Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Vol 8 Ch4 - A sorrowful cry

Translated by - Kingavent.

Hey guys before you read this I have to warn you there are a few mistakes in the translations as I didn’t know all the names or kanji properly I’m still learning japanese and am not done with all kanji, so I would appreciate any help or pointing out mistakes on this chapter 


5 o’ clock.

The time of the day when you can feel the morning sensation over the vast site of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

‘Yahoo, it’s been so long since I saw sunlight! it’s the sun!’

“Quitely Iris, you’re being too noisy.” said Sheltis hurriedly from behind the warehouse, holding down the mechanical crystal that flashed many times on his chest with both hands.

I leaned over.

“If someone finds you at this time, everything will be ruined.”

The day of departure to Biotope.

I heard that the meeting place is behind the hangar located at the end of the outdoor training ground.

“Ok, no one’s here.”

‘It’s looking more and more like a criminal place. ’

Riding along the grassy road I came to a building with white-washed walls and huge shutters. 

I used to rent high mobility vehicles from here when I was low on gold, but this time I used a vehicle for transporting multiple people.

It should be here.

“Well the meeting should be behind this.”

I still have thirty minutes to spare. No one may have come here yet.

Passing by the shutter and going towards the door immediately along the wall.

“You’re slow.”

Kagura stood there with a mechanical cap over her eyes.

“You’re early huh.”

“You’re late, it seems she arrived an hour earlier than me.” 

Monica who seems to have arrived 15 mins earlier said. 

“It would seem we were an hour early.”

Said a young man who was behind her on top of a statue, along with a girl with sakura hair color nearby.


“Ah… Good morning Vaiel.”

It was so abrupt that a proper greeting doesn’t come out immediately. I was thinking about words  that I can say because I thought I was the best, now I’m rethinking all the conversations I’ve prepared beforehand.


A captain is looking at me silently. I’m pretty sure he's not looking at me, but my eyes, I’m getting scared thinking if he was reading my emotions.

“Uh ….. And Monica, that ... ”

“I got it. Instructor Yumelda is waiting in the hangar, so let’s go.”


She turns her back before reaching out.

….. Monica. Her back is delicate and petite, but gives a strong impression. It’s looking smaller than ever, her back is trembling like she is freezing……. Is she cold?

It was like a mirror that reflected the bottom of Monica’s heart.

Type 30o0 armored car. Eleven passengers, maximum output of 1,200 seals*. A transport vehicle that adopts a floating-sliding type that is completely four-wheel drive and can run stably even on unpaved roads.

……..It feels like I’m travelling on ice.

…….. I don’t really feel the vibration.

“It seems that it is a prototype that incorporates the latest aircraft control device.”

Kagura, who is sitting facing me, speaks. The seats are separated by bulkheads from the front cockpit. She sat lightly and stared at me.

“It’s quiet today.”

“Uh ….. No, no ….. ”

‘ I was injured in the battle with a different lord. You’re still dragging it.’

For the first time I feel so grateful for the mechanical crystal’s support.

The air feels heavy. It’s been two hours since I got on the transport vehicle, but no one was talking until Kagura opened her mouth.

It was so heavy that I couldn't even take a deep breath, let alone talk.

….. But I have to say. I was thinking of telling the three members about the unit first.

“That’s right.”

No one replied. Still, Kagura nodded, and Vaiel raising his face slightly.

I got it.

“I’m sorry, it got annoying because of me.”

Sheltie bowed deeply, breaking the silence.

“As you already know, what I said back then is true …. I’m really an elite guard. That’s exactly what it is to fall in the Garden of corrupted song.”

“I heard it.”

Kagura takes off her huge mechanical cap.

“Your conversation with the Lord of unusual books has been heard by everyone in the tower, it is useless to hide it anymore from us. Especially about your magic flute.”

“ …. I see. But that’s it. ”

Apart from Kagura, Who doesn’t have her own magic flute. Both Monica and Vaiel both have their own magic flute.

I accompany them on the mission after understanding that they are staying. I had done it.

“ …. Thank you.”


Sitting to the left of Kagura, Vaiel folds his legs on top of the statue as usual.

“Whatever may be the reason,it would be best if you apologize for bothering your troops. If you’re a man, bow your head before making any excuses. Why don’t you apologize as it is? I was wondering if …. Well, for now we’ll just make it in time.”


‘You’re straightforward but it’s cute.’

“Why are you grinning.”

‘Well,  that’s why I’ve reconciled properly and this time around isn’t it better to confirm that? Maybe it’s a different place than before.’

“That’s it.”

A girl sitting at the edge of the vehicle muttered .

“Monica, why don’t you sit here instead at the corner over there.”

“ …. I like this place.”

Monica shakes her head at the beckoning of Kagura.

“Unfortunately I only went to Fern’s thorn forest when I was an apprentice shrine maiden. Because there is no …. Anyway, I could only come up with measures against the cold.”

“That’s okay, I think cold will be our biggest enemy over there. There might be an avalanche or something, or a snowstorm but the cold is the root of it all.”

Due to the cold air, breathing in the air makes your lungs cold. It impacts your physical strength to keep out the cold.

My experience is that you feel too sleepy due to the cold.

“Hey, in other words you have experienced patrolling.”

“ …. Only once when I was a cultivator.”

Sheltis responded to Kagura with a wry smile.

“Hmm, but it’s good if you were to know the countermeasures. Right Monica.”

