Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Vol 8 Ch5 - The girl’s choice

Translated by - Kingavent

The scheduled meeting time has passed, but the commander did not appear on the main floor.

"Monica, she’s completely weakened."

As soon as he went down the stairs in small steps, Kagura showed up with her hands crossed.

"Body temperature is 38 degrees. Symptoms are chills, headache …. These will get better if the medicine works, but it doesn't seem she can patrol today. "

"Today or tomorrow isn't it."

It was Vaiel who took off his clothes for going out on the top of the table.

Fern's Thorn Forest. 

At 4 o'clock in the morning, the outside air was observed at 23.7 degrees below zero.

It was a sunny day, if there was no snowstorm the temperature may rise, but if a snowstorm occurs the temperature will drop even further.

‘Hey Sheltis ? What do you do in such a case? Contact HQ?’

"I'm at a loss as well. If it's a really bad situation, you can call a rescue team, but otherwise, no matter how many teams are involved we can’t expect to get any instructions."

It doesn't make sense for the on-site patrol team to ask the headquarters for instructions. About the site or the members of the site.

Because I know about it the most, I make my own decisions and deal with them in any situation. This is my iron clad rule.

"The only thing to consider is whether to call a rescue team."

Kagura says while taking off the muffler used for going out.

"The rescue team will definitely come if you call, but the reason for the request needs to be reported in detail later.

I'm sorry to say this, but it is highly likely that Monica will be judged to be inadequate to manage the team this time. That's a pretty negative factor in taking the cadet exam. "

"What is the main general saying?"

"That ... they will come back tomorrow."

"Then it's a wait-and-see day today. It's neither an incomprehensible illness nor a chronic illness. If you don't understand, don't rush. "

Vaiell, who took off his jacket, rolled his shirt in a bad mood.

"Oh, isn't it cold to roll up your shirt?"

"I don't know. That sick person hasn't eaten anything since yesterday, and no one made porridge, if she doesn't eat anything she won't recover anytime soon. "

"Hmm ... aren’t you kind?"

"I'm just killing time. I wonder if we can't go on a patrol alone."

Vaiel walks to the kitchen with a stride. Two people were left behind in the wide main area.

Sheltis turns towards Kagura.

"Did you contact the headquarters about Monica?"

"Yes. Instructor Yumelda was away and another instructor answered the call, but since we were all by ourselves, a rescue team will be delayed if there was a snowstorm, if we asked for one. So, he said to apply for a rescue team considering the delay."

"Who is that? Well, it's like the big footprints I saw on the way."

"The contact was made by Monica yesterday. Well, then I wonder if instructor Yumelda came out. In fact, Fern's Thorn forest seems to get the same contact about once a year. But 90% of the time there are additional reports that there were large scale avalanches that could cover up the entire surface. "


...... Isn’t that a natural phenomenon?

Shedding of a water dragon was found only once. Since then, no shedding has occurred in Fern's Thorn Forest

I heard that they haven't found anything.

"You said 90%. What's the remaining 10%?"

"It seems that there is an additional report with the cause unknown. However, it is excellent for our unit. There are special attack personnel, so if something unexpected happens, let us decide to make a special attack. "

"What, that’s terrible !?"

"In other words, it was the usual reply. You guys should do something about it."

Kagura raises both hands as if she wants to say that she is giving up.

"So what should we do? Can we also help Vaiell?"


Thinking about it for a moment, appearing as if I'm lost in thoughts, I wear my muffler and.

"I'm going around a little. Kagura wait inside."

"... Are you going to patrol alone?"

"It's only one lap near the cottage. If I dont shovel the snow, incase a snowstorm occurs the door will be blocked from outside.”

It's not just phantom species and water dragons. The cottage being attacked by snow wolves and Arctic brown bears is not zero. As there are footprints of these monsters near the forest a minimum patrol is necessary.

"Okay .... but don't forget to take the member's emblem.”

"If you’d like, I can take Iris."

‘Eh ... machines are not good in snow or water.’

"Don't complain."

After soothing the mechanical crystal, Sheltie rewound the muffler around her neck multiple times.

Sunlight is cloudy in gray. Probably because it passes through a cloudy sky where it seems to snow at any moment. Even the sunlight that reaches the ground is dyed gray

, Fern's Thorn Forest turned into a gray world.


The snow is deep outside, going up to my knee length when stepping on it.

"Kuh! It's so deep ..."

It’s a chore to just pull my leg out of the snow, I don’t think anyone can run in this let alone walk

‘It's the fresh snow that was piled due to the snowstorm last night. It looks pure white and beautiful, but if it piles up deeper than this, it may get out of hand. ‘

"Okay, I think I need to shovel snow seriously. But do I take a little walk before that?"

From the cottage, to the forest where the big trees are frozen while wearing white snow.

‘How far do you want to look around?’

"Just a little bit around the cottage to check for any footprints.”

The softer the snow on the surface, the easier it is for footprints to remain. And of course, when it snows the footprints will be covered by fresh snow. There is no choice but to patrol now.

'Hey, I found a small footprint. What is that?’

"That vertical shape is a rabbit. The wolf is bigger, and if you look at the brown bear, it will have only two paw prints. "

Weaving around the trees, I take pictures of the snow at regular intervals for recording.

The walking distance might be short, but if you keep a good record, this should be accepted for patrols.

If the patrol is approved at least, the mission will be treated as a success.

‘Sheltis, wasn't the failure of the mission a big negative impact? It seems that there was no such clause, when I checked.’

"You'll get a career at the time of the guardian exam. You can see the list of missions in that column."

While storing portable photography equipment in the pouch. I continue.

"There are rumors that mission failures are also ranked, which is relatively credible. If the patrol is delayed due to the weather, there are almost no negative factors. But if the candidate makes a mistake and doesn’t report it properly, it will be a big minus. "

As Kagura said, this time I clearly understand the reason why Monica is in poor health.

The unit failed due to lack of physical condition management, When this happens, the trust of the commander by the rest of the members will be declined.

'ah! That's right. I think you can write a report that while Monica was sick, the rest of the team did all their patrols regularly.’

"Yeah, that is indeed so."

Instead of the fallen commander, the members re-planned and patrolled to the extent practicable.

If so, the judgment will be positive.

‘As expected, such a place is astute.’

"You said you're smart."

"But I really love you and Ymyi."

"I can't hate her. Now and in the future. That's why it's even more painful ..."


‘Did you even try?’

" I just saw the rabbit footprints."

Shaking his head at the question of the mechanical crystal mysteriously, Sheltis resumed his search.

A silent silver world. Only my own footsteps echo in the extremely cold region of several tens of degrees below zero. The sound of insects and the voice of birds can be heard. I can't even hear the footsteps of anyone else . It's going to be daunting to be so quiet.

‘It’s very quiet …’

The mechanical crystal muttered in a somewhat nostalgic voice.

