Chapter 17: Killing Frenzy. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Since the phone was placed below the bed, close to the wall, the zombies were all pressed against each other as they raced towards it. They desperately waved their bloody hands.

As the number of zombies entering the dormitory increased, the bed was overwhelmed and it collapsed.

At this moment, Qian Lingfeng's heart jumped. A lot of zombies came in, though the exact number was not clear, it was still vaguely visible that they were quite a large number, and there were also some outside the door.

If the sound source was suddenly cut off at this time, although the plan would not fail, it definitely would not achieve his desired effect of keeping them busy with the sound as he closed the door and trapped them.

But then, Qian Lingfeng breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know if it was God’s help but although the bed broke, the phone was not crushed to oblivion as the group of zombies fell to the ground along with the bed. The crisp alarm sound was still ringing its merry tune!

"God bless!" He exclaimed silently in his heart, at the same time, Qian Lingfeng knew that the time for action had arrived.

He carefully ran back to his dormitory from the next dormitory's window using the path he left on the balcony, and then cautiously opened his dormitory door. He leaned his head and looked outside.

In the entire corridor, except for three zombies lying on the ground, and another two struggling to get inside the next dormitory, all of the zombies had already entered the next dormitory! Seeing this, Qian Lingfeng was ecstatic!

"Damn! The plan is half done!" He shouted in his heart!

Without the slightest hesitation, Qian Lingfeng quickly rushed into the corridor with light steps, then got behind the zombies who just managed to enter the dormitory next door. He sneered and closed the door!

Because of the success of his plan and the emotional excitement, Qian Lingfeng's actions when closing the door was a tad bit heavier than expected and the clicking sound made the zombies on the periphery of the crowding zombies startled and pause for a bit; but they were immediately distracted again by the ringing of the phone and continued. 

Qian Lingfeng didn't care about the three disabled zombies crawling on the ground. They were basically cooked ducks and couldn't fly away!

After returning to his dormitory and closing the door, Qian Lingfeng’s eyes flashed with joy and determination. He then ran to the balcony again, and went to the window of the dormitory next door.

He quietly stood from the window, looking at the zombies inside. Qian Lingfeng clicked on [Items], and took out the sharp High-Carbon Steel Dagger.

After some testing, he found out that he can store real life items on the storage. Although there were restrictions, it was a bit surprising that a large backpack filled with food can also be stored.

But right now is not the time to talk about this. Qian Lingfeng tapped the glass window with the handle of the dagger and made a continuous sound.

With this, another sound source appeared, and the zombies who were behind the crowding zombies were swayed and headed towards the window. There were five zombies in total. 

Just like Little Aunt, the zombies' lower body was blocked by the wall, and their arms spread outwards, wanting to grab the delicious meal outside the window!

With 19 points of Agility, Qian Lingfeng carefully dodged the claws of the zombies. Since they were crowding in the window, some only had their heads out reaching and not their full upper body.

Although [Sage Eyes] said that the virus will only infect you if you're bitten by a zombie, Qian Lingfeng dared not to test that theory, he avoided even getting scratched by them.

Immediately afterwards, without mercy, he raised the dagger and plunged it fiercely towards the heads of the zombies. 

[-72], [-85], [MISS], [MISS] , [-87], and [-102]... Damage text floated in his eyes along with the spraying blood and minced meat.

The heads of the zombies were vital parts. Hence all of his stabbing caused above 70 points of damage. As for the [MISS], it was because of Qian Lingfeng's chaotic stabbing, and not hitting the head; he only pierced the arm, neck and other parts.

Because of the zombies' passive skill [Immortal Body], except for the head, if these other places were attacked, no damage would be inflicted; basically it was just an ineffective attack.

But the misses didn’t matter though. With the dagger, Qian Lingfeng’s damage output was terrifying. All he needs is to land two blows to kill a zombie. The five zombies attracted to the window were all killed, leaving only floating pieces of EXP!

The phone alarm was still ringing. Qian Lingfeng purposefully set it up to play continuously. He wiped his face and a smile appeared in his blood-stained face. He showed a hideous look, like that of a murderous demon!

Qian Lingfeng knocked on the glass of the window again.

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