“ …. Oh, I just need to know it.”

She just nods towards us and then turns back towards her corner sitting silently.

She’s just like a statue.

…. Monica.

…. She still didn’t look at me.

I was staring at the girl who was our commander, while shivering due to the cold.

…. She looks strong.

“It’s starting to get cold.”

“It’s not that cold in Fern’s thorn forest.”

With a sigh, Sheltis shook his shoulders slightly, pinching the hem of his thin ceremonial garment.

Infirmary, 2nd floor of Tenketsu Palace. (Tl- 塔内医院 dont know what it means)

A nurse runs around with a ton of medical records, An elderly doctor is making a difficult face.

You could see these things through the window going through the aisle.

“ …. ”

Leon was lying on the bed, with one eye slightly open.


As soon as I took a slight breath, intense pain ran through from my left shoulder to my right flank.

"Oh ..."

What will happen if I take a deep breath?

Multiple bandages were wrapped along the wound, and underneath several pieces of disinfectant gauze were there.

Blood is still oozing out from the wounds that were stitched a few hours ago dyeing the bandages.

Almadel of ‘Silver’, first place for Lord of unusual books. Took up the sword and stood.


Lost …. Is it?

My sword crushed, pushed me to the boundary of life and death, even the shrine maiden was robbed. 

“Spring clan …. I’m sorry, I …. ”

I couldn’t suppress my emotions that boiled up, I bit my lips hard enough to leave marks to hold myself.

Rather than boiling, it's a freezing cold and chilly feeling.

It was a feeling of extreme anger.

“I …. ”


Suddenly the electronic door opened without any warning.


“Vio …. La ….”

“I’m sorry Leon I didn’t think that you would wake up so soon.”

Viola. A shrine maiden wearing a Nova Kasaya-style robe.

She has a delicate body, and looks like a child from a distance.

The third place among shrine maidens. And the sister of Sennenshi Horn.

“Vio …. La, I …. ”

“Oh, don’t force yourself to speak, I’ll speak with you and go back.”

A shrine maiden brings over a folding chair. She sits next to me.

“First of all, I was relieved, Meimeru-san came once, Ymy will come as soon as the talk with her friends is over. 

That's right, I'll give you this.”


She takes my hand and gives me something to hold. Her hand feels small.

It’s cold and hard.

“Amethyst gemstone, it will heal your body quickly.”

Viola gives a big smile. She is the type to handover gemstones regardless of whether they are an enemy or not.

I know it’s her hobby, but I’m not interested in it.

It is a hobby that is difficult to handle.

"I gave the same thing to the Horn. I also went to visit her,

Her healing seems to be going well. Be relieved"

I was relieved. Even though I knew that the viola's words were literally heartfelt words, Leon was in too much pain to nod to it.

I was relieved. Was good. She was safe. Was relieved.

… .To me.

… .. Am I really eligible to receive such words?

"Are you thinking about Syun-rei?"

Says viola with a quiet smile.

"Oh, why did I understand this time? Leon-san, the most straightforward feeling of a Sennenshi is that the emotion comes out on the face. If you look at the eyes, you can have a good conversation. "

The shrine maiden with her hands on her knees and sitting gently.

…. As expected, that Horn is the only one who can't get up.

She is said to be in her mid-teens with a lovely and charming face, at most as tall as a child.

However, in contrast, the calm demeanor and tone are like a huge difference.


It gives a kind of sense of security similar to someone.

It seems that she has been praying for Haru-san and Leon-san to be safe. "

Yes, I heard from Meimeru.

Even though I am in a state of fatigue, I still use hyperopia to cut off the feelings of pain.

Looking through my memories  ..... She was taken away after entrusting my whereabouts to an apprentice

"About the kidnapping of Syun-rei. It seems that the upper part of the tower is also on hold due to troubled response.

Shin. Due to such circumstances, there is a story from Meimeru-san that the conclusion will be postponed for a while.

I heard that the time postponed is Leon, until your wounds heal. "

….that is.

… .. Does that mean you'll leave the conclusion to me?

"However, I can't wait so long. So, if you make a request, they will try to do something. By the time you can stand up and speak properly. "

no time.

For myself and for the children.

"I won't be able to rest for a long time, and I'm sorry .... I'll find time again.

I want to come "

As soon as she stood up, Viola turned her back without waiting for his reply.

"Then I’ll be going"


Leon was looking up at the ceiling of the room for a while, seeing her petite back leaving.

…. Spring clan. Please bear with me a little more.

…. I won't let you be alone.

"Because ... I'll be stronger"

Such a mysterious declaration sank into the atmosphere of the room.

Part 2:

Fern's Thorn Forest.

Covered with shining pure white snow, it is one of the coldest regions in the vast floating continent.

"...  Wait a minute ... This shouldn't be this cold ........."

Vaiel, who stepped out of the vehicle, had his lips turned purple and came back. Showing how cold it usually is.

This is the result of going outside with a thin ritual robe.

"It's seriously cold? What the hell is this, my skin is already frosting! "

“That’s why I said it’s cold. That’s where the ‘thorns’ name comes from the Fern’s thorn forest.”

Kagura, who is wearing a muffler on thick cold-resistant ceremonial clothing, says.

“There are no thorns in the forest, it is so cold that it starts hurting the body like needles, so it’s called ‘thorns’.”

