Chapter 21: Powerful Ring. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

The 3 point increase in Intelligence offered by the ring compared with the 4 point increase of Strength offered by the Badge was certainly worse. 

However, the ring has an additional effect of being able to be set with a Skill, which increases the Skill's effect by 20%. So overall, there was no doubt that the overall preciousness of the ring completely prevailed against the badge.

For example, with the ring's effect, Qian Lingfeng's Level 5 [Super Smut] would deal 60 True Damage compared to the original 50 points. 

And this was just the base damage of the Skill itself. If the Skill hits the target in its vitals or gets a critical, then there is no doubt that the damage will definitely increase by a lot! Meaning, just this extra 10 points of increase is impressive!   

Moreover, if you set a very terrifying Skill in the ring, the Skill effect itself would be extremely powerful. Imagine, an already terrifying Skill getting a 20% boost?


However, Qian Lingfeng estimated that although the attribute panel of the ring did not say it, after thinking about it and relating it to gaming context, he concluded that this 20% increase effect has certain restrictions-such as the set Skill's level cannot be beyond this much/scope and so on.   

Otherwise, if the effect of this ring was without restriction, then what would happen if he did get a super powerful Skill like [World Destroyer] or something; isn't that just straight up cheating and BS? It also shouldn't definitely be just only a Light Blue Equipment Set Part, and instead an item itself! 

Nonetheless, despite the possible limitations, there was no doubt that the ring's effect is very good. Even if it's only in the short term, this ring is definitely considered a very good treasure.

On the bright side, the attribute panel says that this ring is an equipment part. So if he gathers the other parts, then the Equipment Set's effect would be activated. According to his gaming knowledge, Equipment Sets have significantly better benefits!

However, for the time being, he doesn't need to think about these things. Just the difficulty of collecting the parts of the Equipment Set alone is hard.

For now he equipped [Gordon's Bronze Badge]. As for the [Perseverance Ring], Qian Lingfeng stored it in [Items]. The minimum level requirement of it is Level 5, and he's only Level 3 and is temporarily unable to equip it.

Although he can technically wear it, just without the effects activated, but that would just raise some flags, like losing it. It was better to just put it away. 

After putting away the ring, he looked at the room full of blood and broken limbs. He thought of the large pile of zombies on the balcony, and thought of the ones he killed. He more or less recognized the identities of the zombies and he somehow still felt a trace of guilt.   

"They were my classmates after all!" 

He sighed with emotion. But as he thought of the cruelty of the apocalypse, and the choice between life and death, like the very tragic death of Chen Mo, Qian Ling Feng suppressed the inexplicable emotion in his heart.


"Qian Lingfeng, oh Qian Lingfeng, why are you such an idiot? If you don't want to die, don't foster this so-called pity! The zombies won't show mercy to you!!"

"Regardless, the zombies are now killed, it's time to clean the battlefield and harvest the spoils." Qian Lingfeng swept away the depression in his heart and smiled as he thought of the rewards. 

"This time the plan to trap the zombies was dangerous, but successful, and the gain is quite huge. At least the zombies that can move freely on this floor have been cleaned up."

And other than the drops, he also gained EXP as he kills. Speaking of EXP, he opened his attribute panel and checked his EXP Bar. Qian Lingfeng didn't have time to look at it until now, but it is conceivable that it must have risen a lot.

The increase in EXP means an increase in strength! In the current world, was there anything more pleasing than improving your own strength?

He rejoiced, he finally took his first step in his grand escape plan. With this experience, Qian Lingfeng gained some confidence. But at this moment, a prompt suddenly sounded in his mind!

[Ding! Novice Guidance Task (Part 2) Triggered!!] 

[Ding! Automatically accepted the task: "Novice Guidance Task (Step 2). The task cannot be given up or shared!] 

[Mission: Complete the first step of your "Escape Plan" and successfully get out of the D9 dormitory apartment building!] 

[Time limit for the task: Three days!] 

[Mission reward: Unknown] 

[Mission Failure Penalty: None] 

"Successfully get out of the D9 dormitory apartment building in three days?!!! What the f*ck! Is getting out of the dormitory the first step? Is this the standard of the Systems?!"

Qian Lingfeng smiled bitterly. His plan of emptying out the freely moving zombies on this floor wasn't the first step in his plan. It seems that he was wrong, the first step was actually much bigger and it's getting out of the dormitory. Such a task was simply the System telling himself:

"What you did kid, is nothing. You haven't even done the first step. You are still far away!"

'Damn, is the System deliberately doing this?' 

Moreover, Qian Lingfeng was even more speechless at the name of the task the System chose, 'Escape Plan'.

"Sh*t, it's the same name I thought of! System God, are you stimulating me on purpose? You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" 

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