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It was a quiet night.

The gust of wind blowing into the upper part of the tower also disappears, the skies covered with rain clouds, covering the stars. 

Someone sitting still in the dark of night.

"......... It's about time"

In the vast living room, without any lights, Ymy was lying face down on the table.

3 o'clock midnight.

The time when people and animals, grass and trees fall asleep. Many of the floors of Tenketsu are also turned off and lit

There will be few people left on the floor with


Eventually, mysterious footsteps echo in the supposedly unmanned passage.

They came.

The guards, the clerk, and the shrine maiden and guardians slowly approach.

Ymy knew that it wasn't a thing.

Kon, kon.

The heavy mechanical door in the shrine maiden's room is knocked.

"It's me. That ... I'm sorry for coming at this time."

"No, I was the one who forced my senior to ask."

The girl standing outside the door had sakura hair, and was wearing light clothing, without ritual dress.

"Senior !? What happened to you, that bandage!"

I was suffocated when I saw Monica appearing. Multiple layers of bandage from head and neck, and shoulders to arms

The wrapped bandage looks too painful.

"Oh, this?"

She raises her left hand, secured with her bandage and cast.

"Few little bruises and scratches. I came across a big one on my way to the ecological growth field ... but, I'm glad that my life was saved against that. "

"In the ecological growth field?"

"Yeah .... I would like to sit somewhere, because although it's a minor injury, it hurts when I'm standing."

"Ah, yes! Please use the chair there!"

Thank you --She sits down with a small smile.

… .. that.

Looking at Monica's gentle smile up close, Ymy feels like she's pinched by a fox.

"Why! Why were you and Sheltis silent to me!"

A few days ago, the mysterious conversation almost ended in a quarrel.

But now my senior seems to be very kind

She feels calm like when she was before the fight, my favourite senior seems to be back.

I was wondering if she would still be angry with me, maybe I would never see her again. But in fact it was her suggestion that she would come here today.

‘I think I can go back to Tenketsu for one hour tonight. After that, I can't make time to meet. I have something to talk about. ‘

She had a memoir from her about two hours ago.

She then hurriedly tidied up her room, sat still in a chair and waited for that time.

…. Talk from her senior

I wonder what it is. I want to hear it, but I'm scared. ….

But deep inside her heart, she was ready. She talks openly about her relationship with Sheltis and now I apologize for my silence. If the cracks still deepen on top of that, it can't be helped anymore. Even if I was prepared to accept her, I would have hidden it in my chest.


"……Thank you"

Monica's bandaged smile dissipated all of her hidden determinations.

"... Eh. Oh, that?"

"The other day, I said that I was really unhappy ... I said I don't want to see you anymore.

I thought it couldn't be helped. But please make time to meet me when I'm busy like this."

I can't speak.

Senior ... What do you want to do?

Because that's the word I wanted to say.

"It's about this injury, but as I said, I went to the ecological growth field. I went with the troops.

However, because I am the only one injured, I had to go back ..... I will be cured tomorrow

I'm going to finish the treatment and join the unit again, but this depends on the doctor's diagnosis. "

She smiled as she pinched the bandage on her shoulder with her fingertips.

"Are you worried about Sheltis?"


"Don't worry .... he was shocked because he was the only one who killed the water dragon as if it were intact. That's him. No matter how much I'm a former cultivator, it's not a good place to be unreasonable. "

Water Dragon? Alone?

I wonder what Sheltis did in the ecological habitat.

"During the patrol in that ecological habitat ... I had a quarrel with him. Just asking you,

Is it the same feeling as I did? "


"Yeah. I think it was just a fight, I was just screaming with a tantrum ...

When I think about it now, it was really childish behaviour. "

She softens her mouth in nostalgia and bites a little bit. Ymy involuntarily breathes in

The more I swallowed, the more calm and tender the two sides were.

"Elbert Resonance"

"What !?"

Isn't it a word that comes up by chance? Senior Monica knows that. Then….

Then, I had only one idea.

"... Sheltis?"

"Yeah. I was told about you and Sheltis by him, talking in my selfishness.

So I apologize if I've been deep into the personal part. ...... But

I'm glad I heard it. "

Monica holds her chest down with her wounded arms. And she has her head on the edge of her table. But she bowed her head deeply.

"That's why I want to apologize to you today, I'm really really sorry.

I said something like that without thinking. I sincerely regret it. "


"I think I was jealous of your relationship with Sheltis, even if that was the garden of Isoka.