“ …. Damn, tell me that first.”

“Who was the one sleeping, when I was telling it.”


Monica also wears winter gloves.You can pull out the cross from your waist, and put it on your gloves.

I wear them and check their feel.

“Yeah, it's easier to move than I expected. As expected, from the cold weather gloves recommended by Kagura. "

"We knit fibers that absorb moisture and generate heat. By the way, Monica, the thing that I gave you yesterday. Did you wear it properly? It's warm, isn't it? "


"Miscellaneous-The warming clothes that I handed over with Bu--"

"Stop, ridiculous, don't say anything Kagura, don't say that! It's a command from the commander."

Monica rushes to close the mouth of Kagura.

“What is it? You were so happy to receive it yesterday. "

"But by all means! ... Really, then I'll go."

Monica carries a large back bag.

Oh, I've been waiting over there for Monica! It's the heaviest one because it has a communication device. I’m also carrying a bag.

Monica is "one of them".

"The destination is the cottage at the base, don't be distracted.

"…… Ah."

Monica starts walking without looking back at her voice.

The heaviest bag on the back.

With a lot of worries on your back. (img error)

……… Monica I wonder if she couldn't hear it.

I intended to have the same voice as usual

‘Sheltis, let's go.’


Prompted by the mechanical crystal, I also carried the bag and chased behind Kagura, who was third in the line.

I Step outside through the rear door.

The exhaled breath turned into icy mist.

So cold  …… 

A whirlwind of snowflakes that touches your cheeks. A white wind that can be called a small snow storm passes in front of us.

And that.

Immediately, the body temperature started dropping and goose bumps stood.


Reflexively, the words came out.

I knew it was cold enough to die when I last came here as a cultivator.

It's really a place that exceeds the limits of the cold that people can live in.

A slightly ice-covered gray earth.

The sky is dim even though there are no clouds, and underneath it is a plain with sparse coniferous forests.

Only the scenery continues. There is no shadow of a living thing.

“Wolves and ice birds, these are the two species that can be found here, they are not our food but we are their food, please be attentive of the surroundings.”

Do the snow wolves act in groups? "

Kagura in front turned her profile.

"Correct answer. The hunting party form of male individuals that follow female individuals as leaders.  At max

It should be a herd of nearly ten. "

"It's a hassle if attacked. Can you take care of your surroundings?"

The girl says that much and starts walking ahead. The footsteps are also Frozen on the ground.

They’re so light that it’s like barely there.

“Isn't it cold Kagura? "

"I heard something strange. It's not cold."

Kagura turned around again while wearing a mechanical cap.

"Because …I’m a little more tolerant of the cold than you guys. It is just the thing."

She takes off her mechanical cap.

Dark green hair that does not fit well and a pretty face. And the most impressive thing is the ears.

With the bottle-like and sharp ears that are characteristic of.

"Do you understand now?"

Kagura smiles, pointing at her ears showing from her hair.

"Ah, that's right. The people of Nell were originally born in a cold region. Their ears have developed to be able to listen to sounds through the snow, and I'm used to the cold. "

"Hey, Kagura, can I just touch your ears? Oh, it's really warm."

"Hey, oh, oh, no, stop, kuh, tickling!"

Kagura jumps away moving her ears.

"... Oh, I wasted my physical strength. By the way, coming to the main subject. About Fern's

Thorn forest, I heard that it was a heavy snowfall area, but you see, the gusts are mixed with snow, but there is almost no snow piled up on the ground.

"The more you walk, the more you hate it."

Sheltis pointed straight towards the direction of their travel to Kagura, who looked at her feet in a mysterious manner.

Unlike here, where there is only thin layer of ice on the ground, the other side is a world of snow in earnest.

"... Enter the forest from there, and then it becomes a real challenge."

The atmosphere becomes silent again.

Wel continue to watch the surroundings in the vast plains without roads. The head of the corps is Monica and the second is Vaiel, the third is Kagura, and the last is Sheltis. This line is also used in daily training.

It's a standard formation to use.

Monica, sometimes her legs are tangled.

…… Her shoulders are trembling even when viewed from behind.

In addition to the tension of being the first ecological growth field, we are in a cold region where physical strength is exhausted just by being there. 

Moreover, even if this is a plain before entering Fern's Thorn Forest. It will be  tougher than it is now after entering the forest

A patrol is waiting ahead.

"Let's take a break before entering the forest"

It was then that Monica stopped in front of the snow-capped coniferous forest.

"More than I expected ... breathing ... painful"

Monica drops her backpack to the ground with the momentum of almost throwing it away. She leans  the nearest conifer as it is

"Monica, if possible, avoid staying below the trees. You see, there's a lot of snow on the trees.

If this falls, it's not a joke and you can't be rescued. "

"Oh, that's right. I understand Kagura."

The captain hurriedly gets up and leaves the place.

"... But when it's cold, it burns calories. I haven't walked at all yet, but I'm getting  hungry too. "

Kagura sighs while sitting on a rocky place. Drinking tea with extra sugar in it.

Although it seems that it is not enough


I caught Vaiel sitting next to me sideways, and the eyes of Kagura opened at once.

"Wa, Vaiel ... well, that ... what are you talking about?"

"Ah? Everyone can see that you have a sweet tooth, if you're that hungry I don’t know how you can move?”


"What’s with those eyes?"

"... Ah, that's right ... If you don't mind, can I have some more?"

