Chapter 3: Steel Shell System. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Before Qian Lingfeng could swear, the black computer screen suddenly bursted into bright white light. Then, in the next moment, amidst the dazzling light, Qian Lingfeng lost consciousness and he plopped on the desk!

"Steel Shell System has been activated. User authentication license is completed. The First-Class Intelligent Creature meets the user requirements according to the relevant regulations!”

“Steel Shell System 2.0 will start loading! 1%... 2%... 100%! System loading completed! Steel Shell System 2.0 is now effective!”

“Welcome to Steel Shell System Version 2.0!”

“This system is provided by the Gangzhou Zhouji Group Co., Ltd., and the intellectual property rights are owned by Gangzhou Zhouji Group. Please do not carry out relevant illegal operations before obtaining authorization, otherwise the Group will submit it to legal adjudication! Finally, I hope that the user is satisfied!"


Qian Lingfeng felt as if he had just woken up from a dream. He raised his head and sat up straight. He stared at the computer in front of him in a daze.

In the dream, Qian Lingfeng clearly remembered that he seemed to have acquired an Intelligent Biological Combat Aid Evolution System called "Steel Shell 2.0".

At the same time, a sweet girl's voice calling herself "Steel Shell Service Elf BX137768" gave him a brief explanation of some simple preliminary usage of this "Steel Shell 2.0 System".

The computer screen was black, but the standby indicator of the power supply is still on. Qian Lingfeng recalled something in his memory. He then turned on the computer, and then moved the mouse to the lower right. The time displayed was 10:35 am!

Compared to the time when he fainted, the time seems to have gone backwards for more than an hour... But then, he suddenly noticed the date. Qian Lingfeng gave a wry smile, it seemed to be the next day already!

"Motherf*cker, I was out for more than 20 hours. What f*cking system? Is that even true?!!" 

At loss for words, he subconsciously tried saying the phrase that the sweet voice said to him in his dream. 


The next moment, a mass of green light suddenly unfolded out of thin air. The green light fluttered, and a rectangular light screen interface appeared. It was very similar to the menu interface of some stand-alone games. It was divided into four columns: [Status], [Items], [Skills] and [Tasks].

"Bonkers!" Qian Lingfeng's mouth was wide open, gaping in shock. But the next second, Qian Lingfeng's heart suddenly flooded with ecstasy as if he had hit the jackpot in the lottery!

"What the f*ck? There's really a System! The same System with those MC's! I have one for myself!" 

As an otaku, Qian Lingfeng was naturally 'cultured' when it comes to novels, games, anime, and even AV's. In novels, even if you're born useless, you'll still dominate the world with a System! World Crossing System, Rebirth System and other various types of Systems. 

To simplify it, those with and without a System was like night and day. You're basically invincible, and are able to woo all kinds of sisters.  

Qian Lingfeng thinks that with a System, just like the protagonists of those novels, he would also be able to rise up in life. He'll certainly do his best to achieve that. Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but laugh with an extremely obscene expression. 

"F*ck yes! It only took 21 years... 21 years! This boss finally found his fortune! This boss's life will change!" 

After a few minutes of extreme excitement, Qian Lingfeng, who was so happy that he forgot his last name, quickly restrained his excited mood. He has to familiarize with the advantages of the System first! Although he had already heard a little introduction in his dream, it's still better to familiarize himself.

He started by clicking on the status interface first:

[Name: Qian Lingfeng]

[Occupation: Student *Hadn't Undergone Job Change Yet]

[Hunger: 71/100 *If Hunger reaches 0, the user will die]

[Health Points: 80/80 *If HP reaches 0, the user will die]

[Magic Points: 110/110 *If MP reaches 0, the user will fall into a coma]

[Character level: 0]

[Strength: 9(10)] 

[Intelligence: 11(10)]

[Stamina: 8(10)]

[Agility: 13(10)]

[Available Attribute Points: 0]

*The data in parenthesis () refers to the average value of the same species on the same planet.

[Equipment: None] 

[Experience Points required for Level Up: 40]

[Available Experience Points: 0 *Level Up conditions are not yet met]

Looking at his character status, Qian Lingfeng gained a detailed understanding of his own character attributes. His four attributes (Strength, Intelligence, etc.) added up to 41 points, compared to the average 40 points of other humans. This discovery made him feel satisfied.

After looking through the status interface, Qian Lingfeng thought about what the voice in his dream said. It seems that he can store things at will... Qian Lingfeng immediately wanted to test it. He immediately went to the [Items] section.

It had a rectangular storage interface which was divided into 12 small grids, each of which was a storage grid that can store an item. These were explained in his dream.

Currently, the twelve grids are all almost empty, only the first grid shows an item. The icon was a small white box.

Qian Lingfeng knew about this small white box. This was a novice gift attached to the System. He clicked to get it, and a small white palm-sized box appeared in his hand; at the same time, the white box icon on the item grid disappeared.

He said "open" in his heart. There was a flash of white light, and then the small white box disappeared, it was replaced by a small transparent bottle. 

[Name: Beginner Experience Dan (Small)]

[User gains 500 Experience Points upon use. ]

"A Beginner Experience Dan that gives 500 EXP Points? That's only enough to rise a couple of levels... Even if this is a novice gift. Isn't it too stingy? Moreover, there is only one Experience Dan?!!!" 

Looking at the small bottle in his hand, Qian Lingfeng was initially surprised by the effect of the Dan, but he soon became depressed.

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