Chapter 2: Destiny. 

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"Damn, it's already so late. It felt like time had just passed in a blink of an eye. Anyways, I'm hungry, time for lunch." While pondering, Qian Lingfeng subconsciously bent over and opened the cabinet under his desk. This was a very good nerve reflex developed through habit. 

The cabinet was where Qian Lingfeng stored his instant noodles he bought online. In the words of our comrade Qian, this was a strategic reserve. Food must be kept nearby in times of hunger. 

However, what made Qian Lingfeng disappointed was that the cabinet was empty. All that's left, were the transparent beads from the desiccant he sprinkled in the cabinet last night. 

As he was playing around with the beads, he suddenly recalled that his breakfast this morning was brought by his roommate. He didn't check the cabinet this morning, hence he only realised it was empty right now. 

He smiled helplessly and retracted his hand from the cabinet. Qian Lingfeng sighed, "Oh My God!"

He then scratched his head, his hair hasn't been washed for two days now. It was like a messy bird's nest and was covered with dandruff. Qian Lingfeng can also feel it, his hair was a little oily. Thinking about it, he had been eating instant noodles for so many days now and had lived an otaku's life.

"Aiiiyoo, it seems that it is time to go to the canteen and get a 'real' meal. Since I've been only eating instant noodles, I haven't been to the canteen for quite some time."

He raised his arms and stretched himself. After sitting for a long time, Qian Lingfeng, despite boasting in being physically fit, can feel that he's having some backache right now.

"A good man has a good kidney~ A good kidney~" He hummed while clicking away with the mouse. Qian Lingfeng exited the game lobby window and then disconnected from the campus network. He opened the menu tab and turned off the computer.

To tell the truth, Qian Lingfeng was having some regrets right now. He seems to be playing a little too crazy recently and hasn't turned off his computer for a long time. Whether he leaves for the bathroom or goes to sleep, it's always on.

"Baby~ This time, you should have a good rest~ Let's continue when I come back~" To some car owners, their car is their "wife", and likewise for Qian Lingfeng, an otaku who has never touched a girl's hand before, his "baby" was his computer.

When the computer was about to shut down, a pop up suddenly appeared on the screen.


"Do you want to understand the meaning of death? Do you want to live? [Yes] or [No]?"


This was very abrupt. It was outside of anyone's expectations, even the beauty whose panties are blessed by the God of Fate, didn't anticipate this. However one thing is certain, Qian Lingfeng's destiny was about to change starting at this very moment.

Qian Lingfeng was a little surprised at first, but after reading the pop up, his first thought was, "Motherf*cker, what is this?! Did I just get a virus? Did something happen when I downloaded the resource pack yesterday? Man, people should really stop~"

But then, he thought about it slightly. He has read Terror Infinity and he often fantasizes that one day, he can also enter the space of the Lord God. This thought process made Qian Lingfeng's view of this pop up change slightly.

(TL: Terror Infinity is a novel, completely translated. Find it on Novel Updates) 

"If this is trojan or something, this prank of a virus is certainly made by some mentally ill idiot. But IF it IS real, won't this boss meet with the Lord God?!" Qian Lingfeng's heart got a little more curious about the pop up.

However, Qian Lingfeng's common sense, that's been developed in the 21 years of his life, was telling him that these kinds of things about the Lord God and reincarnation are just stories in novels, nothing but false fantasies!

Such a thing is indeed amazing and with Qian Lingfeng being an otaku, the bloody battle between life and death in God's space was very attractive to him. Qian Lingfeng has indeed been longing for, one day to be able to fight side by side with Zheng Zha and the others.

(TL: Zheng Zha is the MC of Terror Infinity) 

But, although he has been looking forward to going into God's space one day, if this type of thing really happened to him, Qian Lingfeng has some apprehensions in his heart.

Why? The reason is very simple: not everyone has the leading role, not everyone is the MC. Maybe it's a good thing at the beginning, but once the actual sh*t comes packed with distorted human emotions and killings, it wouldn't be so nice. If you don't have the ability or plot armor, then you're as good as getting chopped into pieces and get stuffed into a jar like a pickle.

Qian Lingfeng has no money, no looks, no power, no talent, no physique and quite frankly a loser. It is quite terrifying to struggle in a world full of killings.

Although before, Qian Lingfeng had thought about entering the Lord God's space and killing all kinds of monsters, opening the Crystal Palace etc; but this was only a fantasy.

And yet again, his mind wandered off. Thinking that if he did enter, what about the night after struggling? With a beauty accompanying him... Hmmm, he might need to use the pack of napkins he just bought yesterday right now. 

Qian Lingfeng grinned like an idiot, saliva was dripping from his mouth. He was drooling. But soon, he gave his thigh a hard slap and woke up from his daydream.

"Seriously, what am I thinking? F*ck, what beauty, what Zheng Zhe, what Lord God? Qian Lingfeng, Qian Lingfeng... You're really so hungry, that your mind started wandering off with nonsense huh... Anyways, I haven't seen the dumpling sister seen for a long time~"

Now with gathered thoughts, Qian Lingfeng giggled and his heart suddenly relaxed a lot. He then looked at the pop up on the computer screen. Since Qian Lingfeng was currently in a happy and playful mood, he moved the mouse and clicked [Yes]! 

"Hehe, if it's really God's space, this boss will certainly recognise it."

While thinking, after clicking the yes, Qian Lingfeng immediately moved the mouse again to turn off the computer. But in fact, in his heart, Qian Lingfeng did not regard the surreal existence of God's space as reality at this moment. He woke up from that fantasy. 

However, at this time, just when Qian Lingfeng clicked [Yes], the computer screen suddenly went black. Qian Lingfeng was shocked and a feeling of remorse rose from his mind.

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