Kagura begs with puppy eyes while being bashful.


"Rejected. Find out what you need for a patrol in the snowy mountains."

"tsk, what the hell! Even if I ask you while being cute?"

"Well, I'm not a kid! Do you wonder if I'll forgive you with such a trick."

"... you ….  This humiliation, I see, you have no intention of giving sweets."

"Isn't that true?"

Vaiel laughs with a smile on his face. However, Kagura also has a fearless smile on her face.

She starts searching her own back bag with sticky hands.

"Okay, then I'll take it with a special new technology I devised."

"Well, do you have to force yourself?"

"Well, it's too late to regret it now! Come on, look at this!"

Kagura who shakes the taken out object.

"Are you a fool? It’s a hair band ... what's that animal ears ?."

"Fufu, this is an excellent thing that can transform you into a kitten just by wearing it on your head. You will love it. If a kitten asks for chocolate, you can't help but give it. "

She immediately puts it on her head like a hair band.

" At first I intended to wear it over my winter clothes, but it's a hat that covers my ears. How is it? Does it look good? "

‘Oh cute. Kagura has a small baby face, and big eyes, so it looks just like a kitten. ‘

"That's right. How about Vaiel?"

"Huh! It's stupid. When you put it on, my heart is …. "



Vaiel changed his complexion and stepped back to the cat imitation of Kagura.

"Fufu, the effect has begun."

"... kuh…. Damn ...it’s just the voice and appearance of a cat!"

"Come on, your beloved kitten is hungry. Give her some sweets. "

Kagura with cat ears has her cuteness overloaded.

She approached Vaiel with her act.

"Vaiel ... I'm sorry, I'm gonna use it, even though I have similar ears from the beginning."

(Tl - confused me here)



Looking at such a situation from a distance.

"At Least they forget the tension."

Sheltis dropped his shoulders as he put his mouth on the bottle.

"Is that so? Isn't it okay to feel warm?"

“I wonder. "

...... Well, if you're so energetic, you won't become tired on the way.

"Hey, by the way."

Vaiel arrives on the top of the statue, where many objects were placed in the large hand.

I took out a printed paper map.

"I wonder if the route really goes through here."

"Yes, yes! I've confirmed it, so it's okay. The forest in front of me is the Fern thorn forest, so if you follow the path I have opened up, you should reach the cottage. "

"That's why I'm going into the snowy road as it is."

Vaiel sighs as he squeezes the paper map.

"Aside from the plains, the forest is a beast’s territory. I wonder if it's okay for humans to enter."

"It mostly is. I was curious about it, but I found out that the ecosystem of Fern's thorn forest is

It's like something different from the plain. "

Kagura continues by calling the mechanical beads that move in the air.

The common beasts are a kind of snow wolf, Ice mushrooms that scatter toxins, The Arctic brown bear is known as a ferocious beast. Especially that it attacks everything that it sees.

“It will attack us.”

"... Wow"

"Furthermore, they are rarely found in Fern's Thorn Forest."

After saying that, Kagura suddenly closes her mouth.

"Hey, say it without any pauses."

"It's cold"

When Kagura touched the mechanical beads, a three-dimensional image was projected on the surface.

"this is-"


A huge dragon with blue scales. However, its wings have degenerated, and instead it feels like a heavy giant tree.Four legs grow from the torso.

Its greatest feature is the head, which consists of three snake heads.

"The phantom beast ‘Mizuryu’ that appears on the ground with a blizzard and disappears with a blizzard ... its shedding is the best evidence.

The first place I found it was in none other than Fern's Thorn Forest. "

"I haven't received such information from the instructor."

Monica mutters with a stunned look. In contrast, Kagura, who operates mechanical beads, is the same as before.

I nodded in a calm manner

"Yes, because all I found was a shedding.The size of the shedding that remained in almost perfect form. Is it about 10 meters in total length? Since then, not only the real thing, but also the footprints and shedding have been found. There is no report. " (Tl -skin shedding like snake, what best to call it?)

"Did you see it somewhere?"

"Come on, but what about in reality?"

Kagura looks back in a meaningful tone.

"Sheltis, when was it your time? Did you take any special precautions?"

"... What was it? I hardly remember it."

If there was information about water dragons, it would have left an impression, but there is no such thing. That means It is safe to say that there was no information about Mizuryu during the patrol of the Elite Guard.

"During my time, I was informed that a phantom species had escaped here. That's why the subjugation team was formed. It must have been done, and I think there were enemies who were more concerning than Mizuryu. "

"Hmm. In other words, be careful of more realistic opponents like Arctic brown bears rather than water dragons, Be wary of phantom species from Arctic brown bears.” 

Monica, makes a decision as a commander

"Let's go with that. It's easier for me to make a strategy if I'm used to it."

Captain carries her bag to her shoulder as the break is over.

-Instantly, her body loses balance.


Before Sheltis reached out, Viel, standing next to her, caught her body.


"... I'm sorry."

"Monica. Lend me that Bag."


"I was taking a break, but I'm already okay. That baggage has the best communication device.Isn’t it heavy? Let's exchange our bags. "

Before the girl said anything, Vaiel slammed back with no questions asked. And pushed his bag to her.

"Oh, commander, do you still have any order?"

"No, no. It's okay. I caused a nuisance."

Carrying Vaiel's bag on her back, the girl begins to walk with some leeway.