'If you make a voice in such a quiet place, how far will that voice reach? The Ridge’

"It's not Iris's specialty."

‘... I said it in a poetic sense.’

Perhaps she thought I was afraid, I lost the light and the mechanical crystal became dark.

Time is flowing slowly as it is. About two hours after the exploration. I suddenly saw somebody's footprints in the snow field in front of me.

"Footprints ... oh, but this is"

‘It's the footprint of Sheltis, when you went out is it not?’

Around the cottage, which is the base. The time is short, but this is a sufficiently formal patrol, which is recognized as formal working time.

"It's hot. It gets hot when you move even in such cold weather."

The surface of my hands and face is as cold as ice, but the core of the body is hot.

I wipe my sweaty forehead and remove the muffler around my neck. Something cold touched.



White crystals started pouring down from above, touching my forehead, falling everywhere.


‘It's snow. It ’s still ten o'clock in the morning’

White crystals that fly in the air like petals and fall in large amounts. One falls on one shoulder, arm, and neck and disappears

‘Today's patrol is up to here. Let's go back, it's time to worry about Kagura and others.’


An overhead cloudy sky that grows thicker as it swirls. A gust was blowing, I hurried up and rewind the muffler. The weather is rough today as well. With such a feeling in mind, Sheltis returned to the cottage.

"Come on! It went well, we have fire!"

Near the popping fire. Kagura cheered, pointing at the flame that burned bright red.

‘Hey, this is a fireplace. I've only seen this kind of heating device within the image data,

It feels so fresh’

"No, it's my first time. I didn't use it when I came before. It was a fireplace, it was real.

I thought it was a room decoration or something. "

A small furnace that combines a number of heat-resistant bricks is installed in the corner of the room and extends to the roof of the cottage.

It is connected to the chimney. All you have to do is add firewood and light it.

"It's fine to make noise, but I wonder if it's really necessary."

Beyond the kitchen, Vaiel, preparing dinner, shouted.

"Isn't air conditioning enough?"

"The fireplace is a spare, in case electricity is unavailable."

Kagura turns around while holding spare firewood.

"The battery is full, but, for example, the outdoor wiring equipment can freeze in the snow.

You should think about the possibility. We also need heating means that do not rely on electricity. "

"Well, the meal’s ready, just take a seat."

Meals for three people were prepared at the table.

"Kagura, Monica ... can't get up yet?"

"Don't worry about that. When I went to the room, she recovered enough to sit and talk.

However, just in case, she wants to finish dinner with porridge. "

It's probably about eating a meal that doesn't strain your stomach and resting your body. Until this morning, Considering that she was suffering from high fever, it can be said that she is recovering considerably.

"Vaiel, that porridge."

"I made a full pot this morning and carried it to her bedroom upstairs. When she’s hungry, she can eat. After that, if she takes medicine and sleep, she will be cured…. "

"... Well, that’s good."

"The problem will be after that"

Vaiel said something slowly

Sheltis could only hear that much.

"Hmm, what is it now?"

"Don't do anything, eat it quickly. I'll do the cleaning up myself."

He turns away bluntly.

He turned his back with his arms folded and leaned against the wall silently. It looks like he was in deep thought.

Howls of the wind could be heard.

If you think it's a high-pitched sound like a crevice, it's a deep bass like the growl of a beast. With sound and voice

While listening to the indistinguishable sound ... The gust slowly picks up speed and transforms into a snowstorm.

"It's a loud sound."

Monica whispered, chasing the snowflakes on the windows.

How long have I slept?

I remember seeing Kagura at 6 o'clock in the morning. Then around noon, after all Kagura

Brought me a pot full of porridge for a meal ... When I ate it a little, I got a strong drowsiness.

When I came to and woke up, it was already midnight.


I think the fever has gone down. There are almost no chills, and there are no dizziness and headaches that make me crazy.

It has disappeared.

I've bothered everyone for a whole day.

I get up from the bed and go to the table step by step while checking my physical condition.

‘It's a porridge made by Vaiel. He told you to eat everything by the morning.’

A memo from Kagura laid under the pot.

"How can I eat so much?"

Three small pots, this makes me laugh unintentionally at the three types of porridge.

White porridge seasoned with salt only, yellow porridge mixed with eggs, and green porridge with vegetables.

There are three types of porridge, but there are also seasonings such as salt, shichimi pepper, and yuzu pepper. I'm surprised because it's there.

"--Thank you?"

My stomach is empty because I've only been drinking water since last night. The fever has gone down, and I’m well rested. I have to recover my strength by eating and sleeping. 

I divide the white porridge about half into a bowl, then scoop about half into a spoon and eat it.


Such words came down my lips naturally.

Probably because it is seasoned only with salt, the sweetness of rice is clearly transmitted every time you chew.

The delicate seasoning, whether you feel salty or not, is just right for a weakened stomach.

"This is delicious"

Egg porridge has a slight fish soup stock, and vegetable porridge has a pleasant aroma of herbs. Three types of porridge

They are made with different tastes, so you won't get bored.

"... Cooking, it would be fun if I could do this much"

It's surprising to people, but I'm a woman who can't cook.When I was an apprentice shrine maiden, I used to eat at the tower's dining room. After Becoming a candidate It hasn't changed much.

I wonder what kind of food I can cook.

First of all, the problem is that I don't have a recipe for cooking.

"Fried eggs and boiled eggs ... yes, I think I can do it."

"Ah, don't think about it too much."


The door opened, and Vaiel was looking down at me with a dismayed face.

"Va, Vaiel Oh, you ...  can’t enter a women's room without permission ...!"

"Ah? No matter how many times I knock, you didn’t reply. ”

If you ask me. Certainly someone was calling my name with a knock-like sound.

I don't think I heard it..

"Well, then! Turn over! Wait until I put on my jacket!"

"Who is pleased to see someone looking ill in their sleepwear?"

"Noisy! Just turn away. It's captain's order!"

In a hurry, I take out the ritual clothes from the closet, put them on the sleepwear, and close the front.

It's a rare layered dress, but it's 100 times better than such a nightwear.

"... Okay. It’s okay now."

"Why aren’t you fine if you’re making so much noise?"

Vaiel looks back and has a frightening face as usual.

"Have you eaten rice."

He overlooks a pot with an open lid.

"... I ate. Thank you so much."

"It's a waste of time. Anyway, if a general falls down, he can't move."

He glanced at the chair at the edge of the room, but he didn't sit on it.

Stands upright on the spot. Don't you want to sit down?

It's surprising. Normally, if the chair is vacant, I try to sit first.

"……Did something happen?"

Monica decided not to be afraid to ask Vaiel, who looked down at me silently.

I don't think it's a sympathy for such a nightfall. Even if you visit, Kagura is the representative until daytime for my room. Even though he was coming in.


"Well, how long are you going to do that?"

