Chapter 13: A Waste Among Zombies. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Of the six zombies, two of them were still intact and looked relatively sturdy; while the other four, not to mention their incomplete bodies, were also thin. They looked malnourished. Qian Lingfeng thought to himself: "This should be a physical difference caused from being able to eat flesh and blood, and those who didn't."

He used his [Sage Eyes] and saw that those who looked 'healthy' were named 'Strong Zombie', just like Little Aunt. 

When he looked at the stats of these two guys and compared it to Little Aunt, he was somewhat surprised, their overall strength was not much different. They were both slow and had low-intelligence, but their Strength stats were all above 15 points. These two were currently Qian Lingfeng's biggest threat!

As for the remaining four, two were Level 2 ‘Hungry Zombie’ and one was a Level 1 ‘Hungry Zombie’. Their stats were significantly lower compared with the Level 3 ‘Strong Zombie’.

Stat-wise, the four zombies were low in intelligence and agility, and their Strength were not as high as the Level 3 zombies. They could be considered just a little higher compared to an average human's strength. 

For such zombies, Qian Lingfeng thought to himself; as long as the average person was careful and used a weapon like a steel pipe, a slab or other street weapon, there should be no problem in single-handedly killing them.

In fact, the hardest challenge in fighting with these low level zombies was not Strength but appearance. For example, one was stuck on the ground with only one leg and it also has one arm. The zombie is basically disabled and easy to defeat, but it was covered in dark red blood, and the gruesome scene of it dragging its innards was unbearable. A suffocating feeling of nausea would certainly attack you, making you vomit. 

Fortunately, Qian Lingfeng already had previous 'experience' and already understood most of the situation, so he did not vomit like last time.

This fourth zombie that's lying on the ground, was a Level 0 ‘Weak Zombie’. All of its stats were low, even to the point of being shameful. Even as a zombie, this was too 'useless'. Moreover, it's intelligence was 1! I repeat only one! Simply a waste!

Qian Lingfeng immediately checked his own intelligence stat and breathed a sigh of relief, "Mother*cker, I thought I just ate my own words there... Fortunately this boss's intelligence is above average among humans."

In simpler terms, this type of zombie was an expendable mob that you put in the frontlines.

But despite all his berating, Qian Lingfeng did not underestimate it. Even if it's weak, he should not take it lightly. After all, a lion fights the rabbit with all of its might! Moreover, although this particular zombie was weak by itself, let's not forget that there were five more zombies next to it; there could be even more that's out of his current range of vision. 

He gently opened the door a little more, reaching almost half a foot and enough to stretch out his head. Qian Lingfeng then mustered his courage, carefully poked his head out and took a look. In addition to the previous zombies he saw, there were nine more zombies in the corridor that appeared in his field of vision!

Nine plus six equals fifteen. There were a total of fifteen zombies in the corridor, and Qian Lingfeng knows that this was no longer a number that he can solve head-on. Moreover, this was not by no means the definite number of total zombies in the corridor. I am afraid that with some dormitories having their doors open, it is impossible to say that no zombies have not come out yet!

Fighting head-on and simply relying on the strength he has now, at most he can deal with 2~3 Level 3 Zombies while ensuring his own safety. If it's lower leveled ones, he can add one or two more. Obviously, this situation was above his own limit, even ants can kill an elephant with numbers.

What's more, he was still very technically weak and lacks the necessary combat experience. When fighting, it was already very good to be able to properly use 80% of his stats' potential.

The virus of the zombies was also a very difficult thing to deal with. Although he has the Steel Shell System, once he gets bitten, he'll get infected. The zombie's skill, "Elementary Devour", has a 90% infection rate. With such a terrifyingly high percentage, he dares not try his luck and get bitten.

He closed the door carefully. Qian Lingfeng's movements were still as light as before, and there was almost no sound. However, it was inevitable that when the door closed, the door lock clicked!

This sound almost knocked Qian Lingfeng’s heart out. Fortunately, he has some confidence in the firmness of the alloy door. Although he calmed down, he still couldn't tell if the zombies were now moving towards him because of the sound. Although the sound was very slight, the surroundings were quiet so it was painfully obvious. 

Suddenly, he seemed to be inspired by his mistake. "Motherf*cker! Didn't I literally just used sound to lure the Zombies? Why not use it again?" 

When he killed the Zombie Little Aunt, he used sound to lure him to the window then killed it. Currently, he was thinking of using the dormitory next door.

Since the two dormitories were connected, he can just go to the other dormitory and lure the zombies there!

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