Chapter 11: Died Unjustly. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"Bleeghh!!!" Qian Lingfeng vomited. This scene was too gory, it was like hell. It seems that his guess on why the zombie's name was "Strong Zombie" was right. In this dormitory, a slaughter that's often staged in zombie dramas happened in real life! 

Zombies can indeed get stronger and evolve by eating flesh and blood. When Little Aunt turned into a zombie, he was originally only a Level 0 Ordinary Zombie, but after eating a person, he evolved and became a Level 3 Strong Zombie!! 

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng kept vomiting. As he looked at the fragments of clothes, some uneaten flesh and internal organs on the ground, he was full of sadness.

The person was eaten till he was left with only some minced meat, internal organs and a half of palm. Qian Lingfeng could not possibly tell this person's identity, but there was no doubt that this dead person was also his classmate and good friend!

Moreover, this should be just one among many things that's happening in this chaotic world right now!

"Ahhhhhhh~! Apocalypse? Zombies? Mutant Beasts? Alien Insects? What is going on?!!! Where did these things come out from?!!!" Qian Lingfeng's sadness fueled his anger and he hammered the wall with his hand twice!

But alas, the dead is dead. The important thing is that he must live! He must find his parents, and rely on the System to make himself strong; strong enough to live, and protect his parents! And if possible, he could help other people and maybe even find the cause of this apocalypse and destroy it!

Qian Lingfeng mustered his will and resisted the nausea. He forcefully ignored the blood and gore around him, carefully searching the dormitory, prioritizing the future food resources. He naturally checked the cabinets and boxes.

The cabinets were locked, so he smashed the locks with a stool and then searched inside the cabinets. Since the owner was dead, there is no point in fretting over this.

He thoroughly searched the entire dormitory. After working hard for half an hour, he was a bit exhausted. Fortunately, he was already Level 3, and his strength was nearly double his original. Apart from hunger, he was not at the point of 'dead' tired. His spoils were quite bountiful.

One of the original tenants of this dormitory was Fatty Wang, who had more than two hundred catties of fat. He was a well-known foodie in the college. He always had a lot of snacks stored near him, hence Qian Lingfeng found a lot of food here.

The food ranged from potato chips, prawn crackers, dry noodles and cola to sausages. With this pile of snacks, Qian Lingfeng's backpack was nearly filled to the brim. He estimates that this much food was enough to last him two to three days.

Moreover, what made him happy other than finding so much food, was a sharp dagger. Such an item was considered a good piece of equipment.

[Name: Chengshuang High-Carbon Steel Dagger] 

Item Description: This dagger is made by Chengshuang Steel Products Group. Increase damage by 12-21 points. There is a chance to cause Bleeding effect.

[Special Attribute Effect: Absolute Hardness] 

Effect Description: The dagger is made from High-Carbon Steel so when attacking, it has a chance to cut the opponent's weapon and deal Base Damage. At the same time, it produces an additional 2-5 Tearing Damage on the target."

"What a nifty item!" Compared with the fruit knife, this dagger was several times stronger. The damage it deals surprised Qian Lingfeng and he even doubted its authenticity, but then he remembered an advertisement video of a dagger like this, that easily split a whole pig that was hanging upside down. He was relieved to find such a good weapon.

After all, no matter the material or workmanship of a fruit knife is, it was still incomparable with this carefully crafted High-Carbon Steel Dagger. 

As for the origin of this dagger, Qian Lingfeng knew who the owner was. It was Chen Wei. The guy was a backpacker and traveling enthusiast.

He travels and tours in many places, and he often goes to Taishan, Huangshan, Songshan, Hainan, and Guilin. For safety reasons, Chen Wei purchased a High-Carbon Steel Dagger as a self-defense weapon when he goes out.

Thinking of his friend, Qian Lingfeng's heart moved and he couldn't help but glance at the gory scene again. The person that the zombie ate was definitely not Fatty Wang, judging from the left over hand. That's because Fatty Wang's hands are round and plump, moreover his elbow is even fatter than a pig's. 

There were four people in this dormitory, with Little Aunt and Fatty Wang out of the picture, only Chen Wei and Lao Ji were left. However, Lao Ji went to find his girlfriend since he was free recently. So this hand would most likely be Chen Wei's!

Qian Lingfeng touched the dagger in his hand and his expression became a bit complicated. Chen Wei's physical fitness was definitely higher than his original self. So with this dagger in his possession, Chen Wei could kill a Level 0 Zombie easily, but he still died in the end. Qian Lingfeng can imagine that Chen Wei died unjustly.

Qian Lingfeng sighed, "Yeah, I can sort of understand... After all, who would think about zombies appearing and his friend turning into one right beside him? And even if Chen Wei realized the situation, can he really kill his good brother without batting an eye? Even I had a hard time; fortunately the zombie was outside and I had time to think, otherwise I would've..." 

He shook his head and looked at Chen Wei, who was left with only a pool of blood, pieces of meat, and a broken palm. Qian Lingfeng felt sad, he knew that he was like Chen Wei, who had hesitated in killing their good friend Little Aunt who had turned into a zombie. Qian Lingfeng was just the more fortunate one and survived with the help of the System...

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