Quiet. I feel like there is Monica that I can't even imagine from this guy.

He said with a quiet voice

"Wait, I don't understand what you mean."

"Today. That bastard, he was patrolling around the base alone while I was making porridge. This

If you go home as it is, someone's grades will be negative and you will have a hard time being promoted. In that cold. Endlessly alone "

The tone is so quiet and calm as if a gentleman.

"Yesterday night I was taking care of the part that someone left out. That time, I

Came down in the middle of the night and you fell down after making a noise. "

In his words.

All of yesterday's exchanges ran through my head in an instant.

"Why didn't you tell me!"

"What ... I ... I really wanted to help you ... I wanted to help you. Why didn't you tell me !! "

" ... Did you…. see?"

Have I been seen?

Last night, he saw me crying towards Sheltis

"Isn't it like that?"

"What do you know about me!"

When I noticed, Monica warmed her throat and screamed.

Not like that. I feel like the words are denying everything I am now, and shout

I couldn't help it.

"I don't know"

"Na A-"

"Then, what did you know about that bastard?"


The leaking scream froze in the back of my throat.

"That bastard you know is the one who hides from the troops for no reason Isn't it?

I don't think anyone can imitate him. "


"There was a reason I couldn't really say it. In fact, looking at the current situation, a phantom species that fell into the garden of eden.

Isn't it a fuss all over the floating continent just because there is a bad guy in the magic whistle? Stupid

Because all the candidates ran into the purification room, it was not possible to treat patients who really needed purification. You know that the shrine maiden apprentices were complaining. "

"……I know"

There is no reason why Vaiel knows what the candidates are doing and he doesn't.

Even though the official announcement from the shrine maiden has not been issued yet, people who were influenced by rumors instigated the surroundings and the turbulence has worsened.

"Kagura said. That conversation itself was a trap for a different lord."

Who can keep the trapped bastard in the midst of being upset? "

"…………that is"

"You're the general. I'm sorry, but I've seen him in the closest position. Who can keep an eye? "

The closest.

"The closest is …."

Is Ymy without a doubt. I wanted to say that, but why did no words come out?

I couldn't say the previous words.

" I can't give Ymy anything now."

Sheltis when he took my hand and said so.

Such a lonely face ... yes

You may have seen it for the first time.

Elbert resonance.

The Magic Flute -The closest and distant victims in the world, rejected by absolute reason.

"It's almost uselessly stubborn. What is" my unit ", with me and Kagura as a unit?

While pulling it, in the event of an emergency, I can't stand alone. I believe so much, but

I don't know anything. ”

"Don't say it three times. Is that okay? How long will you do that?"

It should be just a step.

……… Also a type.

"It's a unit that you made. It's a unit that you wanted."

...... Why is Vaiel so close?

......Why is his voice so high?

"I think it's the unit that started with that bastard, but why don't you believe in him until the end? What's with this fucking kid! "

Vaiel's wrath echoed in every corner of the room as a tsunami.

"Because you were hiding? Because you kept your secret? Hey, then, that's it.

Anyone who speaks honestly is unconditionally invited to the unit? "

" …..that is"

"That's not right. It's such a secret that I formed a unit with that bastard. ......I don't care

Maybe because I fell in love with something else that seemed like it. "

"You've been longing for it, and one day you want to be like that twin swordsman. Now is the time. "

"Wow, I ...  it is ..."

I was longing for it.

I was eager to be a person like him without likes or dislikes. I've seen him as a respected person since I was around that age.

"Monica, you said. ‘There's a guardian I longed for. I fell into the garden of the song and got a line of duty.

He's a boy, but I want to be like him’. "

It was when I failed the final exam of the shrine maiden. Even when everything piled up collapses and becomes pure white one, only the dream of becoming a guardian and chasing him remained unsuccessful.

Only that dream supported me.

He took my hand, who was wandering the edge of despair, and let me recover.

"What's that guy doing now? Did he abandon you and go to another unit? Did he Betray the Tenketsu? It's nothing else that I raised my hand to watch the night watch until I fell down. You would have seen it with your own eyes! "

"Who do you believe in? While he traveled differently, he never saw it. Did you do it? It's different, it's different! It's the same line of sight that you can keep the members of the team. Captain, it's a job you have to do! "

It doesn't matter if you like him or hate him.

Because I'm a member of my unit, it's my duty as the commander

"My duty ..."

"At the same time, it's a right. It's a right with only a duty; you can love him afterwards."

Scratching the back of his head, he turns his back

"Humph, I don’t like dealing with kids because of this."

"Va, Waiel, wait! Wait!"

I get up from the chair and reach out

...... My legs are shaking and I can't move. Still, I reached out to the limit with my body leaning forward,

That fingertip

Touched his back for a moment

Without a reply, his back disappeared behind the door

" Ah……"

She lost her balance because she leaned forward, and Monica knelt on the floor. Fell down hard and crash while enduring the pain of the struck knee

"……such a thing"

In the room, where no one heard, Monica muttered.

"What should I do?"

En Se et rein cornis clar

vel harp riris noi elmei bediws, Uhw kis tinny lef hypne tes meli

Ec pheno r-isel noi elenis kamyu, nefit Uhz yulis-

Ris sia sophia, De elmei nett, yehle valen steras tury Kyel-fes  (Need help on this spell, don’t know what it is)

"What song is that?"

Yumi was reflexively holding her mouth to the voice heard from her back.


"Oh, you didn’t quit"

"... I don't know the continuation. I just repeated the same thing from a while ago."

she replied with a smile to Elie who asked while rubbing her eyes.

"Is Yuto sleeping already?"

"It’s 4 am, he should be asleep by now, “Oh, isn't it Ymy?”

Elie, who said that, was wearing a cream-colored nightwear and was holding her pillow under her arm.

"... Hmm, isn't Ymy tired?" (Didn’t understand this too much)

"I woke up."

Resting on the tempered glass window. I took off my usual robe, and now I'm sleeping in a one-bees type thin cloth

It's a little chilly because it's a thin garment. I thought about putting on a jacket, but should I sleep a little longer?

I just kept wearing light clothes.

"Hmm. I wonder if I should do my best to get up."

"Eh ..."

"Because I'm coming to stay at my friend's house. I'm just sleeping

It's a waste. "

Elie, who holds her pillow tightly in her chest, pulls her chair to the side of the window.

"Oh, a great view. It's beautiful during the day, but it's pitch black at night?"

"Because it's the top of the tower here. It seems that the light on the ground hardly reaches."

Elie holds her hand on the window glass and looks at the outside scenery. Staring at her profile, Ymy took a deep breath.

"Oh umm. Can I ask Elie ... something strange?"

"Hmm. What is it?"

"... ... what do you think of Sheltis?"

A throbbing chest sound.

It's probably because my fist is so tense that I sweat, every second feels like a minute

Feels like an hour. It's long enough.

...... There is even an example of Monica-senpai.

