And then quickly, those who were bitten, joined the crazy biting army like a virus!

This situation seems to be the same one in 'The Walking Dead,' the situation suddenly became bad in a short period of time!

But fortunately, many people have knowledge about this as they have watched movies, read novels, and played games with themes such as Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. So this kind of biochemical apocalyptic scene was quickly realized by the people who knew the genre. Although it's hard to imagine that it's actually happening in real life, people began to take countermeasures!

But alas, the terrifying infecting capability of the virus and the initial surprise already made the situation become somewhat irreversible. Simply put, people realized it a little too late. 

Zombies were now everywhere. Even in the army, many have become zombies. It started with one biting ten, then ten biting a hundred, and so on and so forth as the virus spread rapidly!

Under this circumstance, it was difficult for human beings to resist the invasion of zombies, especially in China, a country where guns are banned and knives are controlled. Sure there are law enforcers, but at this time of chaos, they were not enough to face a horde of zombies without preparation!

And this was not even the worst. What’s even worse, is that the end of humanity on Earth seems to have really come. As soon after the arrival of the virus, with a large number of zombies being created, the original poultry, livestock, and various animals also began to change! One by one, they suddenly swelled into huge murderous monsters!!! 

These mutated animals were officially called Mutants!

At the same time, the disaster did not mean to stop. The ground began to crack everywhere, and huge insect-like monsters began to appear!

These insects were crazy and bloodthirsty, they were huge in number, and their individual strength was quite powerful. Some of them can fly, some can breathe fire, and some can even emit lasers!

Their combat effectiveness was extremely strong, and in terms of defensive capabilities, their shells can't even be penetrated by bullets. What's terrifying, was that these monsters were bloodthirsty to the extent that they would not only eat people and animals, but even zombies. These horrendous monsters will let none go!

With the appearance of zombies, mutants, and insects, all of a sudden human beings became completely fragile, and there was even a momentum for their extinction!

Although the three monster parties also fought against each other, there was no doubt that the real victims were humans. Countless humans died quickly! At this moment, life really seems worthless!

Knowing the situation, Qian Lingfeng stood up and ran to the balcony window. He looked outside and trembled. There were blood stains everywhere, downstairs and under the dormitory building. In the open space, a bit further away on the cement road in the distance, there are horrifying zombies wandering everywhere!

Hearing is fictitious, but seeing is believing. At this moment, Qian Lingfeng, in his heart, was beyond anxious and frightened. He tried to restrain all the negative emotions in his heart. He panted, sat down and leaned against the wall as he continued to watch the dreadful scene.

Qian Lingfeng began to think of the upside... When the chaos began, his parents were lucky and did not get infected by the virus. At least, knowing this somewhat relieved him. 

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