Chapter 27: Adapt.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

He could just go down to the third floor, there were many zombies there. Also, there were nearly 20,000 people in Huaihai University and millions of people in Hong Kong, which means more zombies he can easily find to kill.

He looked at his phone, it was now past five o'clock in the afternoon. The corridor of the dormitory building was much darker than the outside. Even though the sun still had not fully set, because of the nature of the building, it was almost impossible to see inside.

Qian Lingfeng tried turning on the lights, but the electricity had stopped. 

This made Qian Lingfeng's heart tense. In the night without electricity and light, humans could not do anything at all. Moreover, the possibility of water also being cut off was very likely. 

"It seems that I can only go back to my dorm temporarily. The clearing of the third floor will have to wait until tomorrow." Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng immediately returned to his dorm.

Back at the dorm, the first thing Qian Lingfeng did was run into the bathroom and tried the tap water. Fortunately, the water had not stopped yet.

He then gathered all the plastic basins that everyone used to wash their faces and feet, then filled them with tap water, establishing a water supply. 

Water is essential for survival.

If people don’t have food, they can still find a way to find something else to cushion their hunger. But if there is no fresh water, then there is really no other way. Without water, can you drink your own urine or blood?

After eating something, he laid on his own bed to rest. Feeling the softness and comfort of the bed, Qian Lingfeng felt a little more relaxed.

In the midst of his break, Qian Lingfeng counted his gains from clearing the fifth floor.

In total, he killed nearly forty zombies. Qian Lingfeng was quite pleased to see his EXP bar fill up to 599 points.

Originally, after using his EXP to level up to 4, he only had 132 points left. But after his busy afternoon, he had gained 467 points.

To level up from 4 to 5, the required EXP was 650 points. So currently Qian Lingfeng still needs 51 points.

Next he opened [Items]. He gained a total of nine [Life Essence], three [Small Health Potion], one [Small Mana Potion] and also got two [Zombie's Tooth]. 

The last item seems to be of the same kind as the [Zombie's Nail] he got earlier.

And what made Qian Lingfeng quite pleased, was that in addition to these things, when killing a Level 5 Zombie, it dropped a piece of parchment.

[Name: Nasty Zombie Bracelet Manufacturing Scroll (Light Blue Equipment Part)] 

[Materials Needed: 

*Special drop materials Items: 3 Zombie's Tooth, 3 Zombie's Nail, 1 Painful Zombie Bracelet Manufacturing Scroll.] 

The scroll was an Equipment Part for a [Nasty Zombie Bracelet].

Among the materials needed to make the bracelet, I already have one [Zombie's Nail], two [Zombie's Tooth] and the scroll itself. After I clear this dormitory building, I should be able to gather all the materials by then. 

Since this bracelet was also a Light Blue Equipment like the ring, its effects shouldn't differ too much from it. 

He took out the [Life Essence]'s and although there were still blood stains on them, he decided to just eat them just like this!

Since the electricity has stopped, it was conceivable that the time for the water supply also stopping was also not too far away. Meaning that water resources will probably be precious in the future, and he can't waste it by cleaning something.

Although he can wash it with the tap water since it still hast stopped yet, but what about in the future? That's why he should train himself to not be picky as early as now.


Qian Lingfeng then stuffed all the soft meat balls in his hand into his mouth!

'If I want to live, I must have a strong heart! I must adapt to the current world!' 

Not to mention these blood stains, if he really got nothing else in the future, he would stuff a piece of bread that's completely soaked with blood into his mouth!

He would even eat the flesh of zombies, of course with the consideration of the virus!!! 

Adapting now means setting himself up in the future. 

"Take it in you p*ssy!!" He psyched himself up. 

"I got a System to help, I don't want to die!!! No, this Boss isn't WILLING to die without even trying to adapt!!!"

Qian Lingfeng screamed frantically in his heart, forcing himself to commit.

The dirty and stinky bloody smell filled his mouth, he really wanted to gag and spit it out. But resolution flashed in his eyes and he held himself back. 

He didn't swallow it all at once, instead Qian Lingfeng deliberately ate them very slowly. It could even be said that he deliberately let the smell of zombie blood stay in his mouth longer than necessary. 

His current goal was that he wants his mouth to adapt to the disgusting taste!

It was only after the [Life Essence]’s were completely chewed and there's no more to grind, did he finally swallow them.

Immediately right after, he got an additional [+90] points. Now he got a total of 689 points.

Since the EXP needed to level up was met, Qian Lingfeng immediately chose to level up to Level 5.

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