Even Ellie, who had been working part-time with Sheltis in the living quarters

Even now, I'm soaked in Tenketsu. There is no reason not to have a favor.

"Does that mean you like Sheltis?"

"No, that ... well, even if it's not that straight ...:"

"Aha, Ymy is cute!"

Holding a pillow to her stomach, folding her body Elie laughed out loud

"It's okay. For me, Sheltis is a fun friend to be with.

I don't feel like I can't stand it because I love like Ymy. "

"Huh! But can't you stand it?"

"is it wrong?"

".... That's a delicate relationship that can't be put into words ... uh ..."

I turn my eyes away. Asked if I love you, it's too embarrassing to affirm And hate I absolutely deny it.

"Ah, it's funny. Thanks to that, I woke up completely."

Sitting calmly, Elie began to look at her with curiosity.

"It's okay. Ymy is a cute and good girl, and it's about one in a million or a trillion.

Even if I fall in love with Sheltis, I won't be a partner. "

"That's not the case! Elie is so cute, I guarantee it!"

I usually have no makeup and my hair is unkempt, but today I take a shower in my room

It was a secret that I was surprised to see her when she came out.

Elie, when she combed her hair, it was so cute.

If Elie stretches her hair and makes up with it and dresses it nicely, there may be no girl who can compete. Ymy wants to raise the white flag unintentionally

Indeed, Elie, who combed her hair after the shower, was outstandingly cute.

"So what happened?"

"…… you understood?"

"Because I didn't expect Ymy to ask me that. Did you get ahead? "

"I mean ... it wasn't good that I didn't say it."

I'm glad that Elie was there, and it's the first time I've felt so strongly.

She was very easy to talk to.

If this is an acquaintance from Tenketsu, a secret story may leak to the tower due to some momentum.

I have anxiety. Because she is a friend of the living quarters, she says she will keep such a personal story secret.

There is a sense of security. At first I was thinking about Sheltis

I was going to think about my seniors later. First, release the restrained Sheltis,

At the same time, trying to think about ending the turmoil of the tower.

But now I'm being watched ... I can't easily go downstairs.

The most important information about the tower and the current situation of Sheltis is not available.

The first alchemist, who was one of the few sources of information, cannot move as a substitute for the Sennenshi. At that time, in my mind it was Monica's face that came up.

… Senior Monica also knows what Sheltis is doing

I'm not trying to make up with my seniors and get his information. But ... why

Every time there is something, I compare myself with my seniors.

Myself and sheltis

Senior and Sheltis.

When compared in this way, which one is closer ...


"Ymy, have you quarreled with that person?"

Elie asks Ymy in a modest tone

I silently nodded.

"He confessed that he was worried about Sheltis, but I … I was surprised, but when he talked about Sheltis, I got sick with that person.

I'm so scared that it's yeah ... "

"I couldn't say"

"... I regret it."

I should have said it. Even if we end up in a quarrel with each other, there

If I had the courage to say it, my seniors wouldn't have been hurt as much as they are now.

"That's why! If Elie is thinking about Sheltis, this time

I'm thinking of telling myself too. "

"Well, that's one question, so that's the question I just asked."


"Ha  ... Ymy  also has it hard. I can't be a shrine maiden, I think too much and I’m an air head

It looks like it's going to be banked. "

Elie leans back on her chair

"But you've become known to that person, too."


"Look, there was a conversation about a stranger in Tenketsu. At that time, Ymy and Sheltis

Isn't there information about this? If you're curious about Sheltis,

Didn't you know that Yumi hid it? "

"Eh ... oh, that's right. That's why I want to apologize."

I couldn't confess to Monica-senpai, due to my lack of courage at that time, so I decided to apologize face to face.

Otherwise, the relationship between me and Monica-senpai will disappear with a twist. It’s such a worst feeling if it ends with us, even if there is a decisive crack, I confide everything to her

I want to correct the twisted edge and finish.

...... Monica Senpai

...... Seniors are, after all, my important seniors.


"I can't do anything without a muffler. It's not fruitful!"

Kagura returns while exhaling white breath.

"Sheltis, Sheltis! ... come fast! Quick give milk tea."

"Yes, yes. It's so hot so don't burn your tongue."

Calming her down, Sheltis pointed to the cup on the table. Steaming hot

The sweet scent of honey, herbs and milk is faintly scented from the top.

"... Ah. I'm healed by this sweetness. A moment of bliss."

"I’m Tired, so what about outside?"

"It's sunny. I don't like the snow, but it's as clear as yesterday."

Kagura nods, holding a tea cup in both hands.

"There is no cloud in the sky. It's 9 am now ... Well, it takes about 6 hours to go back and forth in the afternoon. How about a plan to return after 3 o'clock? "

"Isn't it bad?"

At the wall of the room, Monica crouched in front of a huge communication device.

"I just got in touch with another unit that patrols another section of Fern's Thorn Forest. The other side is a swordsman. There are three guardians in one unit, and they are planning to leave soon. We are also in the negative, I can't do it. "

Next to her saying that, there is already a huge backpack.

"... I missed it, but yesterday I bothered everyone."

Monica bowed down with a sad look.

"Before I was told, my physical condition was ... I've recovered to 70% to 80%, if not perfect.

I think. Today's patrol will be modestly rounded up to 6 hours, 7 hours tomorrow and 8 hours the day after tomorrow I hope to extend the time little by little. There is a week to patrol so you don't have to rush

I made a decision, but how about Sheltis? "



‘See, Sheltis, you're being asked.’

"--! Ah, no, no! I think that's fine!"

Sheltie shook his head in a hurry to the voice of the mechanical crystal.

...... She.

...... Monica called my name for the first time in three days.

I'm so absent-minded that I doubt my ears and didn’t respond to the important call from her

I also forgot that.

"What about Kagura?"

"It's good, when the weather breaks, I will be okay again."


"I Like it, but I won't accept whining later."

Vaiel lying on the sofa gets up with momentum. Monica is also near that figure

A huge communication device is stored in the back bag.

"That ... Monica"


Sheltis pointed to the baggage she was about to carry

"I shouldn't carry it, probably because the baggage is the heaviest."

The members also have a simple communication function, but this time it is far from Tenketsu and due to the heavy snowfall. A powerful original line communication device is purposely backpacked so that the rescue signal can reach even in a snowstorm.

It's a patrol that you carry with you.

"Well, Monica can do something else. You see, I can carry luggage.

That are more heavy "

"Do you want the commander to focus on command?"

"Maybe that's better, but ... considering your physical condition."

It is refused most of the time. Considering the relationship with Monica in the last few days, it will be rejected without any questions, of course.

Even though I thought so.

"I'm sorry. Then I'll leave the luggage."

The captain nods so easily that he can't beat it.

"I have my own water, food, and warm clothes. I ask for the rest of the common equipment."


