Chapter 33: Set Off. 

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After leaving the bar, Li Tianhao called home whilst he's in his car.

"Hello! Mom, where's Dad?"

The person who answered the call was Zhao Siqing, Li Tianhao's mother. She's also a strong Fighter at the God of War level.

Generally speaking, the ratio of male to female Fighters is ten to one. Limited by their natural strength, it is more difficult for women to break through, but those who CAN break through are undoubtedly strong. For example, even though Li Wanfeng is also at the God of War level, but in terms of strength, Zhao Siqing is above him.

"Your dad is here, where are you? Do you want your dad to answer the phone?"

"No, just tell Dad that I'm on the way home and to prepare the Custom-Made Genetic Potion. I will break through today."

Zhao Siqing then said happily over the phone, "You finally figured it out? This is good,  my son. Can you tell Mother why you figured it out today?"

"Because I have to deal with a person, a Fighter. He stole An Ning from me, so I must personally kill him!"

"Who is so bold? Son, tell your mother who and Mother will kill him immediately!" Zhao Siqing was fierce. As a Mother, she dotes on her son more than her husband, Li Wanfeng.

"No, I have to solve this matter myself. Mom, you and Dad shouldn't interfere, otherwise I won't take the Potion."

"Alright, I'll listen to you. Come back quickly, your dad and I will wait for you."

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Siqing said to Li Wanfeng, who had been listening with his ears perked up next to her, "Did you hear that? Your son finally figured it out and he wants to take the Custom-Made Genetic Potion because of his jealousy. This is a great thing. Get the Potion right, I don't want my son to fail."

"My wife, don't worry, I am very confident about it. The success rate is at least 60%. If this fails, then I, a God of War, will be smashed to death."

"Also, will you really leave it to your son to solve this matter?"

"Of course, young people should have more experience. If we interfere, he may get upset, and his future achievements will be limited. I believe that my son, Li Wanfeng, is not a fool."

Currently, only three people were left in the bar. Lin Zhen, Meng Dong and An Ning. Meng Dong gave Lin Zhen a thumbs up: "Lin Zhen, today I learned that the reputation of a Fighter is also very important. I, myself, don't think that I'm Ma Dong’s opponent at all, but when it comes to you, he looked like a mouse seeing a cat. You really have made a name for yourself in the Fighter circle."

An Ning also nodded, "Lin Zhen, you are so amazing."

"Hehe, it's just a coincidence. Let's not talk about this. Today is to celebrate Meng Dong. Let's drink."

Meng Dong yelled and ordered a table of delicious food, but before the meal started, An Ning received a call from home.

The call was from An Ning's father, and the family ordered An Ning to go back immediately without saying the reason, but everyone knew the reason well.

This was the 'ghost' of Li Tianhao. He informed An Ning's family that An Ning was with a small, no name Fighter. As expected, An Ning's father was in a hurry and rushed to retrieve his precious daughter.

An Ning wanted to refute, but Lin Zhen shook his head to stop her.

"Since your family is looking for you, you can go back. You have done nothing wrong, don't worry. We are just classmates right now, aren't we?"

An Ning glanced at Lin Zhen deeply and nodded, obviously feeling a little depressed.

When An Ning's pretty figure was about to walk out of the bar, Lin Zhen suddenly said: "An Ning, I will go to your house one day to find you. Will you wait for me?"

An Ning looked back at Lin Zhen for a while, and suddenly smiled. Her beauty at that moment was like a hundred flowers blooming: "Then don't come too late, I'm worried that I will not be able to wait too long."

Seeing An Ning disappear, Lin Zhen turned his attention back to the dining table, only to see Meng Dong looking at him blankly.

"What are you looking at?"

"Bro, I just found out that you have a very thick skin. You didn't seem to be like this before."

"Haha, if you want to buy a flower, you can't be shy in asking the florist for one. I'm afraid you will be single to death for a lifetime."

"Damn! I can't be single when attending my buddy's wedding."

The two were talking nonsense and drank for a long time. It was not until the evening that Lin Zhen drove Meng Dong back.

After sending Meng Dong off, Lin Zhen didn't go home yet.He instead went to the Dojo and found a training room to practice his Spirit Power. 

After practicing for most of the night, the effect was obvious. He was finally able to control the three throwing knives smoothly.

"I will enter the wilderness tomorrow. Although I have entered the Eighth-Rank Warrior level right now, in the entire team, I am undoubtedly the weakest."

"My current Spirit Power has reached 40% Silver, which is considered to be the Middle Stage of Silver Level. I can control three flying knives. This will be my strongest means of protecting my life and killing the enemy."

Lin Zhen only rested for two more hours and then woke up at eight o'clock.

In the morning, he ate some breakfast provided by the Dojo. After eating, Shi Lei, Zhao Liang and the others also arrived.

Lin Zhen put on the deerskin clothes that he bought, put the Black Dragon Spear on his back, inserted the flying knives into his belt, and brought a large package with many odds and ends he bought from the Internet.