"Oh, Vaiel!"


Take a look at the back of the young man who is about to start walking

"Thank you. I was thinking about the same thing."

"Stop it, it’s not a big deal."

The words said by him, can't be imagined from the usual Vaiel, It was full of strange tranquility and tension.

"It's the same as this forest"

"... Eh?" (img error)

"When it's frozen. You have to hide yourself with hibernation."

Vaiel turns his back, muttering so quickly.

I wonder how to respond to that word ...

…………………… Sheltis is silent


I re-carried my bag.

Zu, Zuzu

The sound of a heavy object falling behind us.

‘The snow fell from the top of a tree. As Kagura said earlier, it is dangerous right under the coniferous forest. ‘

"It seems quite heavy."

Fuu. Sheltis exhaled towards the sea of ​​trees where the sound of stepping on the snow echoed.

The road shown on the map is buried in snow and disappears completely. Co-relating the elevation map with the surrounding map and we can barely make out the direction.

There are times when you pass underneath a densely populated area of ​​trees. (img error)

"This is the worst, how quickly can we get help in the event of a snowfall?"

A line of four people. The distance between each person is usually in increments of 2 meters, but now it has gone up to 3 meters.

It's an extended formation.

At this distance, few should be safe if snow hits us.

I hope that this will end without any incidents.

It is difficult to identify Monica's appearance because she is about 10 meters away from me.

The difficulty is that. The roads that go through the beast's territory are also covered in snow.

The fatigue of walking while being exposed to the cold wind is slowly piling up.

"... As expected ... this is tough, isn't it?"

Kagura bends her back.  Edit from here.

"Because it was originally a place where a team of Cadres guard and elite guard were dispatched."

"I ......... I used to think that because I was a candidate I would have gotten used to the snowy roads. "

Snow that drags your feet, and extremely cold air that does not allow deep breathing. Oxygen does not reach the brain. The state of overworking the body as it is. Even Kagura, who is resistant to the cold, is having a hard time, not to mention Monica.

Vaiel must be in even more trouble.

"Kagura, take a break and tell Monica"

"... Let's see"

Kagura keeps pace and catches up with Vaiel who is at the front. Vaiel who received a message from Kagura is the same

He runs to the side of the Monica and tells her something


Monica silently raised her hand and continued pointing in front of them.

‘OK, that's it.’

"Pointing to the front means taking a break after a short trip. Is that okay?"


I re-carried the backpack that bites into my shoulder, and Kagura's footsteps speed up slightly.

Carefully passing through the densely populated areas of the snow-capped coniferous forest, and beyond that, sunlight from the sky was able to pour directly.

"... Hiii?"

Monica, who was ahead, screamed and strengthened her whole body.

Her scream is unusual.

"Monica …. What!"

I Throw the bag to the ground, hold the handle of the twin sword in the hand, and rush.


Monica slowly backs off. Instead of her, I jump to the front line of the formation

“……………kuh ….  What? ”

Sheltie bitterly bit the inside of the request.

A trace of a huge "something" showed up in the snowy forest.

The huge coniferous forest is slightly knocked down like a matchstick, and the ground is brown due to snow being dug up.

The ground is exposed.

The most eye-catching thing is the trace of something huge crawling.

"... It feels like the trees and the ground have been pushed all over. You see, half of the trees from the top are gone as if it was cut off. "

"The Magic Flute, don't you think?"

The snow has disappeared hundreds of meters ahead, leaving the underlying ground exposed.

If it is a magic flute with a high level, a large amount of snow will surely disappear.

“It doesn’t look like it.”

Sheltis walked to the exposed point of the ground and touched the part of ground that formed a scar.

It's not a magic flute. It feels more rough and messy.

Even the fallen tree over there doesn't feel like it's been corroded by the magic flute.

‘It doesn't look like a phantom species.’

"I think so too. It's something more violent, aggressive, and big. It's just recent."

The scratches on the bark are still fresh. Doesn’t look like it happened a few days ago. If I had to guess, it would be just a few hours ago.

"I don't think it’s ... the phantom beast ..."

The response to Kagura's cough is silence. Everyone imagines it in their mind.

Because I hesitated

"So what's the plan commander? Do you want to take a break here?"

"I was so surprised and now tired."

Monica shrugs towards Vaiel with a bitter smile.

"I think we'll arrive at the base in about two hours. Let's go there because it's okay to be slow.

We can ask the people over there and judge accordingly. Any objections?"

“No objection."

Kagura raised her hand, and Sheltis and Vaiel also agreed.

"It's decided. Let's go."

As soon as she said so, Monica turned her back. But because of the speed of turning she seems unnatural...

……… Monika.

.... It looks like she is terribly pale now.

"Looking at Iris and Monica. I'll be careful too."

"... Maybe I can't do it."

Pushing back the chills in his chest, Sheltis chased after the previous three.

Eventually, the pure white snow field is dyed in the setting sun.

‘Wow a flashy building!’

Mechanical crystal cheers first in front of a three-story columnar building painted in fluorescent orange.

"It's a snow-capped coniferous forest with poor visibility. Snow mountain climbers wear orange tents.

Is it the same reason as using it? "

"Let's go in anyway, because there must be some material left by the patrol team in front of us."

Hold the member's badge over the entrance door to unlock.

The lights turned on automatically at the end of the opened door. And from the back of the aisle to the sound of air conditioning.