I wonder what. It's a mysterious impression that the thorns I felt until yesterday have fallen off. Everything in the tone, I feel that each and every one of the standing behaviors is soft.

"Ah ... well, that's right. Then I'll pack my baggage in that bag."

Monica replaces only the minimum amount of luggage with another bag. She has a heavy backpack this time, I will load my load in the extra storage space.

‘Oh, it looks heavy. Somehow, it's about the size of a girl who seems to be kidnapped and put inside.’

"... Isn't there a more decent metaphor?"

Carrying a backpack that has become heavy due to the load pressure from the inside, I am already at the entrance to the cottage

Chasing Kagura and Vaiel who are advancing too.

"Damn, isn't it still cold?"

"I was in the cottage all day yesterday, and it feels even more daunting to go out."

Two people start acting up as soon as they step out of the cottage.

"Aside from Sheltis, who is a kid, Monica, are you okay?"

"Are you talking about me?"

Monica picks up her ceremonial robe to ask Kagura.

"Of course it's cold, but I'm wearing a lot of warm clothes with heat-generating fibers under the ritual clothes."

"Well, of course, the yarn pan"

"Kagura, more than that ... do you know?"


Overwhelmed by Monica with a frozen smile, Kagura slowly backs off.

"Are you all ready to leave?"

"It's departure time. The formation is the same as the day before yesterday. Everyone has their own role, ... especially Sheltis. "

Monica glanced at me, clearing her throat.

"The role of having you carry my luggage and confirming the safety of the unit at the end. I think it will be a heavy burden. "

"Oh, this is okay so don't worry"

...... Rather, I thought I was the one who cares more.

…… Monica

It's not just  superficial words. The one who really thought about this burden and called out to me, as you can see, her expression was calm and clear.

"Well, let's go, the destination is the eastern lakeside. Where the phantom species was previously found, there we become a patrol that goes around, reporting.”

Monica starts walking on a snowy road with a small backpack on her back.

"Ah, shit. I'm sleepy ... I don't want to preach."

"What's wrong? Even though you went to sleep in your room first yesterday."

"... I don't care."

I rubbed my eyelids due to sleep, followed by Vaiel, followed by Kagura.

"Sheltis, you'll be left behind if you don't walk fast."

"I’m coming." 

I chased Monica's back, which was getting smaller and smaller.

… Saku.

The shoes sink into the snow to the height of the knees.

"Wow, it looks cold. Sheltis is fine. Can your feet get cold?"

"I can put up with it, but it's hard to move. How about Kagura?"

He Calls to the girl who goes in front. Sheltis has snow up to knee height, the petite Kagura will be buried in the snow until her thighs.

"... It's terrible, but Monica walks fast."

Only the footprints of Monica at the beginning have already had the snow removed. We follow it exactly, it seems that the pace of Kagura was surprisingly slow.

"It's hard for Monica at the beginning, but she has a small amount of luggage, so it's not that hard on snowy roads. It doesn't look like it. Her luggage, Sheltis, helped her carry it. By the way it would be even nicer if you could carry your luggage properly. "

"... I'm sorry"

Re-carrying the backpack that bites into your shoulders and lifting the deeply snowed feet with force.

‘Hey, Sheltis should just walk in the footsteps of Monica.’

"It's difficult for me and Monica because the stride is different."

Monica and Kagura, the two girls have different stride lengths. Putting yourself in the footsteps of Monica, if you try to match her, your pace will go wrong. I also thought about following in the footsteps of Vaiel instead, However, the stride length of Weier does not suit me either.

‘So, in the end, you’re going to push through the snow according to your own pace.’

"It can't be helped"

The same route is used on the way back anyway. I'm going to push through the snow now so that I can walk easily

There is no loss.

"The rest depends on Monica's physical condition"

Even when viewed from behind, the steps are strong and the speed is stable.

...... I think it's not a lie that she’s in a good physical condition, but you shouldn't push too much.

"Kagura, it’s bad, but Monica…."

"I know. Let's control her so that she doesn't have too much habit."

Kagura while wiping the sweat on her forehead. Is it hot if she wears a mechanical hat as expected?

Her real face with long ears was exposed.


Suddenly, there was a change in the feel of the foot that stepped on the snow.

The snow is shallow. It changed from snow that was buried to the knees, now snow was only as high as the ankle at most.

"The destination lake is near. You can see it."

Kagura points to the gaps between the standing coniferous trees. The sunlight shining in from the direction she shows, It was the gray lake surface that I found a little earlier.

"Was Sheltis here before?"

"No, this is my first time on this lake, because when I came before I was looking around in another area."

I've heard that there is a non-freezing lake that doesn't freeze even in Fern in winter, but it actually became like this. Is the first time.

"It’s here?"

Monica, who first passed through the coniferous forest, stopped there and looked around the lake. Continued

Vaiel, Kagura also stopped there.

"... Surprisingly, it's a fairly large lake."

The gray lake surface that spreads out to the fullest.

Looking at the tranquil horizon of the antifreeze lake, Sheltis wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"There is little snow and the view is good. It's a break here."

Monica sighs with her backpack down. She finds a rock protruding from the ground and snow on the surface and sits down.

'It's really quiet. Even though it's a lake, I can't hear the voice of birds.’

"Because it's this cold. Kagura, is there anything? like a fish?"

"Not at all. Because the water is muddy, I can't see even one meter deep. When it's so muddy

I don't think fish can live in it either. "

Standing on the shore of the lake, Kagura scooped up the water with her hands. Just because it's cloudy the water that spills from her hands looks gray.

"But you see, Sheltis and Monica. That's interesting."


Kagura points to the surface of the lake several meters away from the shore.

Poko poko ... Innumerable bubbles pop up from the depths of the lake. From small bubbles to large bubbles, it varies, but no matter how much I look at it, there is no sign of stopping.

"It's underground gas. It's not an area where poisonous gas spouts as far as I've investigated in advance. I think….Machine beads "

Under the command of Kagura, floating mechanical beads cross the surface of the lake, pass over bubbles, and return.

‘Oh, what if we do an air test kit?’

"It's easy to do. ... Hmm, it has a lot of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but it's an atmospheric component. It may be almost the same. It's not a poisonous gas that suffocates the moment you inhale it. "

Having said that, Kagura also crouches down on the banks of the shore.

"Oh, I'm tired. When it's cold, I use my physical strength quickly. I'm hungry even though it's not lunchtime. 

…………Monica, by the way, how long is it until noon? "

"It's just an hour. Let's explore the lake area as planned."

"Uh ... I can't help it. I'll put up with tea."

Kagura sighs with her mouth on the water bottle with a teary look.

‘Is Sheltis good?’

"Well, that's right. No matter how cold it is, I have to sweat and rehydrate."

I open the mouth of the backpack that was lowered, and stirr the tightly packed contents, looking for a bottle of beverage.

