Chapter 35: Demon Squad.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

The Squad came to where a military officer was standing. Four military vehicles had blocked the road, and the surrounding area was cordoned off.

Shi Lei was at the forefront as the captain, and said to the officer: "Sir, why are you setting up here?"

The Officer glanced at Shi Lei: "An injured bear appeared in Yilan County, attracting many Fighters to attempt killing it, but instead many just died. In order to protect the Fighters, the Base City and the Military jointly decided to set up a cordon here. Those Fighters who are not strong enough are prohibited from entering Yilan County during this period, as to avoid too many casualties, this also relates to the safety of the Base City itself."

The Squad looked at each other, feeling disappointed and a little surprised.

Although it was certain that the news had been leaked, it was not in vain. Although advanced mutant beasts are dangerous, they are of great value. Every one of them is valuable. If you can gain something, you've struck big time.

At best, they just have to compete with other Squads, after all Fighters are never afraid of competition.

Shi Lei continued asking: "How do you get the qualification to enter Yilan?"

The Officer looked at their Squad: "I think your Squad is better off not going, especially if there are students. Yilan County is very dangerous. Again, if you are not strong enough, you are not allowed to enter."

The Squad was a little anxious. They prepared for so long, they can't just go back like this. Shi Lei said: "Sir, although our Squad still has a student, his overall strength is good. Please give us a chance. Is there any other way we can pass?"

"Okay, since you insist on trying, then I'll give you an opportunity. See that small town ahead?"

The Squad looked forward, and there was indeed a town. It was a town formerly under the jurisdiction of Yilan County. It's also the only way to get to Yilan from here.


"Any Squads that insist on entering Yilan have to follow regulations of the Base City. The town is a temporary trial field. The town has been secured, and it is divided into a Warlord area and a Warrior area. Only by killing enough beasts in the town, can you prove that you have the strength to enter. People who do not meet the standards are not allowed to enter the county."

"En, we'll try."

"Are you going to participate as a Squad or as individuals?"

"Is there any difference?"

"Of course, for Squads, we calculate the total score. In the end, everyone's scores are added together. If they meet the standard, they can enter Yilan County together. But if it does not meet the standard, even if they barely missed the requirements, everyone will not be able to enter. As for participating as individuals, it's simple. It solely depends on your performance alone."

Shi Lei said: "Our Squad must go together, please register us as a Squad."

At this moment, Ye Tiancheng looked at Lin Zhen and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he shut up.

Lin Zhen didn't say anything. He knows that Ye Tiancheng still had some doubts about his own strength. Although he performed great against Zhang Huai, he was fighting with a human after all.

Regards to fighting against fellow humans, newbie Fighters tend to be more courageous to fight. But in the face of a brutal mutant beast, it is hard to say whether he can maintain his previous level of performance, and it is normal for Ye Tiancheng to have this doubt.

But Lin Zhen didn't want to say anything, he would only speak with actions.

"Okay, it's confirmed that you'll enter as a Squad. Everyone at the Warlord level will pay 50,000 yuan, while Warriors pay 20,000 yuan."

As the captain, Shi Lei took the lead in discussing it with the members and then immediately paying.

"Okay, let's go to the queue. Warriors go to the left and Warlords go to the right. The difficulty on both sides is different. The time limit is twelve hours. After twelve hours, you must come out. After everyone is present, we'll have the personnel sum all our scores since we're entering as a Squad."

The Squad members nodded one after another. Zhao Liang said to Lin Zhen as he walked to the right: "Lin Zhen, this is the first time you're fighting a mutant beast, you must remember not to be aggressive. Get familiar with the rhythm of the battle first, and then proceed step by step. Be careful of the other Fighters inside. Now that you have a good reputation in the Base City and the Fighter circle, there may be many Fighters who are unconvinced and want to see your strength for themselves. You must be careful."

"Thank you Brother Zhao, I will."

Shi Lei and the others were about to turn around and walk away, when a Squad came from behind.

"Captain, it's the Demon Squad."

Shi Lei's expression changed, and immediately turned his head. The Squad behind was already in front of him.

"Hahaha! Look at who it is, isn't this the boastful Demon Hunter Squad?"

The man who laughed out loud, was a thin man with a long sword on his back and a few scars on his face. He looked a little hideous.

Behind him were four people, there's a Fighter with a spear on his back, and a tall man with something similar to a bazooka in his left hand and a battle axe in his right.

Also, other than the three men, there's also two women.

Lin Zhen was shocked when he saw one of the women.

Because he actually knew this woman. She was a neighbor of his family, she and Lin Zhen grew up together since childhood. Her family conditions were similar to those of Lin Zhen’s family and she is only one year older than Lin Zhen.

Her name is Li Mengxi, and she is a pretty girl.

The two were childhood sweethearts. When they were young, the other neighbors always teased Lin Zhen and asked him what kind of wife he wanted. At that time, the young Lin Zhen said that he wanted Li Mengxi as his wife, which made people laugh a lot. When he grew up, he would often be teased by his parents from that, which made Lin Zhen very embarrassed.

It is said that Li Mengxi passed the graduation exam as a girl and was recruited by a Dojo. At that time, it was quite a sensation around the neighborhood.

Although, technically it was only 1 year for her ever since she had last seen him, but for Lin Zhen, a thousand years had already passed, and his memory of Li Mengxi was a little fuzzy.

But Lin Zhen does remember one thing.

Lin Zhen was often ridiculed by the adults because he was often with Li Mengxi. Li Mengxi even thought that Lin Zhen liked her. So after Li Mengxi passed the graduation exam, she once talked to Lin Zhen alone and rejected him. She said that the two of them were not suitable for each other, and she could only wish Lin Zhen to find true love in the future.

Although Lin Zhen felt a little bit lost at the time, but it's not much, because at that time, Lin Zhen had discovered that he didn't really like Li Mengxi. Who he actually liked was An Ning. In regards to his feelings towards Li Mengxi, she was just like a sister, and they were indeed not suitable to be with each other. Li Mengxi is a particularly realistic girl, although she isn't bad, who he really likes is An Ning. 

Later in his previous life, Lin Zhen also heard about Li Mengxi. But it seemed that life was not very good. She had been with several Fighters. She wanted to pursue a good life, but she never got what she wanted. This also made Lin Zhen somewhat sigh.

If it hadn't been for seeing Li Mengxi today, Lin Zhen wouldn't have remembered this incident. It was not in his plan after rebirth after all.

Li Mengxi was wearing a black leather outfit and has long hair. She has a good figure and a pretty face with a little make up. Next to her was a girl that's also about 18 to 19 years old, with purple dyed hair. 

Li Mengxi was also a little surprised when she saw Lin Zhen, she couldn't help but ask, "Lin Zhen, why are you here?"

"Sister Mengxi, I am now a member of the Demon Hunter Squad."

"Demon Hunter?! You became a Fighter? Why would you join this team?" Li Mengxi frowned slightly, seemingly dissatisfied.

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