"Is this a meeting space?"

A spacious room immediately after passing through the aisle.

This is probably the main floor of the building. One table in the center and embedded in the wall is a huge screen, a foldable chair is also leaning against the corner of the room.

"Hmm. It's good that the lights work, but what about the electric wires?"

"Probably a storage battery. Also, I think there is a solar cell on the building. And

I think that wind power generation that makes use of gusts is also incorporated into sub-energy. "

Kagura staring at the power meter installed right at the entrance answered immediately

"The battery is almost full. Good, I can't waste electricity, but with an induction cooker.

There seems to be enough room to make hot rice. You can make rice, right? "

"... Well, don't pull my sleeve there."

Vaiel folded his arms in the way of carrying a backpack.

"Oh, commander, please clarify whether it's a break, a report, or a patrol."


"Hmm? Hey, aren't you okay?

"Oh ... oh. Then the three of us will take a break here. I will look around inside the building

and come. "

Leaving the muffler and gloves on the table, Monica in light clothing tries to head to the stairs.

"Commander wait." (img error)

Behind her, Sheltis called out several times already.


The girl with sakura-colored hair doesn't look back.

"I can do the scouting instead of you commander, you were looking pale since a while ago. "

"This is the commander's job."


"I know you're worried about me. Thank you, but it's okay."

"… … I see"

It's like a stretched hand cutting through the sky.

Here, Monica stubbornly said, "It's a command from the commander," or "There is no reason to be told by you."

If it's a lie, I might have been prepared to argue. However, with that preparedness in mind, he said, "Oh.

There is no counter argument when she said that as a "commander".

… But that's right.

Monica has been very wise in that part since she was an apprentice shrine maiden.

"Senior Monika it’s me! It’s Viola! ”

"I can hear you silly!"

"Wow, Monica-senpai! why do you meet at such a place?"

It's not just Ymy. Oshio Lake, where I headed with Horn to subdue the 8th kind of S sector

I remember that there was a junior who was close to her. Even to the shrine maiden apprentice who should be a competitor, she is a girl named Monica who is smart enough to do delicate work.

It was Monica who formed a pair with me.

I wonder if it's natural to read as easily as I want to talk.

"Let me do it."

It was Vaiel who muttered in a faint whisper.

"I'm going to do it myself. It's just an argument that I said it forcibly."


"If you want to move your body so much, you help prepare for dinner. I'll go."

Without waiting for a reply, Vaiel starts walking to the other side of Monica.

"Monica's physical condition is certainly bad."

"... Kagura"

"I understand it."

Kagura chases after Monica with a mechanical bead.

'How is it? If you're feeling a little sick, eat and sleep to recover. "... Because it is easy to recover from fatigue at night."


Sheltis moves away from Kagura, not realizing that she is unknowingly biting her lips.

I saw off her back.

Fresh salmon cream stew in a frozen pack.

Colored seaweed and mushrooms, healthy salad, and special ginger dressing.

Thick slices of bread baked in a dark brown color, butter, and honey if you like.

The dessert is a chocolate cake with plenty of dried fruits and fresh cream.

“……… What is this.” (img error)

In front of the restaurant-like menu on the table, Sheltis thinks.

I sighed without thinking.

"Did you really make this with a cottage stockpile?"

"Didn’t you help me too?"

"No way, I just cut the vegetables."

Chocolate cake is made by adding emergency chocolate to the original soft flour.

It's supposed to be eaten as it is, and even if you make a mistake, it won't be a material for cakes,

I think. Even though I had a stockpile of salad dressing, it warms my body because of this cold weather

It is a self-confident work created from scratch to use the effect of ginger.

"Sheltis I ... I'm too hungry my stomach hurts. "

Kagura holds a knife and a fork and sits down on the table.

"Hey, hasn’t the general reported yet?"

Vaiel in an apron frowns.

"... It's getting late"

Regular report to Tenketsu Palace.

They will leave it if I summarize the record in the time before I eat

It's been so long.

"... Ah, I'm gonna eat the whole plate. Monica .... Hurry."

"Well, let's see."

At that point, there was a slight footstep from the stairs leading to the second floor.

"I'm sorry for being late"

Monica replies. Although she is wearing the same ceremonial clothing as before, Sheltis eyes stopped at an unnaturally small wreck on the ritual garment.

... you shouldn't be able to damage it just by standing or sitting.

I have to keep silent about it.

If you were taking a nap, it's normal to change into nightwear or sweatpants.

But were you so tired that you couldn't do it?

"Did you make it? I'm sorry. The rice will get cold."


"Hey? Why did you leave your seat early?"

"... I'm sorry ... I don't have an appetite. I'll eat it later.

I want you to keep the remaining in the refrigerator. "

Monica with her bangs hanging down. she should just be standing upright, but

Both feet are shaking in small steps

"Hey general? You’re looking really pale."

"I just feel a little chill ... I took the cold medicine a while ago ...

I think I will be cured ... I think. "

Her facial expressions are painfully distorted, as if each word is painful.

"... Kagura ...it’s bad, but it's night duty ... when time ... wake me up."

She turns her back. Knees wobble, short breaths

It may be a symptom of suffering. I don't think she can climb the stairs very much.

"Monica, I'll send you. The stairs will be dangerous."

"No, no ... I can do it myself."

"Lies! Your complexion doesn’t look too good. And it would be hard if you fell down the stairs. "

"... I'm fine"

"I don't mind"

"I'm fine!"

