Chapter 25: New Lifestyle. 

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Although it was just a simple crafted spear made with a fruit knife tied to a wooden stick, in the apocalypse novel, the MC was able to lead everyone from a sea of ​​zombies, and carved out a bloody path!

In fact, he had already thought of this at the very beginning, but since he was killing from the windows, having a long weapon would just be inconvenient. Hence he just used the dagger.

But now was the time that this idea could come into play. Qian Lingfeng looked around in the dormitory, thinking what he could use to make a simple spear.

He already had the fruit knives, two of them in fact. For the record, he wasn’t gonna waste the High-Carbon Steel dagger for this. He currently only needed the shafts in order to connect these fruit knives together.  

However, he was disappointed as he only found a plastic clothespin and a plastic broom with a short handle.

"Seriously? A clothespin? This would easily break." Although he was happy when he found it at first, when he actually tested it, it immediately broke with just his hands.

"Damn, if I really used this, in a critical moment in fighting with the zombies, I am afraid I won't even have time to regret it before being the zombies' meal!" Qian Lingfeng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead that poured out when he thought of this fact!

As for the broom, he guessed it shouldn't break so easily as he tested it. But alas, it was too short. If he used this, it wasn't much better than just using the dagger. 

As he lamented, he suddenly remembered the bathroom which he hadn't checked yet. 'Wasn’t there a mop in the bathroom?' Basically, he just gave himself a hard time looking for something when there was already one readily available.

The handle of the mop was made out of wood and it was nearly one and a half meters long, so it was definitely long enough in length!

With joy in his heart, he ran to the bathroom and tore all the rag strips from the head of the mop, he was soon left with a long wooden stick.

After finding a roll of big transparent tape used to seal cartons, Qian Lingfeng casually took a fruit knife from [Items], and then tied it tightly to the tip of the wooden stick.

He used the dagger to carve the tip of the stick to easily fit the fruit knife, so that it wouldn’t fall out easily. He then used almost half a roll of the tape to wrap it up.

He made sure to wrap it very tightly in fear that when he pierced a zombie's head, the fruit knife might just break and fall off.

But after finishing these, Qian Lingfeng realized that when he killed the zombies, the tip of the spear would most likely be soaked by the blood. At that time, the tape would lose its adhesiveness, wouldn't it?

"F*ck this is also a problem! Who would've thought that a seemingly simple spear would be so troublesome! This isn't as easy as the novel made it to be at all."

He tore off the tape, and replaced it with cloth strips instead, then tightly wrapped them around. After waving the spear around and getting a feel for it, he finally felt satisfied.

[Name: DIY Spear] 

[Description: Increases damage by 4-12 points. Has a chance to cause a bleeding effect.] 

"Hehe, not bad. The original damage of just the fruit knife is 2-8, and now that it's been made into a spear, it has unexpectedly improved by a lot."

Qian Lingfeng was now ready in his endeavour. Although the zombies on this floor were more or less cleared, he was still nonetheless cautious, and didn't make too much noise or movement when he went out. Maybe this was also a way of accepting the current situation of the world, and the change of lifestyle.

Outside, Qian Lingfeng saw the disabled zombie in the corridor. Hearing the slight movement, the zombie desperately clawed its way to the sound. 

Qian Lingfeng on the other hand just grinned, "My dear, don't be so impatient, Uncle Qian will take care of you right away. And you just came right in time, I also just so happened to need to test this new spear of mine!"

He then pierced the zombie's head. The damage value drifted by, and red blood and white brain matter sprayed around.

Qian Lingfeng found that his heart had unconsciously started to become colder and colder. When he first killed a zombie, he still hesitated. But now, he even didn't bat an eye. 

"Is this a good or bad thing?" Qian Lingfeng sighed.

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