Chapter 1: The Fabled Arcade Game. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

In Room 401, Boys Dormitory, District D, Huaihai University, an Otaku wearing a white DORER T-shirt was sitting in his desk staring at the laptop in front of him. The screen was currently displaying, "The Three Kingdoms Wars: Remastered 2".

This game was from the fabled, legendary arcade machines era of the post-80s and post-90s! 

But, as times changed, arcade games as a whole were gradually forgotten. It's legend dwindled. Fortunately, Penguin Group remade it and brought it to the computer screens in 2013.

He, who was fascinated by arcade games ever since he was a child, was naturally very eager to play.

And in order to give players the nostalgia they were seeking, the Penguin Group adopted the same coin-operated style and maximized immersion. Players received five virtual game coins free of charge every day after logging in, also known as the virtual "Copper Coins". Two Copper Coins can be used to play once. After you've used up all of your Copper Coins, you can get more by recharging/paying.

The game started. The First Level's quest was to save Adou. Four people boarded the warship, and under the disorderly melee brawl, dozens of soldiers were tragically and quickly killed. At this time, Guan Yu, like a dragon among humans, rushed over with his broadsword and started attacking the Machine Beast. After ten strikes, the Machine Beast was killed and dropped an equipment, a Zhang Ling sword.

(TL: Guan Yu is a military officer in late Eastern Han dynasty of China, meaning he's a playable character in the game) 

This is a secret that many people basically knew. In the first quest, there were two Machine Beasts on the warship that are able to breathe fire when attacked. The fire breath is like a long flaming tongue. And although the damage is slightly higher than other enemy NPC's, there is equipment hidden inside for players who slay them.

If you slay the Machine Beast on the upper level/deck, it will drop a Sleeve Arrow. On the other hand, if you slay the Machine Beast below, it will drop the Zhang Ling sword. The Sleeve Arrow is worth nothing and is one of the most rubbish equipment. Opposite of it, the Zhang Ling sword was quite good. Strictly speaking, it is even one of the advanced ones.

Unfortunately, just after Guan Yu worked so hard to slay the Machine Beast and was ready to pick up the Zhang Ling sword, Huang Zhong, quickly bolted into the fray and stole the Zhang Ling sword in a rather natural and unrestrained sharp movement.

(TL: Huang Zhong is also a military personnel from the late Eastern Han dynasty of China, he's the same as Guan Yu, a playable character.) 

Working super hard to get an item, just to have it stolen away by someone else at the last second; was a very big blow for many players in the Three Kingdoms Wars. 

Usually, those who have been robbed can only bitterly cry and curse the heavens~ But not this time. Before Huang Zhong had the chance to be happy, a prompt popped up in the game window, "Sorry, you have been voted out of this room by the other players!" In the next moment, the game window automatically closed. 

Qian Lingfeng paused as he stared blankly at the screen, before suddenly breaking into a loud cry, the sadness in his tone was very piercing! "Ahhhhh~ Motherf*cking *ssholes!!!" 

"F*ck your sister! I grabbed the Zhang Ling sword first! F*cking salty *ss b*tches actually kicked me out? It's not my fault that I have faster hands than you! Blame yourself for being motherf*cking slow! F*cking hell!" 

"This boss, a veteran, got kicked by three noobs! F*ck my life, there is no justice at all!!! F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you! This boss lost his two coins just like that!" 

The angry Qian Lingfeng screamed wildly at the computer screen. He was seething with rage. He lowered his head and looked at the yellow painted desk, as if he was looking at his mortal enemy. 

With a flash of anger in his eyes, he couldn't hold himself back. He stretched out his fist and smashed it twice on the desk. He needed to vent his anger. 



Due to his bashing, the things on the desk bounced up. The bottle caps and the beverage cans flew up into the air, and even the box of instant noodle soup almost got turned over.

"Oh sh*t!"

Fortunately, although Qian Lingfeng is an Otaku, he is not a loser who's pathetic. His reaction speed isn't bad, and he quickly took action. He immediately grabbed a hold of Master Kong's box of braised pork instant noodles, before it managed to turn over and avoided disaster. 

"Hooo~" He breathed a sigh of relief. He personally only eats the noodles and doesn't like to drink the soup, hence why there's still soup left in the box. If Qian Lingfeng did not react quickly, the soup would've spilt all over! That would be very troublesome to clean. 

For most people, they wouldn't think much if the soup is spilt, and would just clean it up. But for a sloppy veteran Otaku like him, one thing less to do is always better! Moreover, the napkins and whatnot are 'very important' things, so how can they be easily wasted on cleaning a spillage?

"Hisss~ F*ck! Damn it, that hurt!” Now that crisis had been avoided, he now felt the consequences of his actions. Is his fist harder than a table? Of course, the answer is no. His rash act of venting it out on the table, just ended in him hurting himself. Now, his fist was throbbing in pain. 

Qian Lingfeng glanced at his fist and saw the skin peeling off, revealing the 'meat' underneath. After deliberating for a bit, he wrinkled his eyebrows and decisively but carefully pinched off the peeled skin using his nails. However, despite being so careful about it, he still couldn't help but exclaim "F*ck" twice. 

"F*ck" Has basically become Qian Lingfeng's pet phrase, due to how much he's been using it. 

Qian Lingfeng sighed. Even though he's still uncomfortable in his heart, he isn't that narrow minded. Since he got kicked out, there is nothing he could do. Plus he already vented his anger. 

Looking at his remaining coins, Qian Lingfeng was silent. He only had one left, but he needed two to play. He couldn't recharge as he's not in the position to. He could only express his reluctance with a deprecating "hehe"~

He looked at the time displayed on the computer. It was 11:26 in the morning, soon approaching 12:00 pm.

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