Chapter 20: Kills And Drops. 

Edited by : Mochiusagi

After two vicious consecutive stabbings in its vital spots, the BOSS's HP dropped by a total of 166 points!

It lost more than half of its health in an instant. Even if it was stupid, how could it not respond right now?!!! 

It violently raised its head as it felt the danger of death coming, the potential of this zombie was forced out. A gurgling sound emerged from its throat, and its movements didn't match its [Agility 8] at all. Its quick reaction made Qian Lingfeng a little surprised.

"Motherf*cker, you really deserve to be a BOSS!!"

However, Qian Lingfeng didn't panic because of the zombie's sudden burst of speed. Instead, a faint light flashed in his eyes and a weird smile that seemed to be mocking the zombie arched from his mouth. He was quite decisive in his response to the zombie's attack. He removed the dagger from the zombie's head and jumped back. He suddenly jumped from behind the zombie’s back to the shutter door!

While he was doing this, his eyes never left the zombie's head. He muttered silently in his heart and his Level 5 Active Skill [Super Smut] was activated!

This is the first time he used a Skill. After the Skill was activated, his head tightened, and all of a sudden, he felt his mental power suddenly concentrated!

He felt that everything around him was quiet, and time seemed to be still. Bright light flashed through his mind, and what followed was a wave of majestic sharp mental power coming out from his eyes!

The next moment, Qian Lingfeng could feel that the sharp mental power that came out did not disperse or shoot off, instead it seemed to miraculously merge into his own eyes. When the two were combined, the mental power suddenly turned into an extremely sharp blade, and instantly pierced the head of the zombie he was looking at!


An ultra-high amount of damage, over 100 points was dished out from this attack! The three-digit number floated in front of his eyes, and Qian Lingfeng's heart finally loosened. He also felt excited. 

"F*ck yes! It succeeded! A three-digit damage! Motherf*cker, I dare you to be still alive after that!!!"

As Qian Lingfeng thought of this, the zombie froze for a bit, before its head turned into a paste of flesh and blood!

With three consecutive attacks, this BOSS had not had time to resist at all. It was killed even before it could fight back. 

This 'corpse' was finally 'dead'. 

When reading the zombie’s stats, Qian Lingfeng had already considered how to kill it, and he executed his plan accordingly. After using his Skill as the finishing blow, he successfully killed it in three moves.

Since all of his attacks hit the head, all three stabs received a damage bonus. Moreover, his last attack [Super Smut] deals True Damage which ignores Defense. So with all of that, even though this zombie has a full 220 HP, it was killed just like that. However, if Qian Lingfeng hadn't resolved himself at the start and acted cowardly, the result might've been different or harder to achieve.

He got 30 EXP from killing the zombie that made him quite happy. Much more, this zombie was a BOSS and has some rich drops. After the zombie was killed, two beams of light burst out from its body. One was emitting a red light and the other a blue light.

Qian Lingfeng picked them up and looked at them intently. The red light was a shield-shaped badge about the size of the palm of his hand. This shield-shaped badge seems to be made of bronze, and the red light that this small badge was emitting, covered the badge.

[Name: Gordon's Bronze Badge (Light Red-Fake)] 

[Level: 3] 

[Description: A forged identity badge of a legendary knight. Although its power is far cry compared with the original, it is still quite a precious item! When worn, you will receive the legendary knight Rong Gordon's meager bravery blessing, and your Strength Stat will increase by 4 points.]

So while wearing it, four points of Strength will be added. This is good! A four point increase is quite significant, considering how much he gained from leveling up.

As for the blue light, it was also a piece of equipment. It was a steel ring with a style that is somewhat ordinary and hardly has any distinctive features.

There were no patterns or designs on the inside or outside of the ring. It looks like a very ordinary steel iron ring, but Qian Lingfeng’s eyes flashed brightly when found something. He moved forward slightly, and saw two quite conspicuous Chinese characters "执着" (meaning perseverance) engraved on the inner side of the ring.

[Name: Perseverance Ring (Light Blue Set Part-Ring] 

[Level: 5] 

[Description: Part of the Perseverance Equipment Set. It is a symbol of the spirit of perseverance. It represents the great will and belief of perseverance! When worn, receive the Blessing of Perseverance; increase Intelligence by 3 points. When set with a Skill, the Skill effect will be increased by 20% (Current Status: No Skill set)] 

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