Chapter 18: Nonstop Killing. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

He repeated his trick and knocked on the window glass again. Although it was a very simple method, it was quite effective. Sometimes, things were as simple as that.

The tapping sound once again attracted the zombies. Three zombies who couldn't get in the crowd that's competing for the ringing phone, gave up their pursuit and had gone to this new source instead. Compared to the five before, this group was two fewer.

But he didn't really worry about the decrease in numbers. If he really wanted to attract more zombies, he only needed to increase his strength in striking the glass and make a louder sound. At that time, there was no need to worry about not being able to attract the zombies.

With their desire for flesh, they dragged their ragged bodies and leaned their upper bodies out of the window.

Looking at these heads that were delivered right to him, Qian Lingfeng revealed a sarcastic and murderous smile. He lifted the dagger and started harvesting the cabbages. 

Immediately after, Qian Lingfeng began a wave of killing, he simply rinsed and repeated his method. After a crazy massacre, the corpses of the zombies soon piled up on the window, even the new wave of zombies could not get through.

Fortunately it was not a situation where there was no solution. After killing the zombies in the front, Qian Lingfeng dragged the hanging corpses from the window to the balcony outside and created space for the zombies behind to walk straight into their deaths. 

This added process had undoubtedly greatly increased Qian Lingfeng’s workload and doubled his energy consumption, but he had not reached the point where he couldn’t hold on anymore yet. It's fine to be tired. NEVER SAY NO! If you want to do big things, you have to be tough on yourself!

Gradually, there were more and more zombies piled up on the balcony behind him, and the number of zombies inside the dormitory was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, he was completely covered with blood and brain matter, and his coat was completely soaked in red liquid. He was completely drenched, even the hilt of the dagger felt slippery. 

Currently, there were two remaining zombies who were still obsessively crowding to the phone’s alarm. There's also one that had its waist and legs crushed, basically disabled, and unable to walk. Even if it managed to completely crawl over, it couldn’t reach the window.

After taking a breath, Qian Lingfeng shook his tired arm as he looked at the thick layer of red and white fleshy paste on the balcony. Qian Lingfeng clearly felt the sliminess of his body.

He swallowed his saliva to resist the nausea, as he smiled bitterly, "Damn, this place has really become a slaughterhouse, and this boss is the motherf*cking butcher!"

He shook his head and tried to stop thinking about it. Instead he thought of the cruelty of the apocalypse and forced himself not to become weak just because of these things.

After pacifying himself, the light in his eyes regained their coldness and ruthlessness. He then used his dagger to scrape the thick flesh and blood that had accumulated on the window, and cleaned up the meat paste. He has to clean it, otherwise he might slip. 

After doing this, he wiped the dagger on his blood-soaked clothes and jumped in through the window.

He closed the front door of the dormitory before, and since he can only open it if he used a key card or opened it from the inside, his only option right now was to go in through the window.

In his eyes, the few zombies left in the dormitory were all EXPS that shouldn't be wasted. 

When he entered the dormitory, under the closed and uncirculated environment, the bloody smell had obviously increased by a lot compared to before. The pungent smell pierced into his nose. Even though he more or less expected it, he still couldn't help but frown. 

"F*ck this! This smells disgusting!! Damn, I really want to vomit!!!" 

After entering the dormitory, he saw a beaten up and crippled zombie. It seems that it was trampled on by its comrades. The zombie's health had already fallen to less than 50 HP.

"Such a poor guy... But you'll become EXP for this Uncle!" 

As he said that, he took the remaining life of the zombie without the slightest bit of mercy.

He then set his sights on the two zombies who still didn’t respond to him entering and were still forcefully throwing themselves on the single bed. Qian Lingfeng shook his head as he watched these low IQ monsters... 

He tried to reduce the sound of his breathing, and slowly approached these two fools. He took out one of them first. He slowly stretched out his hand and stabbed the zombie in the back of its head.

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