Chapter 19: Light Red BOSS. 

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With Qian Lingfeng's 16-point Strength Stat, coupled with the sharpness of the dagger, it was very easy for him to pierce through the zombie's head without feeling that much resistance and the blade almost went half way through the head.

At the same time, he didn't know if his attack was really that good or he's just lucky, but he triggered a critical and the damage dealt was doubled!


This was the highest amount of damage that Qian Lingfeng has seen so far!

The zombie itself was only a Level 2 Zombie. It's Stamina Stat was 12 points. And the conversion ratio of stamina and HP is 1:10, so it's max HP was only 120, hence this super high damage output immediately killed it.

Qian Lingfeng was taken aback for a moment. Then the prompt of [+8 EXP] floated in front of him. And what made him more happy was that this "cute" guy actually dropped a "Life Essence".   

Of course, Qian Lingfeng didn't have time to collect his spoils yet. In fact, there's also other items dropped by the zombies who he had slaughtered earlier, like the "Life Essence" in front of him; it was just that he had not had time to pick it up yet. It's because he knows that in a battle, killing the enemy and ensuring your own safety are the most important things. The spoils of war can wait until the battle is over. 

If he's blinded by the spoils and disregard the things around him, such a stupid act would allow even the stupid and crippled zombies to kill him!   

Currently, even though there was only one zombie left, he could not take the situation lightly. What's more, he saw with his [Sage Eyes] that although this zombie is just Level 3, this guy's name was in light red. He had never seen this before!

As far as he knows, all the names of ordinary zombies were white. Qian Lingfeng had even seen a zombie that's Level 5, and that it took him five stabs in the head before he killed it; but its name was only white, and it was already so strong and terrifying by itself. 

But this guy with a light red name, despite being lower leveled, its stats were stronger than that of the Level 5 Zombie! There was no doubt that this zombie is a Mini BOSS!

[Name: Tenacious Zombie (Light Red) (Zombie Type Creature)] 

[Level: 3] 

[HP: 220/220] 

[MP: 40/40] 

[Hunger: 91/100] 

[Strength: 20] 

[Intelligence: 4] 

[Stamina: 22] 

[Agility: 8] 

[Equipment: None] 


[Skill: Elementary Devour (Active)] 

[Level: 3] 

[Description: Biting into flesh and blood grants life power and restores a certain amount of health. At the same time, produces 35 basic damage output to the target! This skill has a 90% chance of infecting the target with a Virus. After swallowing a certain amount of flesh and blood, there is a chance to undergo an unknown evolution! No MP consumption. No CD.] 


[Skill: Immortal Body (Passive)] 

[Level: 2] 

[Description: When other parts of the body, other than the head are attacked, there will be no reduction in HP! But if the head is attacked, receive 2x damage. No MP Consumption. No CD.] 


[Skill: Zombie's Tenacity (Active)] 

[Level: 2] 

[Description: Locks on a target, and each attack dealt after the skill is triggered, has a 50% chance to deal 2x damage and a 20% chance to deal 3x damage! The skill lock duration is 120 seconds. MP Consumption is 10 points. CD is 600 seconds.] 


It has quite powerful stats, and its Strength and Stamina already exceeded the 20-point mark. Especially in terms of skills, they were all at least Level 2. It also has another skill that ordinary zombies don't, the last skill [Zombie's Tenacity]. Such a skill made this zombie even more powerful.

Fortunately, it still has its weakness, that is its agility. But if the zombie does land a blow on him with the [Zombie's Tenacity], it would f*cking hurt.


Moreover, it has such a high probability of triggering the effects. With the strength of this zombie that's 20 points, once a 3x effect has been triggered, how high the damage will be!

"In general, this guy is relatively difficult to deal with for the current him." Qian Lingfeng thought secretly, "But it's not that it's impossible to kill it. It still can’t beat this Uncle!" Qian Lingfeng's eyes flashed with resolve as he gripped the dagger tighter.

He already planned to take this zombie on, this was Qian Lingfeng's plan after he first read its stats after he entered the dormitory. This was also the reason why he killed the zombie next to it first. He basically cleared the mob before fighting the BOSS!

Qian Lingfeng was filled with inexplicable battle intent.

He followed the same method as he did with the 'mob' zombie. He slowly approached this last zombie from the back. This guy was still lying on the collapsed bed, its head kept squeezing down, coloring the white sheets red. It was completely attracted by the sound of the alarm below and was hell bent on getting it in its mouth, it didn't even care about Qian Lingfeng approaching. 

Without the slightest hesitation, Qian Lingfeng stabbed with all his strength when he was in range!


Unlike when he killed the 'mob' zombie, the entire dagger was completely inserted in the zombie's head this time. 


Immediately after the successful blow, Qian Lingfeng pulled out the dagger, and a burst of red blood burst out from the hole. But even before the white brain matter could follow and also flow out, using his 19 points of Agility, he stabbed the knife in the hole again!

The entire dagger completely inserted itself again, and a [-79] damage immediately followed the previous [-87]. 

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