"Oh? That’s weird, I should have put it here."

I have food, clothes, an emergency box, and communication equipment. The bottle case that should have been put in last, I can't find only that.

‘Oh, see. Sheltis  when you packed your luggage in  Monica’s backpack.

You forgot only the bottle when you changed the luggage.’

"Well, really? But I thought I had replaced everything."

‘But I can only think of it then. You were the one who packed the bottle in the first backpack

I also saw it.’

"Gee? Then maybe"

If so, I must have left the bottle in the cottage. Spending the day's patrol today without any hydration would be hard.

"Hmm ... well, if it's a day, somehow"


Turning around in the direction called, a cherry-colored beverage bottle draws a parabola right in front of me and falls down.


"It's my spare. I don't mind having it all day today."

Monica was staring at me with a white breath. As if smiling

With a mysterious twin that looks like crying.


"Rather, if you forget it, tell me early. I have a spare drink."

"Oh ... Thank you."

Cherry-blossom color. A small bow overlooking a bottle of the same color as her hair.

……… I guess.

...... I wouldn't have been so happy before.

There are members of the unit around me. I strongly felt how blessed it was

It may be the first time.


The girl with cherry-colored hair does not make a slight movement without saying anything.

It seems that I forgot to shake my hair away even if it hit the eyes due to fluttering in the wind.

I was just quietly staring at her.

"... Monica?"

“……… Sh ……… Sheltis”

Monica coughed, her lips spoke for the first time

A gust of snow swirled between the two.


"... It's suddenly getting cold."

It was Kagura and Vaiel who hugged their shoulders and shook their bodies. On their heads and shoulders white things are piled up.


"No, this is a blizzard!"

A fierce snowfall that falls from diagonally above like a machine gun. Whether you pay any attention or not,Snow in ceremonial clothing

It is an unusual amount that the speed of adhesion is faster.

"Oh, it's weird! What's wrong with this abnormal weather, even though there wasn't a cloud until a while ago!"

"I'll talk about it later, Kagura. Anyway, everyone's luggage! There's nothing I can do about this place ...  The snowstorm should weaken if we return to the woods, so set up a tent there and evacuate! "

The snowstorm gets stronger and stronger while Monica shouts.

...... What ... This snow.

I shouldn't have seen such a strong snowstorm before.


A blizzard that covers the world in pure white deprives us of our sights, just a few meters away

It's hard to find a companion.

"Monica, be careful not to leave everyone! Who is who in this blizzard?"

As soon as I said, ‘A certain existence’ suddenly grabbed Sheltis's mind.


Abnormal climate change 

.... this.

On the surface of the lake behind, the sound of small bubbles echoing in the roar of a blizzard.

I would have missed it normally. I was able to react to the bubbles on the verge of being drowned out by the roar of the blizzard

It was a coincidence for Sheltis as well.

And saw a huge shadow of "something" that emerged from the tide in the depths, in the field of view.


It was seen. Cold sweat poured from the whole body from the head to the toes.

A black shadow that has risen to a height far above the head. It's like a giant snake

It looks a lot like a figure--

... No way.

… The phantom beast that Kagura said

What I can think of is a large-scale destruction mark found at the break point on the first day. Something crawls, the lord of the scars of that earth that was rampaged.

"The phantom beast" Mizuryu ‘that appears on the ground with a blizzard and disappears with a blizzard’ ... its shedding is the best. The first place I found was none other than Fern's Thorn forest. "

"Get away from the lake Monica, Kagura, Vaiel "

Did it react to the voice, or was it just at the same time?

Sheltis screams in a snowstorm, and the head of shape that emerges is terrible.

It was just the same moment that the attack was coming at speed.


"What is this thing?"

Two people turn around a little.

"Run ..."

I can't make it in time even if I run. I barely pushed them away with the intuition that passed through my mind,let them escape from the attack area of ​​it.


While feeling the enormous mass approaching on my back, I removed the backpack and dodged to the side, Immediately after, a load like tightening on the right shoulder is applied, and Sheltis's body is blown

.…this is.

The metal part of the backpack that should have been removed gets caught in the ceremonial clothing and becomes heavy, and Sheltis was caught on the ground.


I would have been able to handle it normally.

However, the blizzard that robs the field of vision, the snow that slows the mobility of the feet, and the freezing wind that robs the body temperature.

As a result of the worst situation, the behavior of taking off the backpack together with the ritual clothes was delayed, and further there was a gap in the avoidance action from there.

In that momentary gap, the shape behind me was just around the corner.


Neither the mechanical crystal’s alarm nor the construction of the twin sword is in time.

Monster, whose head approached to a distance that could not be avoided on his own

………Is this it?


Someone pushed his shoulders and Sheltis's body was flipped to the side. A world turned into a completely white color in the depths of the world, what looked dim was the cherry blossoms

"... It was good. I was in time."

Monica's profile was seen with a smile.

The girl was swept away by the monster's chin and flew in the air with a snowstorm

... what am I doing ...

At the bottom of her fading consciousness, Monica was vaguely staring at somewhere far away.

Is it emptiness or snow?

I don't know if I'm blown away like a leaf and dance in the air

…… Surely …… Sheltis ……………………

...... But why did you keep him behind ...?

Because he’s a member of the unit?

A simple sense of justice?

Or was there some special reason?

………is it.

………… Is ……… Is he afraid?


I don't know, I can't remember.


"... It was good. I was in time."

When I noticed it, I felt like I was naturally smiling and saying so.


I don't know what it feels like in my chest, but it's not a bad feeling.

It feels like I've finally found my place.

"How long are you going to do that?"

Reverberation can be heard somewhere far away.

I don't know when and who said it because of the fading consciousness.

"It's a unit that you made. It's a unit that you wanted."

"Maybe it’s the unit that started with that guy, but why don’t you believe in it until the end?

What's with this fucking kid !. "

"I know that from the beginning."

I know from the beginning. I know.

A twin swordsman who looks exactly like the "he" I admired, and chooses him as a pair of opponents from the other side.

For some reason, I was also allowed to accompany him on an expedition with Captain Leon.

I couldn't think of anything else.

... Sheltis, except you ... I wasn't there.

"Who do you believe in without believing it? While it was in a trap, I didn't see it.

Do you do it? It's different, it's different! It's the same line of sight that you can keep the members of the team. Captain, it's a job you have to do! "

"My duty ...."

"At the same time, it's a right. It's a right with only your duty."

My rights in my duty.

………… I've been easy on him now ... because I wanted to. Everyone else has

Not because it was my only right.

I chose and I decided.

"Monica! Where are you, answer me!"

Echoing was "his" voice.

……. This voice… Anxious voice Are you worried about me?

...... I'm glad he was afraid, right?

Then good.

I'm satisfied with that alone.

What were you angry about?

I feel like I had a very painful feeling about him, but ...


No more.

I didn't care about that.

valen = C kis towle.

