Chapter 16: Escape Plan. 

All sorts of stuff like furniture almost filled the entire balcony. This is the second line of defense that Qian Lingfeng had prepared.

Although the hill of wet booked-filled luggages he put on the shutter door seem to be safe enough of a defense, but there were just too many unexpected situations. Hence he added insurance; a second line of defense. 

Due to zombies having low intelligence that basically equals to nothing, they will forcefully push forward with all their strength. With the stuffs he put on the balcony, it would help block them. 

Of course, he left a small enough passage for himself. This is in case that if later his booby-trap plan failed and the shutter door was broken, he'll use it to retreat. And just a passageway in general. 

At the same time, he can mess the chairs and stuffs, and completely close this small passage if he wills to.

TL: how I envision it

After finishing this, Qian Lingfeng’s layout of his battle plan is finally completed. He sat on the ground wet with water, and took a moment to catch his breath. He was doing this for quite some time and was a little bit tired. 

However it’s not time to completely rest yet. He looked at his phone and saw that it was now 12:23 PM. There's only seven minutes left before the phone under the bed will ring. At that time, the real battle will begin!

At this moment, Qian Lingfeng had made up his mind. This was the first step of his grand "Escape Plan", he must kill zombies as much as possible.

Only by successfully killing all these zombies, and taking this opportunity to clean up the zombies on this floor, will he be able to open up opportunities, go out, and gain more living space!

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng’s breathing gradually eased, and a fierce and determined look slowly emerged in his eyes. There was an emotion that suddenly surfaced from his depths that was originally suppressed by a peaceful life. To describe it crudely, his expression was quite terrifying. 

"Motherf*cker, bring it on you sh*ts!! You zombie bastards, uncle Qian Lingfeng will 'eat' you all!!!"

He was still sitting on the ground right below the window, he was holding the phone in his hand and staring at the phone screen, waiting for the moment when the time jumped to 12:26 PM. In his eyes were a mixture of expectation, worry, madness, and so on!

12:24 PM

12:25 PM

12:26 PM!

When it hit 12:26 PM, after a delay of five seconds, the alarm sounded. A crisp noise resounded from the phone speakers throughout the dormitory, completely breaking the original silence!   

The alarm soon reached the ears of the wandering zombies in the corridor! Immediately after, they started flocking towards the sound! The thermos he put behind the dormitory alloy door got sent flying by the barging zombies.   

At this moment, Qian Lingfeng, who had already stood up and watched all this from outside the window, suddenly froze. 

The critical time had arrived. He can hear himself gasping from nervousness. He doesn’t know why, but for some reason, he suddenly thought: "Damn, wouldn't the inner lining of the thermos be broken? That would cost a few yuan to change!"

It seems that Qian Lingfeng really deserves to have the word "money" in his name. To actually think of this in such a time!

(Note: MC's name means money) 

But him being worried about paying to fix the thermos in such a tense moment relieved him from his frozen state. 

The little bit of fear and worry that was left in his heart was finally wiped out, and it was instead replaced by a perspective of seeing life and death as nothing. He should not be afraid of powerful enemies and fight with strong will, because it's either he lives or die!!! 

"Zombies are everywhere! I want to live! Since I want to live in this world, I can only kill, kill, kill, kill and kill!!!" A bloody roar wildly resounded in his heart.

After he chanted kill five times, Qian Lingfeng's eyes seemed to gleam bloody red! It represents his killing intent. 

Although the speed of the zombies was very slow, but they are quite firm. The zombies in the corridor, one after another, were constantly pouring in the dorm!

Their bloody and ragged bodies, with parts missing, created a scene of a group of demons dancing!

Even though it was in the middle of the day, at noon, this scene was still frightening. 

But at this moment, Qian Lingfeng's eyes were full of hostility, without the slightest fear! In his heart, what he saw were not zombies, but blocks of EXPS!

After coming in, the zombies were very cooperative with his plan and swarmed towards the single bed where the phone was. They started ravaging the bed, even biting into the bed itself. 

Their actions were obviously terrifying, but he don't know why, perhaps because of his superiority in IQ, Qian Lingfeng found this stupid and wanted to laugh. Fortunately he managed to hold it back.

"Damn, they are so stupid! Even the pigs on the farm are smarter than them!!! But... I like their stupidity!!!"

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