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Prologue  Revelation

Floating continent Orbie Clar.

It is a continent that has been floating for thousands of years above the frozen sea at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

By receiving the protection of the barrier due to prayer of the shrine maiden, it became the only continent in the world where humankind can live.

It’s prosperous.

The origin of the name  "Orbie Clar", is from a shrine maiden language.

It is said that traces of it are no longer left in any book.

At the route headed to the continent of the battlefield.

Three phantom species emerged.

However, the phantom god that emerged from the Garden of Corrupted Song just below 10,000 meters in a blink of an eye arrives at Tenketsu.

At first it seemed like a mediocre individual.That is, except for the guardian who actually witnessed this in person.

‘The detection system of Tenketsu captures the magic reaction of the phantom species.

Number of targets: three

Landed on a floating island 4,500 meters northeast of the floating continent

Incorporated a shrine maiden apprentice into each commanded guardian-class unit from the Guard Control Bureau 

Three hours later, a subjugation unit will land on a floating island'

"..... I heard that you subdued three stray phantom species."

Taking her eyes off her binoculars, Nescarcia exhaled a heavy sigh.

She is a woman who dyed only a bunch of black bangs crimson. Wearing a tank top with shoulders exposed.

She is hooking a samurai ritual robe around her waist.

"But what does this mean?"

She was looking at the three phantoms that landed on the floating island.

It was actually the upper part of the tower, not the Guard Control Bureau, that brought the subjugation order to Nescarcia.

By the execution of secret code at the upper layer, by the choice of Sennenshi, a guardian who made a promise to give their recommendation. It is ironic that it is commonly called "holding"

However, there are not that many eastern guardians including Nescarcia.

…. But this time it was dangerous.

…. It doesn't make sense to touch the shrine maiden's reverse scale even though it's been a thousand years.

"Sorry, let's call it a triumphant return. The destination is our interrogation room at Tenketsu."

Former guardian Sheltis  Magna Yehle, who is said to have survived from the garden of the song, is detained in the upper ranks. Until his planned release, or, allowed outside with the permission of a shrine maiden. Who obtained approval of the tower from the inauguration committee

However, in some cases it was possible to detain Sheltis by ignoring the will of the shrine maiden. By risking offending her.

However, Nescarcia was the one who claimed to subdue the phantom species this time.

"I act a little like a guardian and make a good mood for shrine maiden -sama. That's why even if it’s f**ing bothersome, I participated in the operation. "

…this is.

... what a joke?

Three phantom species emerged at the floating island..

Three subordinates of the guardian and two apprentices of the shrine maiden, both of whom are famous subordinates of Nescarcia.

Just a few minutes before She arrived on the floating island


Her hand, holding her binoculars, was already trembling regardless of her will.

A phantom species in the form of a jet-black giant dragon. It was just standing stil

What is the horror of the magic flute that rises from that whole body?

Even if you strengthen a normal phantom species hundreds or thousands of times, you won’t feel that kind of chills from magic.

Intuition tells us that it's a pressure, or something different in an indescribable dimension.

"......... What is that?"

No information has been received about the remaining two individuals. However, even those two are phantom species, it is said that they have the same magic.


"What's wrong"

She silently presses her binoculars against the short-haired guardian who comes next to her.

"Yeah, Irureji-chan*, what do you see?"

"That ... is that phantom species?"


I don't understand. Both the guardian and the upper part of the tower.

"What? That's a phantom species? A phantom species, are you really saying that? Wow, that's no good. It looks like there are zero prospects for promotion "

"What do you mean?"

A subordinate who turned around suddenly, has his mouth open.

"... Captain. That sweat."

Noisy, I know that much

Cold sweat is dripping down along the cheeks, oozing from the core of the body. It feels horrifyingly cold.

"......... Hmm. No, I can't do this."


Removing the metal ring, nicknamed "Ayatori Marshal," quietly she stood up and started walking to the airship just behind her

"To where captain!"

"I’m going to go home and go to bed ..... No, it's all looking like crap.”


Nescarcia did not turn to her men who opened his eyes. She wasn't bothered. Bloody hell, I didn't want to show the pale face to her subordinates.

That is not someone that people can manage

Who will fight such a monster

Even if I got a position of a thousand years, I would be a sennenshi

You don't have to be. The alchemist can stop everything and do the chores of the tower.

"The troops heading for the two remaining floating islands"

"Ah? Do you know that? Oh yeah, I guess I didn’t shoot that video properly."

"No, no"

"Transfer to the shrine maiden-Sama. You can see something interesting."

"... interesting things"

"It's a picture of a shrine maiden turning pale. Oh, I'll pull it up quickly."

Follow-by beckoning to urge the men behind him, Nescarcia swiftly steps up the airship's ramp.

He went up

Just at the same time

On a floating island where the remaining two phantom species have surfaced, a subjugation unit headed by an alchemist confronts alone.

Just a few minutes later, subjugation that had three units. Now during the escape, the remaining two units are unresponsive

A state of emergency was brought in the name of Hakome* at Tenketsu

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