Chapter 28: Wail.

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As for the four AP, he added two points each to Strength and Agility respectively.

After confirming the addition, his Strength became 22 points, and his Agility also reached 22 points. Qian Lingfeng immediately felt that his power increased again.

Moreover, after reaching Level 5, he could now use the ring. Qian Lingfeng immediately took it out of [Items] and equipped it, wearing it on his finger. 

He naturally chose [Super Smut] as the set Skill. Among his four Skills, [Super Smut] was his strongest Skill, and the most suitable Skill to use the ring's effect.

After doing this, Qian Lingfeng resigned for the day, he was both physically and mentally exhausted.

"Ah~ Too little tired..." He yawned and closed the System. As he thought about tomorrow's action plan, Qian Lingfeng also slowly went to sleep.

During the night, I don’t know if he's just really that tired but Qian Lingfeng slept soundly, and even a little sweetly.

Saliva slipped down the side of his mouth wetting his pillow. He was snoring for days. 

When it was very late in the night and the surroundings started to become a bit cold, the quiet campus was suddenly interrupted by continuous violent bangs!

Qian Lingfeng was startled awake. 

He was irritated from being woken up so suddenly, but before he could even gather his hazy thoughts, the entire building trembled!

The whole floor shook violently all of a sudden, almost causing Qian Lingfeng to roll out of the bed!

"What happened?!!! Could it be an earthquake?!!!" He held onto the bed’s rail for dear life. This shaking completely awakened Qian Lingfeng from his hazy state! Earthquake was the first thought that flashed through his mind!

Immediately after thinking of this idea, his complexion instantly became ugly. If the earthquake was this strong, then the magnitude of the earthquake was certainly not small. The entire school might just break down and not be able to support such a large earthquake!

And if the buildings do collapse, then he'll definitely be buried under the ruins, or simply eaten by the zombies outside! As he thought more, Qian Lingfeng's face became more and more ugly!

"Boom!!! Boom!!!" There were two loud noises, and the whole apartment building shook violently again! !

"Wait, no! Impossible! This is Hong Kong, how could there be such a big earthquake?!!!" He suddenly realized a problem with the idea of this being an earthquake.

"But if it's not an earthquake, then what the hell is going on?!! Is Ultraman fighting against a monster right now?!!!" He was extremely confused as to what's happening.

But his confusion was soon interrupted by a terrifying cat wail that penetrated everything!

The glass on the balcony directly "cracked" and it was instantly full of cracks. Such a sharp sound continued to penetrate like a terrifying sonic sword. His ears hurt, and his head was dizzy. It was as if he was being cut and hammered!

But everything soon returned to calm after the cat's wail. At the same time, warm liquid slowly flowed out of Qian Lingfeng's ears. There's also seemed to be some type of warm liquid leaking out from both of his eyes. 

At this moment, Qian Lingfeng had lost it, and he was in a daze. It was only after a long time did he slowly recover.

In front of his eyes, there was a prompt that his HP dropped by 1 and 2 with time. Qian Lingfeng stretched out his hand and wiped the corners of his eyes and mouth, wiping away the warm, wet and sticky liquid.

There was also tightness in his chest, and he felt that he wanted to vomit blood. Simply put, his whole body was uncomfortable!

At the same time, Qian Lingfeng felt that an inexplicable power was still oscillating in his body, and his HP was constantly being drained!

He held back his discomfort and checked his HP. It had fallen to 42 points, and it was still falling continuously.

And he soon found a Status Effect that was the one affecting him. 

[Status: Howl of Woe (Second Stage-Passive)] 

[Description: Every fifteen seconds, continuously drop Five HP. Lasts for 150 seconds.]

Qian Lingfeng was shocked, this was probably the result of the meowing just now!

That cat should be a powerful mutant that a normal cat mutated into! And that meow should be this so-called [Howl of Woe]. 

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. He was definitely just accidentally affected by the aftermath. If he took this Skill head-on, he would have been killed on the spot!

"Goddamn, that was too terrifying!! What the hell is going on? Is the cat fighting someone?!!!"

To think that in just this small dormitory area, there would be such a terrifying existence... Qian Lingfeng was silent.

When he got to Level 5, he thought that he was 'strong' but now he wasn't as proud anymore. 

But Qian Lingfeng's expression soon changed and snapped out of his thoughts, his HP was still continuously falling.

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