This large package can be used to hold loot. Usually, after a Fighter kills a beast, it is impossible to take back the full corpse, and only some precious parts will be collected.

"Lin Zhen, are you ready?"

Shi Lei was also in protective clothing, with a long sword behind him, looking radiant. 


"Alright, we are going North this time. We will pass by a Satellite City called Peony City. From Peony City, we can go to our destination. And that's here."

While speaking, Shi Lei spread out a map on the table and pointed with his hand.

The surrounding team members were gathered around. Gao Yan glanced at the place Shi Lei was pointing and his eyes lit up: "Yilan County! This place is a treasure place. It is close to Wanda Mountain on the left and Songhua River on the right. When the Divine Change came, this area was hit the hardest. The mutant beasts overran Yilan County. Mutant beasts left the mountains and instead lived in the city, gradually changing their habits. This county is a paradise for beasts!"

Zhao Liang looked at Shi Lei: "Captain, the strength of our team can only handle the outer forest/countryside, and at most towns. If we go directly into a county, the risk is a little bit bigger."

Shi Lei waved his hand: "We wouldn't directly enter the core area of ​​Yilan County. At the beginning, we'll just wander along the edge and then gradually clear a way to the core, because I got inside information."

"What information?" The members turned their eyes to Shi Lei's face.

Shi Lei first looked around and confirmed that no one was paying attention to this corner of the restaurant.

Then he lowered his voice and said to them: "I have a brother in the Peony City army. When that brother was on the night shift on the city wall, he used a military radar to spot the mutant 

 bear who appeared in the Northwest part of Peony City. It was injured and escaped,  entering Yilan County to recover. As long as we can kill the injured bear, it will be enough for our team to eat for two years."

This news made the eyes of the member's bright. The mutant bear is a B-level beast, and there should be a beast crystal in its body. This big guy alone is probably worth hundreds of millions, plus the income from killing small monsters along the way, it was possible to earn 200 million yuan this trip.

Only Gao Yan pondered: "Mutant bears are not easy to deal with. We'd better plan carefully, and not blindly rush into Yilan County."

"Of course, I already have Yilan County's map ready. We can still back out right now, but once we are there, we can't retreat that easily. What are your decisions? Do you dare to make this happen?"

"Let's go, why not? There is rare insider information. If it is spotted by another Squad, we might not even have a sip of the soup."

"Of course we have to go. Why wouldn't I dare to give it a try when I see such an opportunity? I will suffer from insomnia at night if I really didn't."

The team members were very excited. Finally, Shi Lei looked at Lin Zhen: "Lin Zhen, how is it? This is your first time out hunting, and it is a bit dangerous, are you worried?"

Lin Zhen shook his head: "There is nothing to worry about."

When Lin Zhen said that, waves arose in his heart. That's because, although Yilan County was indeed hit the hardest when the Divine Change Meteor Shower came, and the city was almost razed to the ground, many meteorites were left in the county! 

It was true that many meteorites had been taken away by the Base City and the Ministry of Science and Technology, but the world is so big and there are still many meteorites left in the wild. Lin Zhen knows that a very precious meteorite once appeared in Yilan County.

Meteorites are precious because of the energy contained in them.

This kind of energy had been discovered by the Ministry of Science and Technology and they named it Dark Energy. The so-called Dark Energy is the largest energy in the universe, and it was also a necessary item for the Ministry of Science and Technology to configure Genetic Potions.

Meteorites are forbidden; private ownership and trading are forbidden. Even if you are a Fighter, once discovered, you will be severely punished by the Base City. This was one of the few penalties that can restrain Fighters. 

If a Fighter absorbs the Dark Energy in the meteorite, it will further strengthen the Fighter's body. Generally speaking, a Small Body Realm Fighter can smoothly absorb the energy in it. As for those below that level, the requirements are more demanding.

The meteorite that appeared in Yilan County, Lin Zhen still vaguely remembered that this meteorite was obtained by a woman at the Ninth-Rank Warrior, and absorbed it 'by mistake'. After absorbing the Dark Energy, the woman broke the physical limitations of women and reached the standard for promotion to Warlord in the strength category.

After the incident was exposed in the later period, people discussed this meteorite, saying that it was a waste for it to be used by a woman. If it was given to a male Fighter, it would definitely have created a Master.

But at this point in time, even if you gave the meteorite to a Warlord, he wouldn't know how to absorb it.

The woman who found it was... Lin Zhen really can't remember.

"Well, since everyone agrees, let's set off now. I will drive one car and the four of you will drive in two other cars. I think Lin Zhen just bought a car, it seems that it has come in timely."

The Squad then got on their cars. In front was Shi Lei's Black Horse, followed by Ye Tiancheng and Gao Yan's Great Wall Phantom, and finally Lin Zhen and Zhao Liang's Raptor.

The three cars roared and went straight to the North Gate of Ice City.

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