Chapter 34: Hunting. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

When they arrived at the North Gate, soldiers from the army came to inspect them. 

Shi Lei showed his credentials, and they were soon allowed to pass.

Zhao Liang rambled. 

"Tsk tsk! Every time I see this city wall, I can't help but be surprised. People who lived hundreds of years ago are really amazing. They can build such a big city while fighting off mutant beasts. If there is no such wall, I am afraid my grandfather will not even be born in this world, let alone me."

Lin Zhen smiled: "This city wall is really important."

"Of course it's important. Look at the bones of the mutant beasts beneath the city wall; the white ash from the burnt beasts that attacked the city. Unfortunately, since I became a Fighter, I haven't experienced a siege. Thinking about it. I really want to scream up to the sky that this world is filled with beasts!"

Lin Zhen glanced over, although the city wall was drifting away from their vision, but within a hundred meters below the city wall, the soil was white. In fact, those were not soil. They were the ashes left by the burning corpses of mutant beasts. Some larger bones were scattered among them.

Beast Sieges are a very scary thing, but over the years, the defense of the Base City has evolved, becoming more and more perfect. In order to survive, humans have tried everything they could think of to strengthen the defense. Although Beast Sieges have happened countless times in the past hundreds of years, these huge Base Cities have never fallen.

After they left Ice City, they did not immediately enter the wilderness area. They went 200 kilometers North, and went to the Northern Satellite City, Mudan City. 

Well, it's now called Peony City after the Divine Change. They gained a foothold and gradually developed it into a Satellite City here in the North.

After Peony City, going further North, there were no longer any large human cities.

As they got closer to Peony City, the surrounding scene gradually changed.

There was also gray dust here, and the amount was not less than that of Ice City, because satellite cities were often the first to be attacked. Every time beasts attack the city, the battle here is one of the fiercest.

And looking at the sky, you can even occasionally see mutant birds flying by.

Zhao Liang saw Lin Zhen looking at the sky, and smiled: "Don’t worry about the small mutant birds. And there are no large mutant birds around here. They are usually scattered F-Class mutant birds such as sparrows and swallows. Gao Yan will easily solve them."

Lin Zhen smiled: "I'm not worried, moreover we are in the tail end. If there are mutant beasts, the captain would be blocking them."

"Haha, that's right, we are both gonna be carried."

They drove for another twenty miles, when suddenly, a gunshot came from the front.

Lin Zhen saw a huge swallow with a wingspan of almost two feet falling from the sky.

"Gao Yan fired the gun, and as you can see, it's a headshot. Although it is an F-Class mutant, it is still high in the sky, this just shows that Gao Yan's sniper skill is superb. If I fight him head-on, I will win. But give a distance of a few hundred meters between us, then I'll fall to the ground like that swallow."

"Lin Zhen, you are out hunting for the first time right?"

"Yes, it's my first time."

"So you probably don't know the level of mutant beasts. Alright, it's like this. Things like mutated swallows, sparrows, frogs, geckos, mice, rabbits, small fishes, chickens, ducks and geese, are all F-Class mutants. They have very poor individual strength, and we can usually deal with them easily. But if they form a group/swarm, that would be terrifying. For example, if rats group, a rat tide would form and will undoubtedly cause a disaster. So run as far as you can, if you encounter such a situation."

"Mutants such as sheep, pigs, cats, small snakes, and small pet dogs, are E-Class. Such things are also not that difficult to deal with."

"As for large dogs, cows, horses, larger birds, roe deer, deer, etc. are very difficult to deal with. Those are all D-Class."

"There are also wolves, owls, leopards, wild boars and the like, they are C-Class. These are more difficult to deal with. We usually have to work together to kill it when we encounter them."

"The bear we're hunting this time is a B-Class mutant. Tigers, lions, rhinos, crocodiles, and elephants are also all B-Class, but we basically don’t see them here. We normally don't hunt B-Class, like this bear, but since it is injured and weakened, we can try our luck."

"The A-Class ones are even harder to deal with. Those are the ones that had undergone second-mutation. Just like the Xiaoxing'anling. It is a big tiger that has swallowed too much flesh and evolved twice. If you want to kill that guy, you must have a team of God of War Level Fighters."

Lin Zhen asked, "What about above A-Class?"

"That is the S-Class, SS-Class, and the highest SSS-Class, but those things are basically not on land anymore. They are all giants in the ocean. It is said that Japan was destroyed by a group of giant ocean beasts. Whether it’s Fighters or nuclear bombs, it’s too weak against those monsters."

"Oh, I know this. It is said that there are giant octopuses that are like hills, and humpback whales comparable to warships. They can also go ashore. Fortunately, they can't stay for too long, otherwise humans will be completely wiped out."

"You know... Ah! If my memory serves me right, you graduated from high school. Naturally, you have learned these things. It seems that I was just talking too much."

"No problem, that's also a form of review from the textbook knowledge, haha."

During the chat between the two, they finally arrived at Peony City.

The population of Peony City is about 3 million. The city wall is not as high as the Ice City’s, but it is nonetheless majestic. 

Zhao Liang said: "There are very few beasts near the city, but once there are some nearby, it will be seen as a sign of a Beast Siege. Martial law will be imposed and it will be difficult to enter the city during that time."

They entered through the South Gate, crossed the bustling streets of Peony City, and then went out through the North Gate.

"You can speed up after we leave Peony City. Yilan County is more than two hundred miles away." 

"It has never been completely conquered by humans and there are many high-level beasts inside. Stacks of banknotes, here I come!"

Zhao Liang giggled, while Lin Zhen also smiled, but he soon found that there were still a lot of vehicles on the road after leaving the city. He had an unclear premonition in his heart.

Gradually, Zhao Liang also realized this anomaly: "How come there are so many cars heading to Yilan? I also saw several cars from a Squad I know. Are they all going to Yilan?"

With doubts, they continued to move forward. When they finally approached the edge of Yilan, the nearby vehicles were almost lined up, and the cars in front also stopped.

"Why did you stop? There is still some distance from Yilan."

Lin Zhen and Zhao Liang got out of the car and watched a lot of people from the army set up things in the distance. There were already a lot of cars parked here, and there were even long queues of people in the distance. 

"Why is the army here? And there are so many cars here, what's the matter?" Zhao Liang's face was a little ugly. So many people were heading in the direction of Yilan, maybe it was for the same purpose as them: the injured bear.

Shi Lei walked out of their car, while Gao Yan and Ye Tiancheng followed. The Squad then gathered together. 

"Captain, what happened?"

"I don't know. Let's go and take a look, but I have a bad feeling." Shi Lei's face was also a little ugly.

Lin Zhen didn't speak, and only followed behind. He already clearly felt in his heart that the news of the injured bear was leaked. After all, people like Shi Lei who were not among the strong, can even hear the news. So it is not weird if others will know it too.

The Squad then marched all the way to the place where the army was.

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