The screams shook the cottage.

It should have been squeezing, but it was weak, and it should have sounded angry, but it sounded like a cry.


She shakes her head as if she just became aware.

"Sorry, I'm sorry ... but ... I’m fine. Don't worry about me."

Grabbing the railing of the stairs she went up the stairs. No one can speak to that figure as it was, Monica disappeared into the private room on the second floor.


Roar .... Growl ..... 

The breeze blowing in Fern's ridge forest is abbreviated with a voice similar to the scream of a beast.


A whisper of mechanical crystal echoing in a dim room

‘I got up 50 mins before you. Now it’s 2 o’ clock in the morning. ‘


Raising my body from a position wrapped in a thick blanket, I jump out of bed and stretch my body.

‘It felt like I didn’t sleep at all.’

"Well, ne"

Sheltie exhaled, hung on her on his neck with a flashing mechanical crystal in the dark.

Breath becomes cloudy white.

Even in a cottage where the air conditioning is fully operational, the cold air cannot be wiped away. This is midnight. Which means if one is outside. It's scary to imagine if it's so cold.

‘You should bring warm clothes.’

"I won't get wet"

Wrapping the supplied white muffler around my neck and wearing my gloves, I went out of the room, following the passageway that was dyed in black, the orange emergency light was serving as a landmark.

"It's windy outside."

‘It's snowing a lot. Tomorrow you should scout outside of the building. ‘

"I hope the wind doesn't break the window glass."

When I was sent to this area as a cultivator, the cold wind from the outside came in through the broken window and I was nearly frozen to death.

I have a clear memory about it.

"Kagura, isn't the window glass broken?"

"... If it breaks, I would have been asking for help by now."

First floor, main area.

A girl wrapped in a cloak looks back at the center. The lips are purple holding a big mug in both hands, it seems completely cold and I can't see any steam fragments.

"Hmm, the lookout has finally changed."

"Thank you for your hard work"

Pulling the chair next to Kagura, Sheltis sat down on it.

"How was the watch?"

"Nothing in particular. I mistook the sound of the wind for the bark of a beast and stood up several times ... but it was a false alarm. It was never a beast. The rest is the fight against the cold. Hot milk or hot tea. I recommend tea."

"Yeah, I'll have a lot of tea to keep awake."

It is said that the most difficult time to patrol the ecological habitat is midnight.

You don't know when a vermin or phantom species will appear, even though most of the members are sleeping.

The fate of the unit is determined by how quickly and accurately you can respond at that time.

"Then it's until 6 o'clock. Kagura should rest until then."

"Then, I’ll take up your offer."

Holding the mechanical cap she took off she tried passing by.

"... Is it really okay?"

The girl standing next to me stopped.

"What is it?"

"Can I leave it all to you for the next four hours? Two hours were for Monica,

I think the three of us should be evenly divided. "

"It’s alright." (img error)

I respond with a smile to Kagura looking up here.

"Hey, I'm used to it because I've been here before ... Can you believe me?"

"Not at all"

The girl shakes her head with a straight face.

"You're against Monica, well, something that's against your responsibilities, anyone can tell what they are feeling, if not guilty.”


"Eight hours from 10 pm to 6 am. Even though it's 2 hours each when divided by 4 people, Monica is in poor physical condition. Isn't it the reason why you started to watch for a total of four hours instead? "

"... I think there is that too"

I put my hands on the table and looked up at the ceiling with a vague look.

"Monica, has she been sick all the time?"

"Come on, you may have heard from Instructor Yumelda, but she has always been in her department. It seems that she was shut up in the room. "

Kagura shrugs as she says so.

"There was a section that was very challenging. It seems that insomnia has continued in her case. Therefore, this upset may also be due to the chills in that state. But this is

just a prediction, it doesn't bother you. "


"Oh, I'm surprised. I was wondering if the reaction would be slower or more confusing."

"She’s sick, I think, but I'm not thinking too much. Of course, I want to talk to Monica

, but it doesn't make sense if I'm crushed by then. "

…. That's right, Ignido.  (Tl - don’t know what it means)

...... This is your purpose, isn't it?

If you are crushed by heavy pressure here, you are in a blank operation. Trying to release me.

The efforts of Ymy and Elie, who are struggling at Tenketsu, are also helping.

"... Well, then I don't think I need to be careful either."

"I won't bother you, though I'm already annoying you."

"You owe me one. It's enough if you treat me someday at noon."

Kagura turns over with a mechanical bead. She goes upstairs with a small footstep.

Sheltis was standing alone in a quiet space.

...... Thinking about it.

‘Are you thinking about the children?’

"Hmm ... I’m  thinking about something else."

"The information is confusing."

Before going on this mission, I asked Yumelda instructor for children and Yumi. She told me that Syun-rei was abducted ,while having a distorted expression.At the same time, he was told that Leon was rescued while he was seriously injured.

"I'll tell Nestorius that you gave the information. You're on a patrol mission.

You only have to concentrate on it. ……do not forget. This mission is an excuse to expel you from the tower. Please Don't do anything wrong. "

If the children were caught, it would probably be a problem on the floating island.

Were you aware of the danger and head for rescue?

"It will be a wait-and-see for a while. After all, it is a fortress that could not be dropped by the lineup including the Sennenshi. I

I think Meimel will spend time to conclude.”