Even if it's painful to fall into the eden and have a magic flute, knowing it is a proof of familiarity.

Because it seemed like. "

Her hair sways slightly as she stands up.

She's lit by the slightest moonlight Her profile is chilly, yet

She was lonely.

"I was so trapped in that idea that I couldn't understand your feelings that carried the secret of him ...... I think it would have been painful if I were in your position. I'll notice that

I couldn't do it”


"So I realized that ... I wanted to apologize right away. Maybe for you it was an annoying story --- "

"It's different!"

As her heart shouted, I ended up shouting on the spot.

"That's ... that's totally different! Senior Monica, after all I understand you

Do you have any questions? "

I get up from my chair, cross the table and walk towards her.

It's already the limit.

...... I can't keep silent anymore.

"I don't mind it. Please do not hesitate."

".... Ymy?"

"I don't like it. My seniors cared about my feelings, and at the end of the day, it was completely out of place. "

She clenched her fist with all her might. Strong enough to make her knuckles turn white.

She approached Monica, who opened her eyes in surprise, Ymy squeezed her lips.

Already ... No.

I can't stand it.

I can't stand it.

"Because I am--!"

The continuation of the words did not become a voice.

So at least I want to convey that feeling as much as possible.


"... I still love my seniors, right?"

With all her might, Ymy hugged her in front of her.

"I'm sorry ... I'm really sorry! Senior, I'm the one ......... I'm always hiding from my seniors

I didn't mean to do that ... but I ... I'm stupid ... I'll do my best. I thought about my life, but I don't know how to confide ... ”


"I thought I had to apologize to my seniors ... but in the end, Ibother my seniors like this

I'm really sorry! "

I don't know the reason for the tears on my cheeks.

Relieved? Relaxed? Or because I’m happy to be able to talk again?

No, the answer is all. I'm sure it's all a mixture.

That's why tears overflow so much that I can't stop ...

"So ..."


Suddenly something touched my head.

"Thank you Ymy. We have already made up."

Monica's bandaged hand was stroking her head.

"Let's finish apologizing and thanking. Stop doing that and restore everything."


Her arm hugging Monica suddenly weakened, and Ymy fluttered back toward the table.


They just stare at each other silently.

What should I do? I can't find the words to talk. Everything in her chest has flowed with tears

I don't know what to say.

"Ah ... that ..."

What are the words that came out reflexively thinking that there was something?

"Senior is ......... Sheltis ... that, after all."

“ ….”

Monica, who was quietly smiling, looked back at me with a strangely mischievous look.

I've been doing it.

"I'll be honest with you only. It's still the same as when I confessed to you."

After all

"... That's right. Monica-senpai is very clean and calm."

"So Ymy, let's not run through each other."


A completely unexpected reaction caused my mouth to open halfway. The person in question stuck her bandaged fingertips here.

"I know that you have a close relationship with Sheltis, so think about it ...

I decided to hit you with a letter of challenge. From now on, I'm a love rival! "

"… .. eh, eh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah !? Me, me and senior !?

Did you lose it? finally !? "

"Is there anything like this? I don't like working behind the scenes or pulling out. Especially if the other party is you. "

I know that, but

That's why it's a rival of love?

"Senior, is too straight"

"Wow, I'm embarrassed! Please stop!"

Monica turns her face bright red and turns the other way.

"That's why I'm still in contact with Sheltis. On top of that ... I'll do my best to make Sheltis turn to me! Do your best to protect yourself from being robbed! "

"No, no ... but I and Sheltis ....."

I'm still a childhood friend, so I mean love

I won't say no. That just makes the story confusing again.

I'm ready.

You can't be discouraged in a place like this.

"~~~~~~! Wow, I understand, senior. I will take the game and stand! I also won't lose.

! "

"... Ahaha. After all, you are cute."

Monica shakes her shoulders by putting her hand on me.


"What can I say, I don't think he's worried. The tower situation hasn't changed. But Sheltis will definitely come back to Tenketsu. We are about done, I just need to help you a little. "


At Monica's smile, Yumi gently clasped her fist.

…That's true.

……… I thought that the current Monica-sempai would definitely say that.

Don't worry about Sheltis. I'm sure he'll be back to the tower this time like that time

It has been decided. I and Monica-senpai are the ones who push their backs a little.

So wait, Sheltis.

I and my seniors will do our best so that we can be in the tower together again.

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