Of shel = C eyen roo.

Kyele = C sion tis.

phia = C delis elma.

ole = C kis eyen noe

A woman's technique using the shrine maiden language.

In the fading consciousness, what was flowing was the open preface that he sang.

Ris sia sophia, yupa Sez = C cia dies, r-warb, als vel dia.

 Ris sia sophia, elma cia kis eyen bie qo....... Is io miel.

Even if this prayer is ephemeral. This wish is far away.

Forget all the bad memories far and far, and once again, all with him like that day ...

Please do so.

Fern's thorn forest rings.

Step by step, step by step, the earth is crushed and collapses just by walking up from the lake, The ground noise occurs. It was a monster with that much mass.

"This guy is ...!"

In front of Sheltis is an unprecedented creature, suppressing the urge to run to Monica who does not move while being left


A huge dragon species with blue scales. Although it is a dragon species, its two wings are small and degenerated, and instead it has huge, thick four legs, just like a tree, growing from the torso.

And above all, the head that branched into three as three snakes. Each moves independently, a total of 6 eyes looking down at me.


... I heard that the shell found is 10 meters long, but by all means there is a 50% increase.

"Hey, I'm not crazy ... this is a dragon."


I shout out the name of the man closest to the fallen Monica

"Monica went into the forest. Kagura went with her to save her life, so you can postpone contacting Tenketsu. Do Monica's hemostasis and treatment as soon as possible! "

Following the ritual robe instead of the coat, I take off the muffler around the neck. Wearing only a black jacket, I returned to my usual light clothing and clasped the handle of the twin sword from the waist holder.

"Don't be stupid! What are you doing, with you ..."

"If everyone runs away, this guy will chase down to the forest."


A water dragon approaching with its huge body while dragging its legs like a log.

If you look at the destruction marks of the forest on the first day, you can tell even if you don't like it. Spending most of the year hiding in an antifreeze lake

The monster is horribly timid and horribly obsessive.

...... I'm sure it will come forever.

...... Until it destroys the enemy who disturbed it’s sleep.

The roar of the phantom beast.

A shock wave like a tsunami creates huge ripples on the surface of the lake and blows away the rough blizzard.

That's it

It’s a bell that announces the start of the war.

"... I'll go. Oh, run."

Taken off by Vaiel holding Monica, Kagura shouts

"I'll be back soon! I can't have you been eaten by then!"


I don't look back, just say a word.

"I'm not going to lose"

Sheltis ran, kicking the ground under the snow.

The head of a water dragon consisting of three snakes is greeted. Lifting with a gentle and slow movement, immediately after, it attacks from there with the momentum of a bullet.

‘Sheltis, avoid!’


As soon as he jumped to the side and avoided the left neck, the second head opened a bright red mouth from behind the neck and attacked. It jumps further to the right and jumps onto the large rock that was thrust. Further based on that to the sky.

"Just as I thought"

… The main body is too big and the movement is slow.

……… That snake-like neck attack is horribly fast, like a whip


'Build a twin sword blade-

――Fixed a single silver to the nucleus, and coated the blue ice of the freezing mirror world around it. The scales on the body surface of the dragon species are as sturdy as a special armored car. Destruction limit increased from 7 times to 14 times

I will strengthen it, but it's okay. ‘

A blue ice crystal blade is constructed from the handle of the sword, which turns purple with a magic flute.


Put your weight and strength on the sword from a sufficient height and aim at the base of the water dragon's neck. three neck with the torso

A long connecting point. It is a key point where the nervous system is concentrated.


"Does it hurt?"

However, it was Sheltie who screamed in agony. The sword blade that has been swung down on the scales of the water dragon the moment I hit it, a shock far beyond my imagination came back.

With just one sword, the hands are numb and I don't feel anymore?

... it feels like all of these attacks have returned as a shock.

Armor with dozens of steel-like scales piled up, with tough muscles and thick fat underneath.

Machine guns, of course, can even prevent armored car bombardment if you're not good at it.

"What is a phantom beast ... this monster"

Even with the same dragon species, the number is smaller than that of dragons and dragons whose clusters have been confirmed. That alone is a phantom beast

It is said, but when you face it, you can clearly understand

-This three-necked phantom beast is an overwhelming monster that surpasses even such dragons.

‘Directly above!’

"Guh ..."

I clenched my back teeth and threw myself to the side. Decently passive due to numbness in both arms

I couldn't get up, and I rolled over the snow-covered plains many times.


Immediately after that, the land I was on disappeared. The ground was crushed by being trampled by a water dragon, and that a black depression is formed as it is.

Three terrifyingly fast-moving necks and legs that end when stepped on.

To talk about having a physical strength match with such a guy, It's impossible.


‘Recommended to strengthen the blade of the twin sword.’


I had the same feeling with the Assault Suit Leynos, which was called by the first government office and Ignido. Which is the blade even if it is made long and sharp, the effect is weak as long as it is a twin sword.

"Disassemble yourself to zero. Redesign it to the size of a large sword."

‘Are you talking about a two-handed sword? …… I see, aiming for a one-shot death with a big sword instead of cooperation with a twin sword. OK. The right sword will be redesigned, so throw away the left sword ...’

"The left sword too"


"If you use two big swords, one in each hand, you can do something about it."

'To Treat the large sword that is to be held in both hands as a twin sword using one hand.

Isn’t that so unreasonable?’

"I've tried it once against a dragon in the ecological growth field. Otherwise, with a twin sword.

I can't beat”

I grasp the twin swords that have only a handle.

"I told you, you have to beat this guy here."

An obsession to chase the enemy up from the lake.

...... Vaiel shouldn't be able to go that far with Monica. Hundreds of meters away at most. No, considering that he will come back here, he will only go a few tens of meters away.

It is highly possible that it is not. For Miruziyu, it's just a stone's throw away.

‘Are you a twin swordsman who wields two big swords?’

"Well, please"

With a small nod, Sheltis sprinted to the phantom beast in front of him.

I do not say any standard of the big sword that I want. From the length of the blade to the total weight of the large sword, everything is up to the mechanical crystal’s adjustment. The weight that you can swing with the strength of one hand, and the sharpness to the limit is the optimal solution for building a blade.

‘It takes 5 seconds to build an automatic program to find the optimum solution and to calculate. Until the subsequent design, It takes 5 seconds to start creating.’


If you hold two big swords, your mobility will definitely drop.

The grace given is ten seconds. At the same time that the mechanical crystal built a large sword-sized twin sword, the large sword as it is, you have to be in a position where you can swing down.


I jump lightly and jump to the rock, then kick the rock with a triangular jump and dive to the right. Crushing the rocks, I barely dodge the left neck’s momentum and land on a snowy field from a rock and run through the pure white land with that momentum

‘Seven remaining’

If you are directly in front of it, you will only be hit by a barrage of three necks.

