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Chapter 12: Changing Plans. 

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"Zombies are already dead, I must not be merciful to them otherwise I'll join them soon!" Qian Lingfeng secretly resolved in his heart.

After the search, he carried his now stuffed backpack on his shoulders. Qian Lingfeng then respectfully bowed to the pool of blood on the ground. Whether the blood belongs to Little Aunt or Chen Wei, both were his good friends and good brothers! After bidding farewell, he turned around and walked out of the dormitory.

He was now back in his own dormitory, it was time to find a way to leave. But when he was about to step out, he suddenly realized that he doesn't know what to do next.

"My food and weapons are ready, but what should I do after I go out?"

Qian Lingfeng simply thought of going to his parents, but didn't actually think how and the process of getting there. Come to think about it, it isn't easy traveling to Haicheng!

He calmed himself down and started to think carefully about the difficulty of finding his parents. Not to mention the zombies, mutant beasts, and insects roaming the earth; just the distance between Hong Kong and Haicheng alone would take seven to eight hours. And that's by riding a bus! Clearly, the situation does not permit busses to continue operating, much more the economy. He doesn’t know how to drive himself nor does he have a car. He has a bicycle but can he really use that to traverse most of Jiangsu Province?   

If it was in the past, riding a bicycle across Jiangsu Province would still be doable, and at most, you'll just be tired. But even then, that would take days. Currently, the world was full of zombies, mutants and with those bloodthirsty insects included, how can he possibly bike all the way through! 

Qian Lingfeng's mouth tasted bitter. It seems that with his current strength, he wouldn't even be able to get out of the school gate. He thought about the stats of the Level 3 Strong Zombie, and he didn't dare leave the dormitory door anymore. I am afraid that, at most, he'll just be able to run downstairs before getting eaten by the more than 10,000 zombies wandering in the school. If that really happened, even his bones wouldn't be left! Qian Lingfeng shuddered. 

Every plan doesn't always go unhindered. 

"It seems that I have to prioritize surviving first, and stay here for the time being. The only way for me to find my parents is to wait for my own strength to become stronger, strong enough to run wild in this monster-filled world.”

Fortunately, Qian Lingfeng was not the kind of stubborn character who doesn’t let go. He succumbed to the cruelty of reality and sighed. Qian Lingfeng understood that this was the most sensible approach.   

He's currently at Level 3 and using his current stats as base, he thinks that as long as he can get to Level 30, that should be enough to run rampant in the sea of ​​zombies! Thinking about this, Qian Lingfeng's originally depressed mood was better. He had now realized his short term goal.  

"The most important thing right now is to survive! As long as I can survive, there are endless possibilities since I have a System! And also, isn't this zombie dense school an excellent leveling area?!" Thinking about this, Qian Lingfeng cheered up even more.


He decided to stay in school and stay in the dormitory area to improve his own strength first before inching his way to his long term goal (his parents).

For now, it was most important to get the relevant information outside his own dormitory, like 'how many zombies are in the school, how strong are they, and how are they distributed? Are there other monsters excluding the zombies? And besides himself, are there any other survivors?!' 

Knowing the strength and distribution of zombies was, no doubt, the most important in his endeavor. Secondly, if he can gather other survivors; it would be best if they are powerful and there's many of them, it would undoubtedly be beneficial to himself.   

Of course Qian Lingfeng still needs to go out and explore himself. However, he didn't just rush out and instead first ate some food to supplement his Physical Strength.

There was no doubt that the originally familiar campus had transformed into a perilous killing ground! And I'm afraid there would be many zombies gathered in the corridor outside. 

In that case, even if he's now Level 3 and he also brought his High-Carbon Steel Dagger, he would just die. 

But he also did not think too much about the situation. After all, under normal circumstances, the doors of each dormitory were mostly closed. Only those with people inside that managed to run out or escape would have their dorm open, so there should not be too many zombies wandering outside the corridor.

After eating, he rested for a while. His Hunger Level had risen to 91, and his Physical Strength was much more abundant than before.

After some thought, he found a black pen. Qian Lingfeng decided to write his name and the name of his roommate on the white wall of the dormitory, as well as the current date and time.

"This can be regarded as an alternative Robinson's diary." Qian Lingfeng sighed silently, as he thought that he was currently trapped in the school dormitory.

After doing this, he took a deep breath. It's time to do business.

He concentrated his mind and prepared himself for possible accidents. He approached the door carefully, and twisted the doorknob slowly and silently. 

At the same time, he also tightly held the dagger in his other hand in case a zombie was right in front of the door. The dagger reflected a cold light. 

First, he only opened a small gap in the door and then leaned his head. Through this small gap he saw one, two, three... six zombies within the visible range of his vision. 

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