Chapter 26: Clearing The Fifth Floor. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi & lynn

"But I don't want to become poop that monsters' sh*t out after they feasted on me. Since the world is cruel, I must become cruel myself!!" Qian Lingfeng's eyes became cold.

He checked the corridor, seeing whether there were any zombies that had slipped through the net, especially paying particular attention to the other dorms, to see if there were any more inside. 

Indeed, his thoroughness paid off. After searching, six more zombies were found.

Relying on his overwhelming 20 point strength, Qian Lingfeng, while ensuring that he was unharmed, easily pierced the zombies' heads with the DIY Spear. 

These guys were pretty stingy though and didn't drop any items. Moreover, he don’t know if he ran out of luck, but his passive skill [Rough Learning Efficiency] was also not triggered.

"Bah, baah, damn stingy!!" Qian Lingfeng cursed silently.

He carefully approached the stairs and took a look. No zombies were seen on the stairs going above and below, but even so, Qian Lingfeng expects that the other floors won't certainly have fewer zombies than on his own floor.

Disregarding the third floor and below for now, Qian Lingfeng cautiously stepped onto the steps leading towards the fifth floor. Carefully and slowly, he treaded upwards. Wrapping his feet with cloth helped him move silently. 

When at the top of the stairs, he leaned against the wall on the side (of the stairs), and peeked. He immediately noticed that not far from the stairs, there was one zombie wandering around.

Activating [Sage Eyes], he found that this guy was Level 3!

As for the farther distances, there were more zombies lingering in the entirety of the corridor. It even seemed that there were more zombies on this floor than on the fourth floor. The estimated number at first glance was more than 30!

Qian Lingfeng took a deep breath. Although he had killed quite a number of zombies now, again, he did so under the circumstances of using geographical advantages. He was standing outside the window, and just swung his dagger madly. But the current situation was completely different from that.

He couldn’t possibly take on 30 zombies head on. Moreover, there might be zombies with stronger attributes than ordinary zombies and if they all came at him together...

He gathered his courage, restrained his fear, and went out of the stairwell. 

His current target was the Level 3 Zombie near the stairs. His movements were very slow and light, and the zombie didn't notice Qian Lingfeng's arrival.

Carefully aiming, Qian Lingfeng then pierced the zombie's head fiercely, the spear had gone from under the neck through the head!

[-87] A high damage was dealt. 

Immediately after this, while the tip of the spear was still penetrated into the zombie's head, he grasped the handle of the spear tightly, and stirred the zombie's brain into paste!

[—116]! An even higher damage was dealt.

With the two damages added together, the zombie was killed and he got [+10] EXP.

The zombie's body swayed involuntarily and was about to fall, but Qian Lingfeng hurried to its side and caught the zombie. He did not let it fall, and instead carefully put down the corpse of the zombie gently, and tried his best to not make any sound in the entire process.

If the zombie's body made a thud when falling, it would immediately draw in the 30 zombies and he would be swarmed by them. By then, he will have to flee and retreat to the fourth floor and risk bringing over the zombies back with him.

He then crept over to the next zombie, still very careful and as quiet as he could. Doing the same process as the first one, Qian Lingfeng slowly hunted down the zombies.

He didn't just kill immediately on sight, instead he patiently waited for a chance to then kill the zombies. After killing them, he immediately supported their bodies, and then carefully put them on the ground. Trying not to make even the slightest of noise.

This way of killing undoubtedly consumed a lot of time. But for Qian Lingfeng, it was worth it.

It took him a full afternoon and until the sky already turned dark; that the corridor was barely visible, before Qian Lingfeng cleared the zombies on the fifth floor.

The entire fifth floor was completely emptied of zombies as Qian Lingfeng not only killed the zombies in the corridor, he also included the ones in the dorms. 

As for those dorms with 'locked' doors, although he could tell that there were zombies inside, he couldn’t open them unless he had the room card. So with this, Qian Lingfeng couldn’t do anything about it.

Moreover, the zombies were obviously locked in and couldn't come out, they didn't pose a threat to him, so Qian Lingfeng naturally just let it go.

He wouldn't be so industrious to forcefully break in just to kill them, after all the doors were made of alloy. Even if he squeezed every bit of his 20 points of Strength, it was not an easy task to break in.

The same was true when he was on the fourth floor before. The zombies in the dorms with unlocked doors were searched and killed, while those that were in the locked dorms were left alone by Qian Lingfeng.

And the most important thing was destroying multiple alloy doors just to kill a few zombies was the stupidest thing that only a braindead person would do. 

If you want to increase your strength, the whole world was full of zombies, just take your pick there.

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