I wrap around to the left side of the monster's torso. The dull torso chases itself and turns, just by the vibration, the snow on the surface of the earth blows away and cracks run in the earth.

‘Six, five…..Finished the calculation of the optimum solution. Move on to the big sword design process'


The position is still bad. From the back position as much as possible.

It's so huge that I can't get behind it no matter how much I run on the ground. While doing so, the right neck opens a huge mouth and from overhead.

‘Four remaining’

The countdown of the mechanical crystal has also returned, leaving only four seconds left.

You can't spend more than one min. I Kick the ground again and go into the air. Hook one hand on the cliff of Oiwa that rises on the shore, and use that as the base point to avoid the fangs on the right neck by jumping up to the top of the rock with a breath.

‘Three remaining’

As with the mechanical crystal sentence, Sheltie kicked forward and threw himself further into the sky.



The air left my body.

Take the snowstorm that soars into the sky to a higher altitude. Higher than any rock that struck the lake, Higher than any coniferous tree towering over Fern's Thorn Forest, higher than the three necks of the monster in front of me. I Soar high

'1 remaining'

From an altitude that is far from consciousness, Sheltis aims at the water dragon with a blizzard blowing down

And fell.

"I'll mess up all the important relationships around you."


All the people around me were said to be in the way. If you eliminate everything. Eliminate yourself to loneliness

"Sure, it's as planned, up to half."

A blank baptism has plunged the entire floating continent into anxiety and turmoil. I'm nothing but myself, was captured by the guardian and shrine maiden apprentices who should have been friends, and according to the intention of the upper management under the punishment of being under house arrest in one room.But….

"It was good. I was in time."

Everything was packed in that girl's smile.


…...Thank you. Yes, I think it was in time as Monica said.

The anxiety itself has not been resolved yet. The problem of my magic flute and the turmoil of the tower kidnapping.

Also the character of children. But after all was washed away by those villainous blank baptisms, What was was neither despair nor loneliness

"Monica survived your baptism by Monica's will."

What I found in this frozen land, though I haven't solved anything yet, Will definitely be a big force.

‘One remaining’

I hold the handle of the sword in both hands and fall in a straight line toward the water dragon.

While the final sentence by the mechanical crystal echoed, the last remaining central head headed straight up.

Stretching it’s neck, the fangs shining in the huge oral cavity aim at the target and are in a position to catch the fall. 


‘Composition program, development. Start rebuilding’

In a world where the sky and the ground are all white, two giant swords that shine in purple were born.

An ultra-heavy blade that exceeds its own height has been constructed, giving unprecedented load and mass to the hand holding the handle.


Creak ……

Dull sound from both shoulders and wrists under extreme load

‘Sheltis, left!’


Instead of screaming due to the intense pain running on his wrist, he swung his left hand sword with all his might. The fangs of the water dragon and the blades of the ice crystals collide head-on.

Immediately after, the left that could not withstand the impact and blew away, along with the big sword, the dragon's fangs shattered into pieces with a high-pitched sound.

Phantom beast artillery.

A scream of anger and pain echoes in Fern's Nerimori.

Are you watching Ignido? I will never give up. You can go back to the tower or become a millennial lion.

"You helped the shrine maiden with your own life. Then what can I be ashamed of, just be proud of that honor? "

There are people who push my back.

A chain of will that could not be broken even with a blank malice. A woman named Tsali taught me.

That is the possibility of leading to a true paradise.

"I have no intention of leaving Ymy alone."

Three screaming water dragons. Sheltis swung the remaining right sword down to the center where its head was connected to the torso.



I was sick, I was lying on a mat laid on the snow.

"Oh, Monica finally woke up. It's good, I'm relieved when I regain consciousness."

"... here ... is outside?"

A cold wind that you can feel. Behind the flower palace looking into your face is a snow-capped coniferous forest

You can see that there are many trees.

"Yes, it's in the woods a little away from the antifreeze lake. You have a concussion.

It seems that he was there, so just rest so that he doesn't move. "

"Concussion ………"

I don't remember until just before.

……… How did I faint?

"Kagura, I'm sorry, but the situation.-It hurts."

The beating I got and the pain of cracking were transmitted from the corner of my head to my back.

"Monica, don't walk yet! You were attacked by a water dragon and collided with a tree behind you. With a full-body bruise ... I still don't know how deep the wound is. "

I remembered it.

I was hit by a water dragon at the antifreeze lake.

"Yes, Sheltis! What about Sheltis?"

"He hasn't returned yet"

Haven't returned yet?

What does it mean? There is a flower palace in front of me, and Vaiel is still arm-folding a little further away.

Standing up ... and I'm here.

Why not only Sheltis?

"……What does it mean"

"Oh no. Don't worry. He just contacted me and told me this place.

It's about time- "

"I? I'm here"

Along with the sound of stepping on fresh snow, a boy who is familiar from behind the coniferous trees pops up.

I took a peek at that face.

"Oh, Monica. I realized it was good. When I contacted Kagura a while ago, you still had a concussion. I'm worried because it's still happening

"... Are you safe?"

"Yeah. It was dangerous several times, but in the end it wasn't ... it hurts!"

As she tries to swing her shoulders up, Sheltis frowns while holding her left shoulder.

"Ah, that's why I said it. This is a complete dislocation of the left shoulder. Even my wrist is hurt ….ow.”

"Ah ... but it's okay"

He smiled bitterly with a tired expression.

It was good.

Everyone was safe


"It’s fine for now. "

"it's alright"


Monica slowly shook her head to Sheltis, who quietly said something.

I don't remember from the time I fell down, but I remember the most important thing.

"... Did I leave you?"

"Oh yeah! That's why Monica blames me."

"It's okay. You said that before."

... Yes, if I leave him, that's probably my own decision.

...... I ... I'm still talking about Sheltis.



I look at his face for a while.

"……I'm sorry"

Monica bowed her head deeply.


"I regret that I have acted on my ... very personal feelings. I think it can't be helped if you hate me. "

"Well, that's not the case! Even me!"


He hurriedly waved his hand and stared at the eyes.

"I'm like this ... If that's right, avoid it ...

What should I do, my voice trembles and I can't speak.

My face is hot and I'm about to get burned.

"If you like…."

With her bright red face down, Monica extended her right hand.

"Wow, make up with me ... Would you make up and rejoin me! This….

That's right! "


There is no reply from him.

There is no sign that he will hold his hand out.

………………… Are you angry after all?

I've just said such a terrible thing.


"Oh, you finally saw me"

Sheltis stood right in front of me when I looked up at my face.

"Yes, I shook hands. I was waiting for Monica to see me."


His fingertips touch my right hand as hard as he can.

A hand that should be wearing a magic flute.

I didn't know that it was so warm.

"Thank you."

Monica laughed as she wiped the tears with her finger.

It was struck by the cold wind blowing into Fern and turned into a shining ice crystal.

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