"That's right."

When I thought about the children, I couldn't do anything because I was restrained by the upper ranks. Anyway now as Instructor Yumelda says, I have to make sure I carry out this task. In surveillance close to torture never miss the possibility of a reversal that comes around once in a million .....

... and instructor Yumerda also said. This mission was the last opportunity

"Wait ... I ... I didn't want to know your secret in this way."

With a crying expression.

"If you say it from your mouth and Ymy tells me about your relationship ...

I didn't feel so miserable. ...... Even if it was hard that day, I shouldn't have been dragging like this.”


"... Yeah, that's all I was thinking, I hated you. But you,

I love you ."

Monica catches the overflowing tears with her fingers.

"I can't hate you. Now or in the future. That's why it's even more painful.


“I love both Ymy and you, but I couldn't trust either of them.

I wonder if they will continue to be left out of the group. "

"......... That's ... well, I've always wanted to apologize."

Sheltis raised her face to cut off the long, long silence.

"It was like this time without telling Monica or Viel anything,

...... I think it's natural for Monica to feel sad. "

"That's why there's no secret I can tell Monica. The fact that I fell into the garden of the song is also due to the magic flute.

Because Ignido talked about everything about Ymy ... As Monica says,

There is no secret left that I can reveal about myself. "


She bites her lips and looks down.

"No, I know that. The secret that tells me ...

I don't know ... I know that. "

Yes, there are no secrets left to be revealed. All the secrets were revealed by Ignido

"Lend me a hand"


"Monica, hold my hand for a moment."

I took her hand and squeezed it lightly.

"What?" Hey ? No, suddenly ... what ... "

"If you think you've been contaminated by my touch, do whatever you want with purification later. But just check this. I want to and I ... will touch. "

"So what! Well, you're always holding a woman's hand like that.

Isn't it! "

Monica is in a hurry with her hot face turned red. However, while responding so, she

Instead of letting go of the hand that was held, she turned towards me.

"I told you"


"The last secret of me and Ymy. The biggest reason why I'm considered dangerous by the upper ranks of Tenketsu."

Gently letting go of her hand, Sheltis said with a faint smile.

"I just asked Monica and Yumi how kind they are."

"Oh, that's due to the momentum ..."

"I can’t do it. Now I can't give Ymy anything. I can't shake hands like this,

I can't accept it when I fall down like Monica now. "

"... Huh.”

Monica mutters with her eyes raised with a suspicious look likeshe doesn't understand.


"Because you and Ymy ... have been friends for a long time, the different lord said.

Wasn't she like a lover before she met me? "

"Yeah, my childhood friend for ten years"


‘Monica, please guess. You should know. ‘

The crystal was lit in a faint red, and the silent mechanical crystal said in a gentle tone like a mother when she teaches and discusses a child.

"The magic flute and the power of repulsion. Above all, the extremely strong force that occurs when the magic flute comes into contact with each other.

You should remember hearing about a rare physical phenomenon, even if you haven't seen it. '

"... Is that Elbert Resonance? That's a really rare phenomenon, it doesn't happen in reality.

I didn’t expect it, so I didn’t learn it. Written at the end of the textbook as a reference …”

The words gradually faded, and in contrast, the girl's eyes were opened in astonishment.

"No way, you"


"That's really Ymy with you, depending on what you're saying."

"This is the end of the secret that I and Yumy can tell."

Sheltis exhaled loudly,remaining silent for Monica's question.

"It's not a direct proof that I believe you Monica, but ... I told you.

The number one reason I was banished from Tenketsu a year ago "

Elbert resonance.

The reason is that the closer you get, the stronger you reject. This is nothing different from two years ago

I. ...... Even now, it is not strange that the tower has banished me for this reason.

"I and Ymy thought many times that we would all be confided. Monica and Vaiel

I didn't mean to look down on you, I just want you to believe it. "


She doesn’t speak anything.

He was just staring at the part where his right hand touched her hands.

"I ... I've never seen Elbert Resonance. As I said, I wrote it at the end of the textbook.

I just know what was there as knowledge. "


"It was written that no matter how powerful a person or a phantom species could resist the phenomenon, sparks would be scattered.

It's a dangerous phenomenon for both humans and phantom species because of such rejection. "


"... It hurts?"

"It hurt, but it was even more painful for her."

".... Did you really resist? But even you and the shrine maiden couldn't resist?"


Sheltis took control only once.


Monica looked up at the dim ceiling, with emotions swaying in the back of her eyes.

".... I am ..... I am ....."

At the same time, her body suddenly loses her posture.

"Monica !?"

"....... tsu ....."

She does not respond. Slowly she starts falling down.

"Monica, can you hear me, Monica?"

The girl's body was surprisingly soft and light.

‘The amount of sweat is abnormal. The source of tension that had been keeping her going has gone and fainted due to extreme weakness. Fast

To her bedroom .‘

"I know"

Sheltis goes upstairs in the cottage, holding Monica with her eyes closed and shallow breathing.

….. Watching all that.


On the first floor, behind the aisle in contact with the main floor, there is one figure holding his breath and folding his arms.

.. For a while

Looking up at the second floor from downstairs, but eventually turning back to the aisle

"I didn't see it."

Is the emotion mixed with the sigh anger or …. 

"Always this ... Damn, don't let me take the trouble."

Muttering with a moody look, Vaiel quickly returned to his room.

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